Last week I made a weekend impromptu trip to Singapore, my favorite city for a short weekend getaway with friends and the purpose of the trip is to browse the F&B scene and do the cafe hopping! OMG so glad that I am destined to be friends with people who are monsters!

My first stop right after landing and checked into the hotel was this new and happening little cafe on North Bridge Road called Hyde and Co, I’ve been “stalking” this cafe from the Instagram and it was actually a tad smaller than what I expected it to be, but other than that, I love the minimalist feel to the cafe with a lot of whites used as a part of the exterior and facade.
We were craving for pastas so we ordered their Hyde’s Chili Crab Pasta (S$16) and Hey Pesto Linguine (S$14), overall the pastas were just okay, the pesto linguine was slightly underseasoned and light in the pesto flavor, but beautifully al-dente when it comes to the texture and I LURVE the pine nuts, the chili crab was just a tad sweeter for my liking, but I was fond of the amount of spiciness to the portion.
 Hey Pesto Linguine (S$14)

 Hyde's Chili Crab Pasta (S$16)
When I was scanning the menu, I was very tempted to try their Butterscotch Popcorn Waffle so it was defnitely on the list, whether my friend agree or disagree #selfishmuch, and as unique as it sounded, it was one hell of a beautiful waffle! I was impressed with the texture of the waffle: crunchy and crispy coating with soft, fluffy & airy inside, the butterscotch sauce was given generously and the popcorn really gave that extra texture and slight saltiness to the flavor, and as anything goes well with vanilla ice cream, certainly no complaint!

They seem to have this extensive list of coffee and tea creation, tempted to try their teas, but at that moment all that I wanted was an extra boost of caffeine due to the morning flight, and suggestively, I can get from coffees, so I ordered their iced cappuccino ($S6,5) that came in pretty presentation and flavor wise... good!

I somehow expected more from them, but my visit can’t do the justice as I only tried their pastas our of the other menus available there, but it’s the waffle that certainly became the highlight of my visit! A total must try and is the reason for one to come back for more.

Hyde & Co Singapore
785 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198753
+65 9369 4369
Opening Hours:
Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri: 9 AM - 6 PM
Sat: 11 AM - 9 PM
Sun: 10 AM - 6 PM
MRT: 15 minutes walk from both Little India or City Hall
Average spending for two: S$55


Map for Hyde & Co

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