How do you like your bread?

I don’t know if you get this question a lot, but if someone asks you then how do you like yours? There are tons of types of bread types available in the world, and mostly depending on where the bread came from (origin country). The European bread, or generally French bread is normally more textured and hard, German’s bread (pretzel) is hard with a hint of salty and Indonesia’s bread normally falls in between, not too soft and fluffy, but too hard either.

When it comes to texture and consistency, and maybe I am now having this high standard for whatever that I am having after I travelled from Japan, because let me tell you this, Japan sets the bar higher than anybody else, everything you can possibly find in Japan is either good or very good, I never had even once, bad food, especially their bread, cakes and pastries creations, and that’s probably why Japanese breads are my favorite.

You don’t need to travel to Japan to find good Japanese breads, hello, where have you been? There’s a name that you can always count on: BreadLife.

The bread giant BreadLife has been treating us with their gloriously good (looking too) breads for nearly a decade, and personally, I found it pleasing to know that their business is getting stronger than ever with 64 outlets spread all over the shopping malls, schools, universities and train stations in Indonesia. I wouldn’t forget the first time I had their signature “Tiger Roll”, I was an elementary student back then and I was pretty much naive and got impressed easily by something that caught my attention...and my palate, and soon enough it has been one of my all time favorite breads from BreadLife!

If you guys follow my Snapchat, you should know that few weeks ago I posted these two new breads that BreadLife is launching (anyway thanks for the printscreens) and they’re now available on Jakarta’s outlets (other cities on September 6th), the two breads are the early 2 of the total 5 that will be launched consecutively until September.

I am an avid fan of banana and this BreadLife’s new bread creation came with rich and creamy banana custard filling and fluffy black bread with active charcoal for the coloring, so if you’re thinking squid ink then it’s a no.
The highlight of this bread is certainly the flavor. I really love the banana flavor and personally I don’t find to be too artificial. The filling consist of two layers of cream: white cream and banana cream! With the hint of sweetness to the white cream, it also has this well-balanced flavor and not overpowering my palate, especially for someone who’s not a big fan of milk like me.

For some reasons, even though you don’t ask me personally but I do hear what you had in mind, does the black bread affect well to your “pencernaan” system? I’m just trying to be honest here and it’s a yes! I think my stomach is quite sensitive to this active charcoal thing and my system is digesting it the right way, I won’t tell you what’s the “outcome” but I think you understand what I am referring.

Yakitari is BreadLife’s new savory creation inspired by traditional Japanese dish “yakitori”, which normally consist of meats on skewer, but this time they creatively use three mini breads on the skewer. The bread consist of sausage, tomato sauce and nori. Flavor wise, interesting, presentation wise, unique and one of a kind.

Just like when you have this belief of feeling better after a make over, to start the other decade a fresh new spirit and new luck, BreadLife is doing a simple, but effectively major rebranding in hoping to leave better impression on the customers’ heart.

You might remember BreadLife’s old logo with yellow and orange color and say hi to their new face!
The logo’s new color & shape are inspired by the Japanese flag & eating culture. Japanese people are known to be very welcoming and warm, and BreadLife is inspired by them and apply it on their fresh warm daily made breads, open kitchen and warm service. The chrysanthemum design represents the timeless love and belief, as well as Kikumon: the symbol of Japanese kingdom, representing the solid and strong interaction between BreadLife and its customers, and the wave design is inspired by “the great wave”, representing the spirit to be innovative as well as pursuing the future.

Wait, a decade?? That means 10 strong years? It felt just like yesterday when their outlet opened in Emporium Mall Pluit and that’s the first time I heard about BreadLife, and it came to my surprise that the particular outlet is not 7 freaking years old. OMG time flies!!! Speaking of a decade, attention must be paid and a celebration must be made, after the launching of the two new breads: Kuro Banana Cream and Yakitari, the big celebration will be held on August 29th! Everyone is invited and BreadLife wants you to be a part of it:

#NewBreadLifeContest Instagram Photo Challenge
Celebrating BreadLife’s upcoming 10th birthday, they’re running a contest where you can win Samsung NX300M Mirrorless Camera and BreadLife vouchers worth IDR 100k for one lucky weekly winner, and all you need to do is very simple:

1. Follow @BreadLifebakery on Instagram
2. Share your “Afternoon Tea” themed photo featuring each or both BreadLife’s newest bread: Kuro Banana Cream and Yakitari, and don’t forget to mention 3 (three) of your friends, @BreadLifebakery, #newBreadLifecontest, and the name of the bread #kurobananacream or #yakitari.
3. Each person is allowed to submit as many photos as you can
4. Winners will be judged from the quality of the pictures, creativity and aesthetic value.

#NewBreadLife Eating Challenge
On August 29th 2015, BreadLife will be celebrating the BIG 10 as well as the grand launching of their new rebranding at Tribeca Park, Central Park Mall Jakarta (4-10 PM), besides the celebrities that they’re inviting, the other guest star of the event is Takeru Kobayashi, a well-known professional competitive eater from Japan, and six Guiness World Records holders. I’ve seen videos of this dude on YouTube eating burgers and trust me I got thristy and bloated even by looking at the videos, damn this guy swallow like crazy, but in the same time, he’s VERY awesome! And of course, the celebrities and Takeru will perform their “signature acts” BreadLife style, and that is the eating challenge and they’re going to do it for good sake. The celebs and Takeru will be challenged to eat as much BreadLife’s breads as they can to raise some fundings that will be distributed for social foundation, for every bread eaten, IDR 500k will be donated to Melanie Subono’s Rumah Harapan.

To keep your jam on, RAN will be performing some tunes! Let’s go there and have fun, I’ll try to spare some time to come and hopefully we can meet up.

For the first 1000 customers, you can get a set of one Kuro Banana Cream Bread and one Yakitari for IDR 5k ONLY (normal price IDR 22,5k). SUCH A DEAL that you shouldn’t miss!

I am so glad of the fact that BreadLife really pushed the boundaries with their bread creations, they set the trend, they are unique and they show why they worth staying in the biz for a decade and I believe I am going to hear wonderful things from them for years to come.


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