Attention everyone! The authentic and original The Cheesecake Factory from United States is coming to Jakarta on March 17th 2017, well technically it's here but it will be launched on that day because of course, eatandtreats got it first covered for you! The California originated cheese cake brand has chosen Food Hall Plaza Indonesia as its first product launching destination and soon followed by more places in short time.

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I remember back in 2015 I was very fortunate to be able to have the experience to dine at their Mall of Emirates outlet in Dubai and the outlet was very spacious with prolly 200-300 seating capacities and I remember vividly that I was seated at this spot where you could also see people playing at their indoor snow park, while the Indonesian franchise won't be exactly a restaurant, but it's still very nice to be able to sample some of their best selling cheesecakes, and boy let me tell you THEY WERE GOOD.
The kind peeps who brought the brand to Indonesia sent me some samples of their cheesecakes (as you can see below): Original, OREO Dream Extreme and Ultimate Red Velvet Cheesecake, and this entry will be me talking about their cheesecakes!
OK so as you guys probably know, I am not a cheesecake fanatic nor it's the kind of dessert that I look for the sweet closure of my lunch or dinner, I usually go with something with a hint of sour or the good old chocolate for dessert, and I remember having their cheesecakes back on that dining experience in Dubai and fell for them, something about their cheesecakes that generally wasn't overly milky/cheesy if you know what I mean, theirs were more to the sweeter side both flavor and fragrant wise (yes they did smell very sweet!).

Quick look from their packaging and you'll be thinking about ice cream type cheesecake that melt in your mouth, well half true, only the cheesecake wasn't exactly an ice cream cake but YES to the melt in your mouth creaminess!
(8 Sizes Cheesecake Packaging)
Original Cheesecake
OREO Dream Extreme Cheesecake
Ultimate Red Velvet Cheesecake
Their OREO Dream Extreme Cheesecake was surely my number one favorite out of the three sent to me! First, I think just by looking at the picture below you'll understand why I rave a lot about this!
By the time you purchase their box cheesecakes be aware that the factory serving would have it sliced  and it will benefit your from that extra effort to cut the cheesecakes especially if you want to share it with people, and don't worry about the slices because they are very neat and each slice will be separated with this baking paper to keep it hygience and prevent it from 'touching' one another.
A cheesecake so pretty and made to be shown off on Instagram!
You should experience this beautiful chocolate aroma once you take the cake out of the box and plastic wrap, and this was my favorite for how each and every element of this cake works and complement one another! I assume that their chocolate cream was already infused with cheese but still giving the chocolate to dominate that layer, then there's this cheesecake layer with oreo biscuit, chocolate cake on the lowest layer and dressed with generous chocolate chip on the side! If you're not big on plain cheesecake then I believe this should be perfect for you because the chocolate really played a big role in this cake.
Their Original Cheesecake is my mom and dad's personal favorite for its simplicity, rich creamy cheese flavor and how fragrant it is! Told you earlier how their cheesecake is more to the sweeter side so don't expect those Japanese cheesecakes type which normally very bold with a hint of salty, this was sweet, creamy and melt in your mouth. This was that cheesecake that really made them famous and a classic recipe which turned a legacy!
Now moving on to the last but not least because this was my sister's personal favorite and I have to agree with her at this point because our taste normally don't cross (lol), this is very good because at one point you're getting this very familiar red velvet cake flavor and we all know how cream cheese played a big roll in red velvet but normally not at this presentation which looked more like half-half instead of a little spread of cream cheese, but fortunately, both the cake and cream did not overpower one another, instead making the combo such a delicious treat for the palate as you get the best of both, as well as texture, flavor and how pretty it looks!
If you're a first timer to their cheesecake, I would actually recommend you to get the original flavor first because the fusion one but honestly the choice is all yours and you can take all the flavors available! The pricing's to be announced but I heard they'll be releasing two sizes: 8 and 12 slices/package.

Mark your calendar, March 17th 2017 at Food Hall Plaza Indonesia! Soon to follow: Food Hall Senayan City, Food Hall Grand Indonesia, Food Hall Lippo Mall, Food Hall Plaza Senayan, Ranch Market Pondok Indah, Ranch Market Pondok Indah.


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