I am a BIG noodle lover and as far as I remember, I can NEVER say no to noodle, it’s my ideal comfort food, all-day breakfast, guilty pleasure and all that! I might not consistently upload local or traditional cuisine here or in my Instagram, but when I am in need of comfort food and peace, local food like meatball soup and noodle is my sweet escape.

This might sound crazy but at certain times, if you ask me to choose between a premium kobe beef and one bowl of “mie abang-abang”, the answer might surprise you.

Anyway, there’s this newly opened noodle house in Plaza Semanggi named Mie Hot Cwie Mie or to easen me on the writing of this post: Mie HCM. They claim that the brand originally came from Malang and is a franchise from Malang, but they tweaked the name and the branding to fit the Jakarta market better. If you’re familiar with Marugame Udon or canteen style order, their ordering style is pretty much like it, you start your way from one side to the cashier. You’ll get to choose the type of noodles you want, the toppings and the side dishes, if you’re greedy like me, one portion can cost you IDR 60k+, but regular portion (one noodle, one topping & one side dish) should cost you IDR 30k-50k.
I tried their signature Cwie Mie with crispy chicken popcorn, crispy chicken skin, fried meatballs, beef meatballs and wonton because I wanted to try everything. The original Cwie Mie alone already consist of thin noodles, chicken and one fried wonton and hello it was such a freaking comforting treat! Even though the noodle was thin, but it was cooked on the right timing and temperature allowing it to still have its firmness, the chicken was seasoned perfectly and given in an appropriate amount and the fried wonton was golden and cripsy. I love putting a little spice on my noodle and their tauco chili was DA BOMB! Spicy in the tastiest & most delicious way! I could rave about their noodle all day long.

As for their crispy chicken popcorn and skin, both are equally delicious! The popcorn was absolutely the more meaty one while the skin, consistency and flavor wise reminds me of KFC’s which is GOOD! The beef meatballs and steamed wonton was also good but quite common.

WHAT A FREAKING TREAT! Honestly, one portion is not enough for me because this is such a heavenly-easy-comforting meal (as how noodle’s always been), but I gotta give it to them for the twists: crispy chicken skin & popcorn, not everyday that you see noodle paired with them, but they execute it very well.

It could easily be one of the tastiest meals I’ve had in 2015. TADAA! TRY TRY!

Mie Hot Cwie Mie
Plaza Semanggi 3rd fl.
Jalan Jendral Sudirman Kav. 50
Karet, Semanggi
Jakarta Selatan 12930
Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM


Map for Plaza Semanggi

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