Nomz Jakarta recently launched some of their newly curated menus, yes that particular NOMZ where Chef Arnold Poernomo is included.

Got the chance to sample their menus and here I am blogging them for you to read. Before I start explaining about their menus one by one, generally, I found their new menus to be slightly different. The thing about their new menus that attract me the most is their presentation, just special yet simple and classy.

I’ve been to NOMZ on the first days of their opening on December (review here) for several times (including those I didn’t update nor blogged) and I must say that it terms of flavor, presentation and quality, their new menus really set the new standard, something about them that are a little more thoughtful while still alightn with their unique Australian, Asian and local fusion dishes concept.

Okay enough yakking, let’s check ‘em out.

Fried Calamari Salad – IDR 60k
Since I am an avid fan of Arugula (rocket leaves), so this dish gave me good vibe already just by looking at it. It was a very simply executed dish with fresh ingredients (such as beet, fried squid), and lemon balsamic vinegar dressing.
Middle Eastern Salad – IDR 80k
The middle eastern salad reminds me of Tabbouleh, only this time with quinoa. I am also a big fan of quinoa so this dish fits me good! No problem with all the ingredients and the lemon dressing, but I just expected this to be dryer. Healthy indulgence is a huge trend right now and even though most of the stuff I share on my Instagram is “dirty”, converting a little to the healthier side is never a bad idea.
Roasted Chicken with Creamy Corn – IDR 95k
This was one of my favorite dishes from the new menu series. The chicken was cooked beautifully leaving the skin to be crispy and the meat to still be tender evenly, the creamy corn sauce was certainly the highlight of this dish, as it not only contributed to the flavor, but also adding the special value to this dish. I love how the cream wasn’t too milky and cheesy (was kind of skeptical), the cooked corn flavor naturally gave the hint of sweet.
Nomz Prawn Roll – IDR 105k
The homemade brioche was fluffy and topped with fresh garlic chilli prawn, lemon, coriander, rocket leaves, lettuce and pickled chili. I found the seasoning of the chili prawn quite interesting: tad spicy & sour and flavorful. 
Miso Roasted Salmon – IDR 105k
The miso roasted salmon came with coriander leek salad and jasmine rice. The sauce dressing was soy-chili sauce with light texture. The pan-seared salmon was perfectly cooked: silky, smooth and fresh. I didn’t see the importance of serving rice as I would never have salmon with rice (unless sushi).
 Pork Belly Udon – IDR 105k
The combination is unique, I never expected that one would combine roasted pork belly with udon, texture wise, both completely different. The udon had this very tasty, right on point dashi soup and chewy udon with the right firmness. The pork belly was also executed beautifully with crispy skin, juicy fat and tender meat.

Nomz Battered Chicken Burger – IDR 85k
The burger came in generous portion that you can even share with a friend. The chicken was crispy with tender meat, but needs bolder seasoning when you have it alone, but the spicy mayo was there with reason! The brioche bun was soft and fluffy and the Spanish Onion dressed salad was fresh.
Duck Confit – IDR 105k
I LOVE THIS. I think it’s one of the most memorable one as I found my own local food transformed to this fancier (and tastier) dish. The duck was deep fried and topped with serundeng. The serundang gave that this little sweet flavor and crunchy texture, now when I don’t need salmon with rice, I sure do when it comes to ducks, especially when the duck was accompanied with mango salad, unique sambal matah and sambal bawang. Their sambal matah didn’t taste like the common ones, even though the little characteristic is still there. Love it.

Nomz Ossobuco - IDR 160k
This is that one very dish that you must must must try, when one say “save the best for last”, in this case, this surely is the one. Nomz Ossobuco is Nomz take on veal with truffle cream risotto. First of all, HUGE portion, but I don’t feel like sharing and let all the calories and goodness sink into my system! The veal was very tender and tasty. Just altogether delicious.
 Sticky Date Pudding – IDR 60k
NOMZ sticky date pudding was meant to fulfil all sweettooth’s wish for delicious dessert. The date pudding was moist and properly sweet, and the caramel sauce just made everything sweeter. Glad they added a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Anything with ice creams automatically appear more interesting for me!
Lust –IDR 60k
If you’re single and in need of something flirtatious, then Lust is the right one for ya (no I just had a very sudden transition). I was certainly in lust for this dessert as it was so good! Diced watermelons with tasty jasmine chantily cream and topped with honeycomb bits!
Overall, I found their new menus to be appealing and generally good. Pricing wise, certain food is higher than the market standard, but the portion is mostly big! The Nomz Ossobuco is certainly the one you should not miss and don’t forget to pair it with some “Lust”. Worth it. Promise.

Thanks for reading!

Nomz Kitchen and Pastry
Central Department Store G Fl.
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town East Mall
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat 10310
021 - 2358 1211
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 10 PM (closed on 12 AM on weekends)
Pricing: $$
Dresscode: Casual


Map for Grand Indonesia Shopping Town

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