Last week I went to have a meeting for an upcoming project and my client wanted to meet me at this place called "TYPOLOGY" located in Jalan Wijaya 1. I've neved heard of this place before but as he mentioned this I thought this would be a coffee shop with hipster feeling (kinda sounds like it eh?) but as I arrived at the location, it was actually a brand new restaurant, currently still three weeks old, and yes with that hipster feeling to it :).

Why hipster? Well it's clearly shown from the name and concept of this restaurant and how they decor it, the first thing noticeable was this medium-spaced venue decorated with earthy materials and vintage elements like books and typo arts. Certain area on this restaurant indeed looked like coffee shop, especially the tables near to the window, it was just simple, homey and comfortable.

So many good quotes in this restaurant...
...and got stumbled on this one! Note to everyone: NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS!

As I looked at the menu, the concept suddenly got stronger and more unique because apparently all the dishes name were combined with the famous font names like Arial, Times New Roman, Georgia and so many more. Most of the menu here were Western food but not exactly all, you're going to find Indonesian menu as well and a couple of fusions :).

Iced Cappuccino (with caramel flavor)
IDR 35k
I ordered Iced Cappuccino with a little glimpse of caramel flavor and it was pretty decent, the cappuccino had just the proper balance of both elements (milk and espresso) and I am an avid fan of caramel flavor and having in my cappuccino... always was a bliss! In a nutshell, this was good and refreshing.

Times New Caesar Salad
IDR 33k
I am currently on my detox program...which kinda fail lately because so many dinner invitations to attend -.-, I initially wanted (and have been consuming) 'cleaner' meals, so I ordered this Times New Caesar Salad (FYI loving the name), to be honest, looking at the pricing, I kinda had this feeling that the portion was going to be small so I paired this with another meal (below) - it's quite challenging to find affordable Caesar these days - but when it got served! HELLO you can't trust what's written these days... the portion was quite huge, can even share for two people. For 33k, you're not only paying for fresh lettuces, you're also paying for one boiled egg (half boiled), tender and nicely seasoned grilled chicken and home made croutons!

Good thing that I finally found affordable (more like cheap) Caesar Salad with decent quality and large portion.

Arial Tuna Aglio Olio
IDR 35k
Again, stunned the first time it got served on the table, another HUGE portion of meal! (might not exactly appear in my photo). Loving the portion but I was quite full after the salad before. The pasta was cooked al-dente so it was still a little firm, the tuna was given generously along with the chili cuts but overall this wasn't spicy for my taste bud, however, I did expect a little more olive oil to the portion so that the overall texture could be a little moist and fresher.

I must admit I had a pretty good time in Typology, meeting on a decent place serving decent food on affordable prices! I think I must go back here to try more menus hence the review could be longer and more various. They're currently on their soft opening days and opening starting from 4 PM, didn't know when the grand opening exactly is but I am wishing tons of luck for Typology.

I could see myself coming here whenever I feel like needing a space to work on my stuff over coffee or salad, but I knew I'm going to order more :p. PS: THEY HAVE FAST WI-FI!!!

In the meantime, welcome to the fun F&B biz of Jakarta! It's not always about competing, it's about how you present yourself and survive, but one thing for sure, you gotta be UNIQUE :).

Jl. Wijaya 1 No. 5C
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12170
021 - 9911 0021
Opening Hours: 4 PM - 10 PM
Price Range: IDR 25k - IDR 70k


Map for Jl. Wijaya 1

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