Garcon Plaza Senayan Jakarta

Garcon (read: Gar son, means: waiter in French) might not be a fresh breakthrough and I don't know what took me so long to finally put it here? Not to mention, Garcon, which is under the same group as Immigrant and Rustique has been located in the fine restaurants complex Plaza Senayan for around 1,5 years. 

I have been to Garcon for around three times since it's first opened for public but it's always a quick meal and a dessert and this time I came having a more proper review-worthy lunch. The menu in Garcon is dominated with French cuisine with casual fine-dining concept. Once you step inside, bet your eyes are going to be captivated by the array of yummy looking cakes just before you enter the dining area.
The medium-spaced restaurant had a bar area with few bar stools and tables for a more relaxed and casual drinking time over good talks (maybe), and the smoking and non-smoking area was separated which was good but I found that not exactly effective because the distance between the smoking and non-smoking area wasn't exactly far. Overall I found the design and the setting to be neat, clean and simple.
The whole venue can accommodate up to 100 people.

IDR 58k++
This beverage consist of green apples, Horenso spinach, lemon and honey. I don't know why but I am so into cold-pressed juices with vegetables infused lately, even though this was not technically cold-pressed but this was one hell-of-a refreshing *ahem* healthy beverage. The balance of the sweetness and sourness was perfect. In a word: refreshing.

Mango Twist
IDR 58k
This beverage consist of mango, bokcoy and milk and yes another beverage worth trying! The mango flavor was mild when I expected it to be a little bolder. Anyway, don't hesitate to try vegetables infused drink because they're actually quite nice if only it's nicely executed and the two beverages mentioned here were on the successful category.
Complimentary bread

Quinoa Salad
IDR 90k
To be honest, first time trying Quinoa, at first I thought this was some kind of couscous (excuse my lack of knowledge). The prawn was cooked and seasoned perfectly topped with coriander foam and rocket leaves. The coriander foam was very light in both consistency and flavor.

Croque Garcon
IDR 60k
Didn't want to try this at the first place because it contains cheese (like any other Croque Madame), but the smell was quite fascinating so I decided to man up (lame) and have this and surprisingly, this turned out to be really good! The cheese was indeed generous but not overpowering my taste bud! The bread was soft and fluffy with lightly seasoned ham feeling. A good savory dish.

Seared Foie Gras with Apple Tamarind Custard and Crispy Tempeh
IDR 198k
Gotta give it to the usage of local ingredient like tempeh, truthfully speaking, I am proud. The pan seared Foie Gras was really good, tender, juicy and fluffy, 'sitting' on top of semi-crispy bread, and the apple tamarind sauce just made everything better and added a little play of flavor, sweet and tangy in a plate and burst in my palate in such a gracefully delicious way.

IDR 198k++
Presentation wise, this dish was beautiful. The grouper fish was cooked nicely still leaving the meat to be juicy and moist, and I was glad that the most unexpected sauce like Hazelnut turned out to be quite a helper, the with pumpkin custard was light and naturally sweet, onion carbonara was just okay and the foam had this pleasant texture, stiff enough but for me it was just a garnish because it didn't really do anything to the flavor. Guessing this was their molecular gastronomy experiment eh?

Blackmore Burger
IDR 180k
This particular dish happened to be their best seller and I had no doubt about it. The buns were fluffy and cooked properly with aromatic butter along. The 200gr beef was cooked perfectly juicy and tender and seasoned amazingly, savory but with a little herb scent to it and topped with caramelized onion. One bite and it was a burst of flavor. I'm hooked.

Foret Noire
IDR 48k
I've had this before and this still on my top range list of the best black forest in town. The cake was moist and fluffy with rich rum flavor but not overpowering nor "too-much". It was just soft, chocolaty and delicious.

IDR 45k
This was their newest cake on the range and decided to give this a try! It was so yum (and honestly I'm sick of using the word "yum" but it was indeed yum!). The raspberry mousse was fragrant and sweet with a little hint of sour. I love the texture and the moist consistency of this cake and will definitely come back for more of this <3.

Pistachio Eclair
IDR 40k
This one was another bomb! The eclair was really good in texture, perfect eclair for me is the moist-semi fluffy consistency, not too hard not too soft and Garcon managed to make the lovely one. The pistachio cream man! Texture so light but flavor wise, so damn good and fragrant!!! The Pistachio flavor infused to the cream was rich and if you are an avid fan of Pistachio then this is something you're NOT ALLOWED to miss.
Had a great lunch in Garcon. Starting from the beginning to the end of my lunch I didn't find any flaw, but I guess I wasn't just lucky, I hope they indeed a fine restaurant with class and quality. The service was flawless and the staffs seemed well-educated with incredible product knowledge because they indeed gave me recommendations <3.

If you ask me what menus I love most, then I would highly recommend their Foie Gras or Burger for mains and Black Forest for dessert!

THANKS GARCON FOR THE AMAZING LUNCH! This is somewhere that I would go whenever I happen to be in Plaza Senayan craving for some fine lunch or simply great desserts if only I'm bored with UNION (which never quite happen LOL). Price wise, some might consider this a little hefty but from the quality that I experienced, I think Garcon worth the value :).

Plaza Senayan 4th fl. #410
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Senayan, Jakarta Selatan
021 - 5790 0140


Map for Plaza Senayan

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  1. These looks fascinating... But if I am not mistaken, garçon means boy or man...

  2. That was barley instead of couscous

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