As you guys know, just a while ago, I came back from the grand launching of the new Sentosa in Sentosa Island, Singapore. I am so going to make a full blog post about this one, but here are some teasers for you to wonder!
1,5 hours away from the joyful land, literally feeling sentosa and happy!
Staying at the fabulous W Sentosa Cove, I smell GRAND!
Arriving with style *glasses on*
No I'm not giving you the view of the room, but if you follow my IG you must have seen it (that's why you should follow LOL!), but all I can show you right now is the gorgeous view from my room!


Siloso beach feeling so serene.

So going to blog about this beauty on the full post!

Nuff with the teasers, stay tuned for the whole post!

It’s not me if I don’t bring a little joy back home for you my lovely readers! I have these four cute Merlion plushies to giveaway and I am choosing four lucky winners to win these cuties, it’s not rocket science, just simply comment on the blog post below telling me:


Contest will be running for three days and four chosen winners will bring home cute plushies and they might be just the perfect mate to sleep with ;).


Please don’t make it anonymous because I am totally NOT picking those, how will I know if that’s even you.



FYI as in BTW, for some of you who don't know what plushie is, it's a cute mini puppet pillows :).


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  1. Hi Hans.

    If I get the chance to be in Sentosa, and if I have enough money, first I want to bring my family and take them to stay at Hard Rock Hotel, and take them to Resort World to USS all day or walk at the beach at Sentosa beach.


  2. Lovely photos as usual! Can't wait to read the full post, Hans!

  3. Hello Hans, if i get a chance for Holiday or something else in Sentosa, i'll bring my Family. Walking in Sentosa Beach, Shopping, Trying so many Delicious Food. Don't Forget to take many photos with Nice Background.

  4. Hello Hans!

    If I get a chance to visit The State of Fun (Sentosa), of course I will use my time to have fun so that I can remember every single memory of, no matter with my family or my friends. I will also take as many pictures as I can, share them on my Instagram and my blog (yep I have a blog :D). Visiting Universal Studios is a must, I love to play! Anyways, the last time I bought popcorn there, it tasted so yummy, and I am craving for it now. I actually wanna ride the jewel cable car too because I haven't gotten the chance to do so, last time I visited Singapore. And last but not least, I want to see the water and laser show again (songs of the sea). My favorite since I was younger <3

    P.s I am really in love with your awesome blog and always drooling every time I read your post about food. Keep it up! Btw, nice to know you!


  5. Halo Hans. If I get a chance to visit The State of Fun (Sentosa), I will ask my best friends to join me, and having fun together. Taking pictures, watching 4Ds, visiting USS and playing all day long. It should be fun, just like the name: State of Fun!!! Yaaaay..

  6. Hi Hans!
    Last Time I went to Singapore, me and hubby don’t really have a chance to explore Sentosa Island. So If I get a chance to go back there, many place pop out in my mind. First always Universal Studio (never get bored). Also I want to visit Siloso Beach, Skyline Luge, even the wave house Sentosa. To be able enjoy all the fun at Sentosa, I’ll stay here in Resort World Sentosa, Hotel Michael or even in W Sentosa like you! I think I’ll be the most narcissist person here. I’ll take picture like model wannabe in every corner and every place (I think I need back-up battery here). I also want to see Song of the Sea with hope to get a bit romantic moment with hubs (please be cooperate Hubs). Least but not least, I want to try at least one time to be God of Gamblers at the Casino. Woouucchh… my list become a long list. Okay… I’m out of here Hans! Gotta go to seduce Hubby ASAP to book a ticket.

  7. The State of Fun is where I want to be!!!

  8. Mine shall be something like this: Taking hubs on the trip so he'll pay for our room at W!, wake up like super late, brunch at the kitchen table, enjoying the pool, exploring the island and wait for sunset. And it goes on for 3 days! On the third day, pay a visit to the casino, win the jackpot and extend our stay through the week! Ah life!!

