So earlier today, me, my sister, Yenny, Cindy and Aline briefly met up at this newly opened chocolate cafe in Kemang: Moreau (read: moro) Chocolatier's Cafe and my experience was kinda exciting hence this review and because I want to share it to you (and I think this deserves more attention). I heard from the staff here that this place is owned by a Syrian who also owns this kind of cafe in Dubai (only with a different name) and this Kemang cafe has been opening for one month and located at the exact spot as its previous resident: PONG ME!

The cafe was pretty spacious with two stories and should accommodate around 50 people at least, the second floor is dedicated for smoking guests and the overall design of this store was pretty simple but giving me this homey vibe that's pretty comfortable. On the first floor around the coffee and chocolate bar guests should be able to see three chocolate fountains (dark, milk chocolate and white chocolate)

Just by peeking their menu and I was already pre-pampered by a lot of interesting chocolate creation pictures and I really wanted to choose at least one of everything, but since the girls have been doing major cafe hoppings since the morning and were pretty full, we decided to share two of their best selling desserts. Here in Moreau they only use BELGIAN chocolate and the price range for the F&B here ranges from IDR 50k-IDR 120k

Moreau Hot Chocolate
This was Yenny's order, didn't try it but looks freaking legit tho!
Moreau Chocolate Flakes - IDR 55k
It was photographed so well on the book menu and got me hooked! It was a very good chocolate drink with good thickness, rich chocolate flavor but with soft and clean aftertaste without leaving you this powdery aftertaste that I really dislike and altogether perfectly sweet.
Left: Moreau Chocolate Flakes (IDR 55k) Right: Cappuccino with Caramel syrup (IDR 40k)
To be completely frank, even the coffee was good!
Moreau Chocolate Fondant - IDR 58k
You can choose the base you want for this chocolate fondant cake: dark or milk chocolate. Absolutely love the presentation of the chocolate fondant especially that wonderful chocolate art, and as expected, when we cut the cake open, warm Belgian chocolate lava oozed out of the cake! I expected the dark chocolate flavor to be slightly more bitter but overall I found the sweetness very acceptable and it was such an addicting dessert!
Moreau Fruity Cake (IDR 85k/regular, IDR 115k/large)
This was the absolute must order here and we were all totally in love with this one! Again you can choose between milk or dark chocolate for the base dressing and this time we opted for milk chocolate and so glad we did! The milk chocolate apparently tasted less sweet compared to the dark chocolate on the fondant cake (and to make the judgement fair I did taste only the chocolate part on both desserts) and it had this expensive milk chocolate character that I like and aromatic too. Zero complaint on the presentation because the chocolate swirl art was very pretty.
Perfectly sweet milk chocolate with fragrant thin crepe cake and generous fruits! It was a beautiful harmony on my palate, the fresh fruit and the chocolate really balanced one another very well. For a 'regular' this was actually pretty huge, wonder how the large one will look (well bigger of course duh)
A new kid on the block that deserves your attention, finally another good chocolate cafe!
Moreau Chocolatier's Cafe
Jalan Kemang Raya No. 93A
Kemang, Jakarta Selatan 
021 - 2271 5594
Opening hours: 10 AM-12 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 250k
Dresscode: none


Map for Moreau Chocolatier's Cafe

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