WU JANG GUN Wolter Monginsidi Jakarta

For some, meeting could be the most devastating thing as well as the most unpleasant thing to do, well, that's not my case, because I don't ever have to suit up and got stuck on hours of super boring meeting, and in fact. I kinda like meetings.

This might sounds hideous but this is true.

So far I've been "blessed" with clients that were not super demanding and in fact very cooperative and super nice to work with, more often before we proceed and agreed on a project, my clients mostly held casual meetings with me having the privilege to choose wherever I want to. Hang on this is nice!!!

And two days ago, I had a late meeting with someone who-is-now-my-client at this new Korean restaurant called Wu Jang Gun in Wolter Monginsidisi. This new establishment totally added the list of the Korean restaurants located around Senopati which was already quite plenty. Wu Jang Gun is located just beside the Maestro Meat Market and align with Tobak, you're going to notice the dragon shaped logo they're using.
Don't mind this picture because it was taken around 9:30 PM, I arrived around 8 and the restaurant was quite packed.
TBH I kinda like the logo :).

The restaurant was not crazy spacious but it could accomodate around 100 people with dining areas located on the first and second floor. The design was ok, just simple and proper without so many things going on.
The awesome thing about Korean meals: BANCHAN! My goodness they're so crazy with their Banchan, like literally they could serve 8-10 BANCHAN for each person and they came in medium sized bowls which I found quite a burden because there wasn't enough space even for my own table! I needed to "borrow" someone else's table beside me (who I assumed felt sorry for us). I think they should really put the Banchan in a smaller plates or bowls, talk about efficiency.
Didn't take all pictures of the Banchan but this squid and carrot dish was pretty decent, they have the spiciest Kimchi I've ever tasted.
The salad was quite fresh, simple but good.

We didn't really browse the menu as normally for new restaurants, I would just stick to the recommended menu and see how it went, one thing you need to know about Wu Jang Gun: THEY ARE COMPLETELY HALAL! Normally Korean restaurants are so heavy on the pork but rest assure for this one, I even saw a lot of Muslims here :). The polite waitress recommended us their signature meat Yangnyeom Galbi (IDR 240k) and Sutbul Gui (IDR 190k).

Wu Jang Gun Yangnyeom Galbi
IDR 240k
Yangnyeom Galbi is actually beef short ribs. I could see that the meat was marbled beautifully. The meat was marinated - according the waitress, for days - then cooked awesomely by the kind waitress, this reflected on the flavor and the consistency of the meat: savory with tender, juicy and slightly chewy consistency, the plus value of grilled meat, the smokey scent and flavor from the charcoal totally live up the appetite. Having this with the salt and nut sauce was incredible.

Sutbul Gui
IDR 190k
This was slightly sweeter than Yangnyeom Galbi and this was another quite successful dish with Korean BBQ sauce marinated nicely in the thin sliced meat, supported with the nice cooking skill, but if you ask me, I would prefer the Yangnyeom Galbi just because I think the cut and the quality of the meat was awesome (not that this one wasn't).
PS: you can cook your own meat if you want to
Yangnyeom Galbi on cooking

Look at 'em smoke!
Sutbul Gui on cooking
Yangnyeom Galbi ready to served. Loving the redness of the meat, it was cooked medium.
Sutbul Gui after cooking, I could tell that you're imagining the flavor aren't ya? The meat was thin but tender, the sweetness of the sauce was perfect without overpowering the natural savory flavor of the meat!

Sundubu Jigae
IDR 65k
Ironically, the one that stole my heart the most was this one. You might think I'm crazy but seriously, I've tried so many good Korean BBQs (those better than this) but this was probably one of the best Sundubu Jigae I've tried so far in life (aside from how much I love soup dishes). It was spicy, but that kind of addicting spicy-savory with broth from the beef and clams with perfect seasoning, the filling was quite generous and the portion was big enough for two. I only wish that next time they're presenting this with the egg still raw (because I asked for it), it's just that there's this personal satisfaction when I know I could mix my own egg. Sounds childish but hey that's me...okay, I'm craving for this again!
Overall, it was a joyous dinner over casual business meeting and good dinner. I must say that I wasn't disappointed at all but I wasn't out of the world excited to tell everyone to come here and splurge, but this is definitely on the good range of my personal standard, with so many Korean restaurants in town (and most of them sux tbh), this one worth your try :).

As in for pricing, we spent around IDR 620k for three dishes and one lime squash (my partner didn't order drink), yes quite hefty but that's the standard of the Korean BBQ in Jakarta, I wonder why Korean restaurants are mostly expensive?!

KAMSAHAMNIDA for reading!

Wu Jang Gun
Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No.34
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12180
021 - 725 6181
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 11 PM (daily)
Price Range:
Food here ranges from IDR 60k - IDR 300k, but I suggest preparing around IDR 400k - IDR 500k (for two)


Map for Maestro Meat Market, Wu Jang Gun located right beside

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