I am still in a phase where I still can't move on from my Japan trip, and the only salvation that's possible to impose is the Japanese food in Jakarta, even though it's hard to compare with the authentic Japanese food, I still find some restaurants in Jakarta actually serve good Japanese food.

Talking about Japanese food, what are you? Are you a sushi guy? Ramen guy? Rice bowl guy? Or basically every Japanese food guy? Recently I visited the newly opened Donburi Ichiya in Living World Alam Sutera, this is their second outlet (and as this post is written) that has been operating for three weeks. If you've been to their outlet in Lippo Mall Puri then you must be familiar with their main menu: rice bowl. Besides the set menus, what I love about their system is that you can customize your rice by putting every topping, meat, condiments and sauce as much & crazy as you want. Your bowl, your way.

Comparing to the one in Lippo Mal Puri, their Living World’s outlet is slightly smaller, but in sense more homey & better fit. If you’re a first timer when it comes to Donburi Ichiya, their order system is pretty much queuing order, almost canteen style (or those like Marugame Udon, Publik Markette, etc) where you start your way from a point, order and head to the cashier to proceed with the payment (FYI they accept cash only).

Open kitchen for customers’ eyes only!
Four easy steps in ordering (or customizing) your rice bowls (donburi):
1. Choose the bowl (mini or regular)
2. Choose the donburi (they have salmon aburi don, karaage don, yakitori don & gyu don)
3. Choose the sauce (garlic butter, soy honey, regular mayo, spicy mayo, wasabi mayo &  black pepper), a charge of IDR 4,545 will be applied for extra sauce
4. Choose the toppings (melted cheese, kimchi, tamago yaki, onsen tamago & japanese curry)
They currently have twelve default menus that the customers can choose to easen up the confusing choosing (when you think everything’s too good), four options are the more simple one like Gyu Don, Yakitori Don, Aburi Salmon Don & Karaage Don, and the other eight was the more appetizing & advanced looking, btw I had four of them! Generally they were tasty and I highly recommend you to add in the garlic butter as it enhances the flavor (giving that beautiful salty & garlicky flavor) and give that extra fragrance to your dish. If you love cheese & a little texture, then adding the melted cheese and tempura crumbs are almost mandatory!
Ontama Yakitori
IDR 42.727 (regular), IDR 38.181 (small)
You’re going to see a lot of onsen tamago in this post because I personally like it when the rice gets thicker, stickier and in a sense, creamier. If you don’t really like meat with sweet character (I don’t have any problem btw), the egg could tone it down. The chicken was marinated & seasoned & cooked beautifully without leaving the consistency to be dry.
Wasabi Mayo Aburi Salmon with Onsen Tamago
IDR 50.000 (regular), IDR 45.455 (small)
This one was one of my personal favs, I found that the more salty-savory flavor of the aburi salmon blended very well with the sweet mayonaisse sauce. The salmon itself was also cooked nicely & juicy.
Ontama Gyu Don
IDR 51.818 (regular), IDR 47.273 (small)
Their Gyu Don is one of the best sellers here: simmered beef & onion on rice, and their Ontama Gyu Don was just something more special. The beef was given generously, tender, sweet and had this appetizing smokey flavor. If you love the sweeter flavored beef, then this  might win you over.
Soy Honey Karaage with Melted Cheese
IDR 42.727 (regular), IDR 38.181 (small)
Deep fried chicken thigh cuts served on rice , glazed with soy honey sauce & topped with melted cheese! I must say this one was my pick of the day, my personal favorite! Since they’re using the chicken thigh, the meat was very tender, juicy with beautiful crispy coating, and plus they’re lovely seasoned! The cheese added the texture and that extra salty flavor which works with the sweet soy honey sauce. I am totally bias. Must order.

Deep fried tempura & fish ball
Overall, my experience with Donburi Ichiya was pretty pleasant. Must admit I liked most of their food and their fast friendly service, to cut things short: it’s an affordable heartwarming delicious treat for everyone. Congrats on the new store opening!


Donburi Ichiya
Living World Mall GF
Jl. Alam Sutera Boulevard, Serpong, Tangerang Selatan
Alam Sutera, Tangerang 15325
021 - 2970 4981
Average spending: IDR 150k/two
Dresscode: casual
WiFi: No


Map for Living World

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