Glosis is the kind of restaurant that is so close to my heart and it's almost like this brand-friend that grew up with me and my family, I will never be able (and don't even want to) erase this family memory of us swimming in Gajah Mada every single Sunday and had this for lunch EVERY SINGLE TIME, and I still vividly remember going for nothing else but their Chicken Steak with that tasty gravy, and back then the price tag was still IDR 24k (and now almost IDR 70k if I am not mistaken), and fast forward decades later they still survive and from what I see thrive themselves to blend with the trend without leaving their roots.
Recently they just opened their latest outlet in La Maison apartment (1st fl across Starbucks) and from what I see this might be their best designed outlet so far, there's something refreshing and youthful about the design especially that tiny tropical Bali vibe from the coconut tree mural (not yet finished two days ago but I guess should be finished right now). This outlet will be the first outlet to open early in the morning (7 AM) and they serve various all-day breakfast menus here. There are two dining areas here including the smoking area for smoking guests and a little yet appetizing pastry display at one side of the outlet.
What me and my sister had for lunch
As for the menu, they adapt the same series of menus with some additional new menus including some salads and the all-day breakfast menus, and they now serve serious coffee backed up by Common Grounds! So food wise is it one of the hottest new breakfast spot in town? Keep scrolling.
Cappuccino - IDR 35k
Finding myself a constant fan of Common Grounds coffee and this one, as expected, not a disappointment!
When you see this photo on my Instagram I bet most of you won't believe that it's actually Glosis, just from the appliances, the presentation of the food and especially the coffee that are giving this younger vibe to it, they're very known as a family restaurant.
Cobb Salad
A salad that's presented so beautifully it's pleasing to the eye! Their cobb salad's a bit different that the common ones that I know, especially that Mustard sauce dressing, but anyway fresh ingredients and a healthier option here.
Dory Salad
This salad is actually very simple but it was the condiments that really helped one another! The lettuce was fresh, then came along the hint of texture and savory from the perfectly fried dory fish and sesame dressing to finish! This was simple yet good!
Smoothie Bowl
Their Smoothie Bowl is one of the newcomers here and currently only available at their La Maison outlet! Anyway do you guys know that the group chain also opened a healthy themed cafe called Lula in Bandung, and this menu is inspired from the cafe and yes I think smoothie bowl works for breakfast, or even all-day breakfast. I tried this one and it's the mix of mango, pineapple, banana and topped with shredded coconut, banana, Chia seeds, and granola. Flavor wise, sweet, refreshing with icy texture that I like. I think the portion was a bit big for a single serving and I really wish to see more smoothie bowl options as it was pretty limited at the moment.
Trio Mushroom
This was one of their latest all day breakfast menu releases and a favorite of mine called Trio Mushroom! Sourdough topped with truffled scramble egg and three sauteed mushrooms: shitake, enoki and white shimeiji, then paired with crouton, sausages and salad on the side! The truffle was generously dressed to the creamy scrambled egg as it was aromatic, and they managed to cook the mushroom perfectly without making them appear too soft and soggy!
Monte Bianco Steak
Now if you're big on meat, then this was the menu that YOU JUST HAVE TO ORDER, in a short glance it might seem like Raclette cheese on the steak but it was not, it was actually sirlion cut topped with generous Mozarella cheese, then paired with sauteed vegetables (corn, carrot and beans) and light basil-dressed pasta (can choose between penne or fettucine). The steak was tender and juicy, lightly seasoned just how I like most steaks (as the meat should be the one that stood out).
Salted Caramel Brownie
Sweet closure to my lunch, it was so simple but good, texture and flavor wise. I mean if you got gooey sweet brownie, vanilla ice cream and a bit of dressing I think that's enough to be palately acceptable.
I appreciate Glosis' attempt to bond with the younger crowd by changing its concept a bit, but I appreciate even more the fact that they don't completely change just for the market, but for the pride and not ending up appear forced. Glosis will forever hold a special place in my heart and they are pretty consistent through the years. I had a delicate lunch here, food was good, service was friendly and attentive. I hope they keep up the good work! GOOD LUCK!
Glosis at La Maison Barito
Oakwood Suites La Maison Building 1st fl.
Jalan Barito II No. 56
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
0819 - 0541 - 7352
Opening hours: 7 AM-11 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 300k
Dresscode: none


Map for La Maison Barito

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