It’s been three years since the first time Sunny Side Up  introduced themselves to the public, bringing the concept of all egg dishes , if I’m not mistaken, I think they were the first to introduce this concept to the scene. I’ve been a regular customer of theirs since the early days (since my university was very near to SMS mall) and I’ve actually done a review of them also on my early blogging days, with way less interesting pictures and lame explanations. HAHAHA sometimes I really want to delete all my rubbish old posts, but then I realize we all start somewhere right? :).

After three years and five outlets (SMS, Mal Alam Sutera, Mal Kelapa Gading, Kota Kasablanka, Summarecon Mal Bekasi) spread around Jakarta and Jabodetabek, Sunny Side Up still carries the egg concept with them as I think that’s what makes them pretty popular but I noticed they’re doing a few changes when it comes to the branding, the design of the outlets, the atmosphere of the restaurants and...the menu. As much as I love their old list, they are now branding themselves as “the house of omurice” and hence, you’re going to see interesting omurice selections (and those pictures on the menu could kill ya), if you’re an avid fan of omurice, you better prepare yourself. The outlet in Gading Walk had the indoor and al-fresco area, the outdoor area was nicely designed and sort of catchy comparing to the other restaurants around it, it’s just woody with unique egg-inspired design.

White Yolk Green Healthy
IDR 42k
This is their special signature drink here in Sunny Side Up and it’s made from 6 fresh egg whites – so it’s HIGH in protein – and blended with ice and other fresh ingredients to create the flavor. They have a few selections but I went with their White Yolk Green Healthy which is the mix of the egg whites with fruits and vegetables. Unexpectedly, I was quite impressed as the drink was quite refreshing! If you imagine the drink would be thick, bitter and greasy, then you’re wrong, there’s that hint of creaminess but not too much, and all together sweet, healthy and YUM!
What will happen with more protein
Egg Bacon
IDR 49k
Their egg bacon happens to be one of their best sellers here, well, when you have egg and bacon, those two are like the M2M (you know bestfriends) of the breakfast! You can ask for the soft-boiled or cooked egg, but obviously I chose the soft-boiled and runny just how I like it.

What makes their egg very special was the fact they’re using Telor Arab, so it’s very premium quality eggs with high omega and it DOES affect the flavor. The egg didn’t smell fishy nor greasy, and plus point to add: rich in protein and healthy.
Creamy Salmon Omurice
IDR 58,5k
When it comes to the omurice, their signature creamy salmon omurice is currently the best selling! I can see why, when you first look at the picture on the menu, there’s something about the display that tells you something like: “hello, you’re too dumb if you don’t have me” and not to mention, it looked so good on the menu it better be good in the real display. For their omurice, you can also choose to have the egg fully cooked or half-cooked like mine (plus it looks better on the picture).
Was I impressed when it served to me? Presentation wise, exactly what I was expecting for, flavor wise? To be completely honest, more than I initially expected. It’s just that the butter rice was actually very well cooked and seasoned, and when I say well-cooked, I mean the rice grains weren’t sticky, and also with good firmness. The flavor was also fragrant, light, buttery and savory in a very yummy way and even though you kind of getting all that creaminess from the butter rice, runny egg and creamy salmon sauce, I still managed to finish & actually enjoy the whole thing without feeling bloated. Talking about the salmon, it was given generously too. IDR 58,5k is sure worth it.
Redspace Meatball Omurice
Cooked Egg - IDR 48,5k
The meatballs were meaty with bouncy texture and seasoned nicely. Don’t be intimidated by its look as it’s not as spicy as you think, it’s actually not (but I wouldn’t mind having it spicier). Since I tried the half-cooked egg on the creamy salmon omurice, I tried the cooked one here. Overall, I prefer the half-cooked egg better because for me, the creamier the egg, the better, but it’s just personal preference.

I must say I had quite a tasty, and not to mention: healthy lunch, being as skeptical as how I usually am, I must say that I was IMPRESSED with the omurice! It was nice with fragrant butter rice (thinking about it now), generous amount of toppings and sauce. So if you think Sunny Side Up is just another cute face with their pastel color, go here and try their food J

Sunny Side Up
Gading Walk, Mal Kelapa Gading GF
Jl. Kelapa Gading Boulevard, Kelapa Gading
Jakarta Utara 14240
Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 200k
Dresscode: casual
WiFi: yes
021 - 4587 8240


Map for Gading Walk, Mal Kelapa Gading

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