First of all, I would love to thank Dewi Lestari for creating such a nice story about coffee and Angga Susangko for creating such a nice movie. A little story to share, I was happy to be invited by them to attend the gala premiere of the movie Filosofi Kopi back in April, and overall, it was a good movie starting from the storyline, cinematography and casts. Chicco Jericho and Rio Dewanto both played Ben & Jodi very well. If you love to watch a little story about Indonesian coffee and happen to love coffee, this is a movie worth watching.

Anyway, if you’ve watched the movie, you must have noticed this vintage coffee shop used as the main setting in the movie literally called “Filosofi Kopi”, and from what I heard, and that is due to the high request, finally there’s a real physical “Filosofi Kopi” outlet that everyone can visit on Jalan Melawai VI, Little Tokyo just exactly in front of Blok M Square. It’s actually not hard to find, it’s just that Melawai area has quite a few alleys, but if you drive, it’s actually on Waze and I am here to give you that extra information and the peek of Filosofi Kopi!

The coffee shop was slightly smaller than what I initially had in mind, well that I think because Angga Sasongko shot the coffee shop on the right angle, but it was just as vintage & retro as I thought it would be. The shop itself is located on what used to be an old (and sort of abandoned) building as you can still see the non-operating second story from the outside and those (in a way) awesome crack on the old unfurnished & unpolished building, but don’t worry, the coffee shop’s actually well air-conditioned (apparently not as shabby as what YOU probably had in mind), and the venue was just designed simply but nicely, not only that, I think it’s also the people who were there when I visited having conversations with their friends, and not to mention, the good friends I was with that made the ambiance just felt right with lingering smell of the coffee.

However, at the moment, it’s not the kind of coffee shop you go to to work on your assignments or projects as they don’t have WiFi and currently, so many people are packing the coffee shop so I think your common sense would prefer not to stay there very long LOL.

The menu is still quite limited, they currently serve coffee, non-coffee drinks & snacks. For the coffee you can find some of the “commons” in Perfecto, Tiwus & Lestari blend (your choice), such as cafe latte, cappuccino, espresso, manual brewing, long black & tubruk, but if you’re an iced coffee drinker only cafe latte & cappuccino are available in iced, and also their special signature creation: Affogato Orgasm with durian ice cream (IDR 40k), my friend who came earlier ordered this and it was quite an interesting drink with medium level acidity of the espresso and bold durian flavor. The pricing for the coffee was quite affordable from IDR 20k-40k.
For the non-coffee beverages, they have chocolate latte, green tea latte, red velvet latte, ice tea, iced lemon tea and iced lychee tea, while for the snacks, they currently have waffle, french fries and fried cassava. The non-coffee beverages price range started from IDR 32k-35k (lattes), and IDR 18k-30k (iced teas) and the snacks range from IDR 18k-30k.

I had myself and iced cappuccino and it was quite good, even after I walked around shooting the place, it’s still pretty good (should’ve ordered after I finished shooting but it was packed and my friend ordered it for me), so I assume the coffee flavor was pretty strong with just the right amount of acidity. My friend, whom I met there, told me he ordered the manual brewing with Lestari grind & V60 brewing and it was pretty decent.

Overall, I was honestly glad that there’s finally a real physical “Filosofi Kopi” coffee shop & cafe and I guess since the hype of the movie is still running strong, the coffee enthusiast, the curious people and the people who are not really big on coffee but big on Instagram came to pack the place. I heard they're expanding the franchise to game series, and I wish Filosofi Kopi all the best of luck! CHEERS.

Filosofi Kopi
Jalan Melawai VI (in front of Blok M Square)
Blok M, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12160
Average spending: IDR 100k for two
Dresscode: as casual as fuck
WiFi: No


Map for Jalan Melawai 6

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