Featured in Looks Magazine (JULY 2014) + PLUSHIES GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT!

I was really glad when the kind peeps from Looks Magazine (Thanks Elco!) told me that I was going to be featured on their first blogger issue in July which is by the way, THIS MONTH!!!

It feels really awesome because of two things:

First, it's in July and this month is where my birthday is (so it's kind of a birthday present)!!! Secondly, I have my name on the cover! Okay feel even more awesome now *.*

Here is the list that I compiled, the ten best meals according to me! I actually wanted to do a little change because the Tuna Pizza from Akira Back supposed to be on the list, but I managed to send the list just a week before I had that amazing impossible-to-forget pizza, by the way, for the review of Akira Back, read HERE!
THANK YOU VERY MUCH LOOKS MAGAZINE and special thanks to Elco Frebliaman for the feature, this might sounds cliche, but it made me feel so so happy :).

Hereby I am also announcing the Merlion plushie giveaway winners! I really wish I could pick everyone because your answers were really-really good and passionate I could feel it only by reading them, but unfortunately I have to pick the four...not best, but the craziest and in a way... insane!
Congrats to those with these usernames: Octa's Playground, Yennyw, Helena Natanael and Rainer Abraham!!! *confetti*

Please send me your full contact (full name, phone number and address) to my personal email address: stanislaus.hans@gmail.com SOON because the plushies are shipped from Singapore right to your door :).

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS! and don't forget to buy this month's issue of LOOKS MAGAZINE!


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