Tuesday, holiday, and I spent the whole day eating out and shopping with my sister, how's your 'today' so far? I hope yours turn out to be as good as mine!

I have been wanting to go to this newly opened restaurant in Kuningan and finally had the chance to have lunch here yesterday and I am sharing my experience for you guys here on the blog! It's the very good looking (and posh) Rock Paper Scissors in The East Building Mega Kuningan that's located precisely across Ling Ling (which I previously blogged about two years ago) and if you make your way from the main lobby you will have to walk towards the back area of the building, or if you know the back entrance of The East building then RPS should be the first thing you see. This is another establishment from the same people who own Bottega, 3rd Avenue and Wilshire but I am not sure whether they've formed an F&B group but yeah...
Somehow when I first entered the restaurant it seriously gave me this Chronicle vibe that's familiar to me but slowly turning to this beautiful open space (aka main dining area), almost garden like with minimalist-industrial details here and there and medium-sized bar area at one side of the room, unfortunately this is also where the smoking area is, so I had to blend with the smoking crowd.
Now as soon as took a quick scan of their menu, I realize that looks can be deceiving, the restaurant has something posh about it (most likely from the look) but the pricing for their F&B was pretty standard, I mean still on that pricier side of the recent hip cafes but it comes with the territory. Here you'll find various appetizers, selections from their Rock (breakfast menus), Paper (rice and pastas) and Scissors (grills and steaks) sub-menu and desserts with price ranging from IDR 45-IDR 175k, and when you know that the peeps behind Wilshire is the one opening this restaurant, I am sure that you won't be disappointed with the drinks here! Expect to find large range of alcoholic drinks (Cocktails, Gin&Tonic, RPS Highballs, beers, Vodka, Bourbon), non-alcoholic drinks (coffee, tea, cold pressed juice, water) and wines (red, white, sweet, sparklings) with price ranging from IDR 20k (glass drinks)-1 mil/wine bottle).

Coffee here is nice, and backed up with the one and only Common Grounds!

Tempura Shishito & Citrus Salt - IDR 55k
Various deep fried Japanese peppers, Oba leaves, Enoki and served with Citrus Salt. They cooked the tempura perfectly without being oily and greasy, but I expected more Citrusy character (flavor and aroma) to the salt.
Seaweed Fries with Truffle Aioli - IDR 55k
The fries was nothing out of the world special and I expected richer seaweed flavor (or at least even) but the Truffle Aioli was VERY GOOD and they were generous with the truffle oil!
Karaage Don - IDR 79k (PAPR)
For IDR 79k you're paying for such simple but generous and delicious karaage don then topped with runny soft boiled egg and Nagoya special sauce dressing! I think this was the savory menu that I like the most from yesterday's lunch. When you know how to properly cook and seasoned karaage you know you won't fail. That's all I have to say.
Tip: mix everything (or at least the rice and egg together) to get that creamy rice texture in contrary to the crispy chicken karaage. YUM!
Striploin & Truffle Don - IDR 135k
Striploin steak (medium), with Onsen egg (soft boiled egg), truffle oil and Japanese rice
This was the menu that I had on my very first visit here (but was too lazy to take a picture so had nothing to show you), but anyway I remember that the meat on my first visit was a bit more juicy & tender with more generous truffle oil dressing to this one compared to this one, but the one that I had yesterday wasn't anywhere near fucking dry tho. Again, don't forget to mix everything or at least the rice and the egg because I found that when you have it like that the flavor and sensation was just better.
Ricotta Hot Cake - IDR 95k (with 45 minutes production time)
This was such a sweet closure to my lunch yesterday, I am a huge-huge fan of Ricotta hot cakes but it's not abc easy to find it here in Jakarta, so when I knew they have it I was a bit thrilled. This was the soggier and gooier type of ricotta cakes compared to the ones that I previously had (and my personal favorite from Top Paddock Melbourne) which normally a bit firmer and denser, but hey I guess no rules applied so everyone can really have fun with the recipe, and this was DE LI CIOUS! Everything combined to be such a burst of flavor: perfectly sweet with a hint of sour and not to mention beautifully presented (and the flowers are edible too!)
A little miss here and there but to sum up my experience here: I had great fun at RPS. Diggin the ambiance and that's what I'd miss the most here.
Rock Paper Scissors
GF The East Tower - Mega Kuningan
Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan Blok E3.2 Kav. 1
Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan 12950
021 - 2952 7101
Opening Hours: 11 AM-12 AM
Average spending for two: IDR 300k
Dresscode: none


Map for Rock Paper Scissors

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