I was first introduced to Tambak Bayan on my very first trip to Surabaya two months ago. Yes, 23 years of living and three months ago was the first time I saw (and for four days living in) Surabaya, but unexpectedly, for the last two months, I have been going back and forth to Surabaya for three times for leisure and work!

I would love to thank my friend Jack and Joshua for bringing me here, right after I landed on that first trip to Surabaya, my first experience with Tambak Bayan was anything but memorable in the most awesome way! Claimed to be the authentic treat from the city of heroes, that was a freaking champ, but now, I don’t think I need to travel to Surabaya anymore (if my number one reason is to have Tambak Bayan) as they finally opened their first outlet in Rukan Crown Golf Pantai Indah Kapuk (align with BCCone and Pungopang), in a way, it’s an amazing but risky step!

I came on the second day of opening, as this post is written, it’s two days ago and it was SUPER full! Like super that I couldn’t even take proper food pictures because people are blocking the light source and couldn’t take the interior picture as all there’s on my frame was...guessed it, people! This is going to be a very short review unlike usual, but that’s ok as long as there’s the mighty food!
They're quite well known in Surabaya for their Nasi Campur Tambak Bayan (IDR 33k), but I ordered their Nasi Campur with Empal (IDR 55k) and a portion consist of rice, empal, glass noodles, tofu cooked in coconut turmeric sauce, and their signature (very) spicy chili, it was (if I’m not mistaken) 10-15k more expensive than the one in Surabaya, but considering you don’t have to fly to Surabaya and the rent in PIK is fucking expensive, then I guess that’s still ok. In terms of the flavor and impression, I found myself longing back to the memories of my first Surabaya trip because everything was almost the same, if you think their glass noodle was way overcooked, that’s just their style, but I was so happy that the “empal” (beef steak) was way more tender than my first trial. Their chili, OMG, if you’re not used to spicy food, you better be a little careful as it’s quite HOT, but in a sense, that spiciness just kept you hungry...well at least that’s me.
Additional 10k and you can get this succulent tasty pork satay <3.
Their Rawon (IDR 40k) came in a small personal portion, for those who don’t know, Rawon is a traditional Javanese dish consisting of black beef bone broth with meat slices, usually served with rice or kecambah (the unfinished or head part of soya beansprout). I found myself quite liking their rawon even though it’s a little mild ans I was expecting for that bolder kick and the meat was given quite generously.
I honestly tried their lontong sayur and pecel as well, but didn’t get a chance to take pictures as they’re no longer appetizing looking as my friends “attacked” them, but the lontong sayur was quite nice with rich coconut milk stock and the pecel, well that was all together DAYUM without being overly sweet.

Congrats for the opening, I can really see that you’re going strong in PIK, trust me, Indonesian cuisine will never lose its customers if they’re authentic, good and simply yummy, and Tambak Bayan seems to have all that! GOOD LUCK!

Nasi Campur Tambak Bayan
Jl. Rukan Crown Golf Blok B
Align with BCCone and Pungopang
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara 14470
Price Range: IDR 35k-IDR 55k, IDR 120k for two


Map for Jalan Marina Indah

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