I first noticed their catchy pink banner and actually snap a picture of it so that I could remember. Still longing (read: can't move on) from my recent Japan trip, and anything Japanese could do, two days after and I still had my Japanese lunch, Japanese dinner and now trying this newly opened Japanese Okonomiyaki bar.

Okiro Bar is the trendier version and braver move of Okiro Box, in a way more established with official outlet, seating capacity and more variant and creations. For those who don't know, Okonomiyaki is actually Japanese grilled pancake (so flour and egg based batter) in which Okonomi means what you like and yaki means grilled, so grill what you like as they also have the customized okonomiyaki here.
 The restaurant and bar wasn't exactly spacious, it's this medium sized space with catchy design & trendy pop colors. They have several seating areas: bar seating, "outdoor" (can't be completely outdoor since it's technically still inside a mall) seating and tables with grilled pans.

The first thing I noticed when I look at the menu was honestly not the names, it's the price, frankly speaking, I found them a little high for okonomiyaki (starting from IDR 89k for medium & IDR 219k for the large), while the takoyaki pricing was pretty normal (starting IDR 33k for small to IDR 80k for the large portion). Aside from okonomiyaki and takoyaki, they also have negiyaki, monjayaki (the gooeyer version of okonomiyaki with more watery batter), some light bites like gyoza, onigiri, taiyaki, yakitori, omurice and some desserts!

Not knowing what to expect, most of the times when I visited new restaurants I tend to order their highlighted menu/best seller! Tried the medium size of Caramelized Wagyu Hiroshima (IDR 159k), Family Octopus takoyaki in small size (IDR 33k) and refillable iced lemon tea (IDR 25k), the refill method is self service, they had a drink corner for you to go and refill.

Caramelized Wagyu Hiroshima
IDR 159k

The takoyaki was pretty standard and nothing really screamed about it, I expected more octopus inside, it's just a little chunk in every ball, but I must give it to their Caramelized Wagyu Hiroshima as I think it was DAYUM! It came in generous toppings of cabbage, egg, beef wagyu, bacon, octopus, seaweed, fish flakes and sauce! Short to say, a beautiful tasty guilty pleasure. I honestly feel so guilty having all this for myself but it's so good I'm confused HAHA! As for the pricing, still a little high tho.

Family Octopus Takoyaki
IDR 33k
Two meals and one drink and I spent around IDR 250k, considering I never actually consider Okonomiyaki as main course, well...

I love their gut for coming and expanding something more unique and unusual, I truly wish them all the best of luck!

Thanks for reading! Will start writing my Japan posts!!!

Okiro Bar
Grand Indonesia West Mall 5th fl. (across People's Cafe/Ron's)
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat 10310
Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM
Average spending: IDR 300k for two


Map for Grand Indonesia

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