  9. Hello eatandtreats! Your post such my daily inspiration! And for this contest, i won't missed it by the way :). If i get the chance to visit The State of Fun (Sentosa), i would bring my little cute cousin to enjoy her childhood time on here! Because since her 9 y.o, she have a quite amazing dream, which is she dreaming to stay at the 5 star luxury hotel in SG, watching some unique parade in there, also play a lot of Tempting Games at USS. And what's the crazy plan for me?! Ehmm. I've just celebrate my 21st birthday party by the way, So that's mean my age alreadyyy legal to enter the casino. Yeayyy! I would be happy to enter the main gate on Sentosa Island Casino and maybe win the jackpot?! Hope so! Haha. That's all Hans! Thank you for your kind attention! Can't wait for the winner announcement now! =)

  10. If i get the chance to be in Sentosa, I would like to bring my family and rock the beach with our party! A barbeque party with a lot of foods and drinks

  11. Hi Hans! If i get the chance to visit The State of Fun (Sentosa), then what else to do unless you have fun?! (The name says so, though :p).

    There, I would enjoy to explore the island with my beloved family, because I should have spend the best time with loved ones. I would simply take my mom who is a butterfly freak (means who likes butterfly so much) to go to Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom. Trust me, she'll be amazed by its beautiful park.

    Then, I have to try the Skyline Luge which seems so great and the segway adventure which is worth a try! I will never ever ever forget to go to Universal Studios, because it's a place where a family can enjoy. I'll try every single rides and buy some calamansi slushee on the sunny day!

    Finally, I'd like to close the day by enjoying the sunset at Siloso beach and watch the amazing Songs of the Sea. I will never forget such memorable experience there. Therefore, I would buy some souvenirs and also snacks and chocolates that aren't sold in Indonesia. Hehe.

  12. Hi Hans! Those pics are really teasing! :p with splashing vibrant colors in most of your pics, they perfectly show what kind of perfect summer getaway looks like!

    If I have a chance to experience Sentosa, I imagine it to be 3 days and 2 nights. 1st day, I would like to start from the Tiger Sky Tower and enjoy the panorama! Then, going to Merlion statue and take pics with it, it's a must! I would like to continue my "Sentosa moments" by visiting Underwater World and Songs of the sea. I always like ocean and almost everything related with it. That's enough for the 1st day and I will spend the night in W Sentosa Cove just like you! It looks luxurious and it attracts me, haha.

    For 2nd day, I wanna spend it by going to Butterfly Park, then Universal Studios! Gotta buy a cotton candy and hydrogen balloons, they will be a great company to make a perfect profile picture, with the amusement park background at Universal Studios. I will take lots of pics there to share with my friends via my social medias :) It will be a lotta fun! I think I will easily falling asleep on my bed, as soon as I get back to the hotel.

    For the last day, I will wake up late and experience Spa Botanica.. chilling out after a big day is a must! Gotta relax and enjoy some lite drink from the lounge, it will be great if I found an infinity skypool there! Is there any? I haven't got opportunity to enjoy Singapore and Sentosa, so I don't know. All these paragraphs are my wild imagination, but I hope one day I could make these come true, and it probably starts with the plushie from you :D

  13. Surely I bring my mom and brother when I get the chance to go there. Enjoy and explore in there (landscape, place, food, shopping) and don't forget to take a lot picture :)

  14. Hi Hans,
    If I had a plan to Sentosa, after reading this post I would actually book a room at W! Hotel :D very intriguing!! Then visiting Universal Studios is a must routine. And I will end it by relaxing and enjoying sunset at Siloso Beach and bringing your giveaway plushies haha! Sounds perfect for me :)

  15. Hi Hans,
    If I had a plan to Sentosa, after reading this post I would actually book a room at W! Hotel :D very intriguing!! Then visiting Universal Studios is a must routine. And I will end it by relaxing and enjoying sunset at Siloso Beach and bringing your giveaway plushies haha! Sounds perfect for me :)

  16. What's with the teasers??? We need a full post! haha, jk jk.

    Singapore is so close yet so far (especially, ahem, money, ahem) from Indonesia. Since Sentosa is The State of Fun, then it means I had to have fun there and the best place I believe is none other than Universal Studio! Just the thought of going to a theme park is making me excited, but then it was just a thought so yeah.... hahaha

    After having fun in USS, then I guess I should have some relaxation in Siloso Beach! What is the best thing to eat on bright sunny day in a beach? I scream for ice cream! Lol. I am so going to eat Ben&Jerry's if I ever visit Siloso one day.

