The internet introduced me to Dim Sum Icon, and I remember seeing this GIF from 9gag of a girl poking Gudetama's (lazy egg character from Japan) ass and a chocolate lava started squirting out. At that moment I found it amusing, maybe all this time it's my fetish, so yes, Dim Sum Icon is totally at the top of my must go HK list.

Dim Sum Icon has two outlets in Hong Kong, the most popular one should be the one in THE ONE at Tsim Sha Tsui, but I went to the one in Central. Getting here was super easy, I honestly fully depend myself on the Google Maps it's my bible here, I only looked for “Century Square” and follow the path, I think it was just like 5 minutes walk from the MTR station. Dim Sum Icon should be easily noticeable from the huge Kobitos figure standing in front of the building, leading to the outlet located on the basement.

Before getting into the dining area, customers will first experience the mini souvenir shop located right after the entrance. Here you can bring home some cute goodies for yourself or for that someone special.
I personally haven't been to the one in THE ONE (Gosh I love saying it), but from what I saw and read on the holy internet, that particular outlet is small and way less spacious comparing to the one in Central which I believe could hold around 150 people capacity, it was quite spacious for HK restaurant standard & for some reasons I felt like dining in a secret basement space and I love how they manage to make it classy cute, not the cheapo kind of cute. The interior had dim lighting and majorly earthy neutral color with wood & marble material applied to it.
I have heard and read mixed reviews about Dim Sum Icon, but honestly I don't really care because I aim to see the cute dim sum, not to have the best dim sum in my life.

So they roll out the characters every certain time, previously they launched the Twin Little Stars series and now they're running with the Kobitos series. I didn't know about this beforehand so I was eager to come here because I really want to experience having the Gudetama dim sum, but it's sadly not available here and might available at THE ONE outlet. I really thought it's a Gudetama dim sum specialist *sad*, but actually the Kobitos series is pretty cute (and horrifying) for some.
Overview of the food we're having <3. They serve various fried and steamed dim sum cuisine and price ranges from 49 HKD (1 HKD = IDR 1700 or 12 cents // IDR 85k or 5.5 USD), definitely not the cheapest for dim sum. We order the meals from the form they gave to us and independently filled it out, then they will come to pick the form and recheck our order.
Iced Chocolate - 30 HKD
Was a bit skeptical about this one, really thought that this was going to be a completely basic iced chocolate but I was wrong, this was actually perfectly creamy with rich chocolate flavor. At least better than what I initally had in mind but yet not out of the world good.
Kobitos Deep Fried Chicken Dumplings - 49 HKD
The deep fried chicken dumpling shaped in this fat carrot shape and beautiful golden orange color. I like how crunchy this looks when it's served on the table but I had a feeling this was going to be oily, but in fact it didn't, the texture of the dumpling was more like a gluten rice cake where it's chewy, and the seasoning had this hint of sweet flavor that's still very acceptable.
I forgot the name of this dish, but it's a bit like a fish cake.
Kobitos Steamed Pork Dumplings - 59 HKD (non halal)
The pork dumplings came in attractive presentation with rice flour flower placed on top and covered with green color. The filling's seasoning was nowhere near bad and actually pretty tasty, but you honestly just don't pay this expensive particularly for steamed pork dumplings #dimsumicondrama
Kobitos Milk Custard Buns - 49 HKD (for 2 pcs)
This is probably the most famous menu here and the most uploaded on Snapchat, the highlight (yet quite ordinary actually) was how you can made a hole where the Kobitos figure's mouth is and squirt the milk custard out. The bun was served warm hence it's very soft, squirting the milk wasn't a huge success as it took us quite a deep pressure to have the custard out (and we did break one). I am not a big fan of milk and I found the filling too milky for my liking, so honestly it was more like a video purpose for me.
Kobitos Creamy Custard Oat Buns - 49 HKD (for 2 pcs)
Pretty much the same as the one above, only this has different bun dough. Couldn't really tell the difference, but somehow this was slightly firmer.
Pot Chocolate Dessert - 28 HKD
Ordered this because it looked so damn cute and didn't expect anything else to be honest, and turned out this was GOOD. The chocolate was rich but didn't taste cheap (honestly the ones in Jakarta mostly tasted pretty yucky). Easily munchable anytime.
Mixed reviews are usual, but I honestly think that the dim sum here in Dim Sum Icon is not bad at all, at least not as bad as what some people say online (again it's their right), the dim sum is actually quite tasty but I have to say that it's not out of the world good, nor something that makes you crave for more. I will go back when they re-release the Gudetama edition, and after all, I think most people go here to experience the cuteness and be interactive. Most of them just mad because they paid expensive price tag for regular dim sum.


Dim Sum Icon x Little Twin Stars Central
B/F Century Square
1 D'Aguilar St
Central, Hong Kong 
+852 2807 1682
Opening hours: 11 AM-11 PM
Average spending for two: 300 HKD
Dresscode: casual


Map for Dim Sum Icon

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