  17. Hi! Let me join the contest!

    First day, You will find me in Sentosa, enjoying the sea view and have fun with my friends. Listening to the music and dance through the rhythm. Enjoying performances from state of fun Sentosa Island. It is one full day in Sentosa and I will capture the moments through camera of course!

    2nd day, I am out for trying beautiful cafes such as Laduree, Paris Baguette, TWG, and any artistic local cafes that I'd like. Yesterday was active and loud, so today is for chilling, "makan cantik" and having quality time with friendship conversation and make sure we updated our stories of life and enjoying the environments of cafe, we can take a lot of pictures for instagram, since the concept of cafes are different and artistic. We could somehow shopping as well. At night, Of course we don't wanna miss the Singapore flyer to see the beautiful city of Singapore from above. A perfect day for chilling and relaxing, trapped in beauty of Singapore. Culinary + view, checked!

    3rd day, Visiting Universal studio since morning til evening to have fun and make memories, stay young and energetic! I wanna try the jet coaster and experience 4D cinema. At night, we will walk around Orchard street to find food for dinner, And remember to try out the signature Bread ice cream $1 that is very popular in Singapore.

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  19. Hey Hans,

    Traveling can serve so much in the sense that it renews us as a whole and makes us discover the world from another perspective. As the saying goes, travelling is like a book and those who don't do so, read just a page. What makes things more exciting is reading another person's review about their travel experience (such as you). With this, one gets to discover new thoughts and ways of expression and sometimes it may make us relive the moments we were there or excites us for the upcoming experience.

    Any day I plan to visit Sentosa, I would definitely want to chill at the W hotel because it had my heart when I came across the pictures you uploaded. Should i say that
    paradise just got a new definition? A grand view of the Singapore flyer will be a must and a thrilling day at Resorts World Sentosa watching the magnificent Crane dance and mesmerizing Wings of Time show is what I look forward to most. Before returning I would like to relax at the beach and sunbathe and allow my family and I to be pampered with a spa and massage for a perfect rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul.

    Let us enjoy our travels, discover new perspectives and bloom with positivity in life.

  20. Hola, Hans! I would prefer to go alone to Sentosa, state of Fun. In my opinion, FUN is SIMPLE! As simple as: lying on Siloso Beach, holding up couple cans of beer, while reading your blog and day-dreaming to travelling and eat those mouth-watering food. I just found out your inspirational-yet-fun blog, and I will read 1 post each day, to lighten up my day... just like what I'm gonna do in Sentosa, state of fun.

    PS: why I choose to go alone, because, once again, fun is simple, and you can bring "selfie stick / tongsis" to captured all moments :")

  21. Hi Hans. If I get a chance to visit The State of Fun (Sentosa), I will bring my hubby along. He's a very busy man. He's a workaholic. I should change his life. How? How? How? Yup, bring him to The State of Fun. We should do fun together. I will ask him to take me to USS. We will experience all the adventures like TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle, Shrek 4-D Adventure, Madagascar: A Crate Adventure, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, and more! I heard they have Dolphin Island. Wow! My favourite animal!! I'd love to watch the dolphins if I can.

    What about trying our luck? The casino will be our destination next. Should I bring my God of Gambler costume? Hahaha.. I think I should. It will be magnificent. Not Maleficent. Magnificent. Don't get the idea wrong, ok. Back to Casino. I will ask my hubby to bring more money. Yup, spending money will be great hahaha..

    After winning some chips in Casino, we should eat, right? I wanna try Ocean Restaurant. I just hope there will be no shark there. Huft. My biggest weakness. Huft. And, I have to sleep in Michael Hotel. Just like my hubby's name. It will be amahzing!!!

    Ok, say no more. Just send me the plushie, and I will go to The State of Fun right away!!!

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