This 4 month old Japanese restaurant has been on my hitlist for quite some time and a couple of weeks ago I managed to fit myself in and sample what they had in store. I’ve never seen a lot of fancy restaurants in the Bandengan area, and it’s brave enough for them to open a Japanese restaurant with that scale, and by that scale I mean BIG.

I learned that they’re under the same management as Meat Me and Meat Me itself is currently under-renovation and located side by side.
The mural painting was certainly the most attention-seeking object as soon as I stepped in to the restaurant, it was nicely illustrated, cartoon-like, and I love that it’s sort of the ice breaker to the whole ambiance making it feel a little more fun and relaxed. The restaurant has two stories and the first floor consist of a pretty big sushi bar located at the center and several seating areas, while the second floor is more proper for group dining as there’s this area with wide tables &  you can sit on the floor (very Japanese) I must admit that they did pretty well on the interior design, I found it to be simple yet interesting and POP.

The restaurant operates at two working hours: lunch and dinner time, the lunch time starts on 11:30 – 14:30 and the dinner starts on 17:30 – 22:00 and they’re closed every Monday.
Their menu is HUGE! They curate approximately 200 menus (and I believe growing) so that means tons of selections that you can choose from! Their set meals and sushi menus are plenty.
Seiro Gomoku Char Siu
IDR 85k
I was captivated with the presentation, the unique bamboo basket really add in the cute and classy value. The set came with salmon katsu, mango jelly dessert, pickles and miso soup. This certainly looked very appetizing and when you tried it, it was different than what I expected, but as soon as they explained the concept of this dish, I instantly understood.
This dish was their “healthier” menu, because everything is steamed and they use zero fat to the braised pork belly. It might be just tad dry for some, but the rice and the light seasoning was pretty decent for me. Had no complaint for the white salmon katsu as it was crunchy, meaty yet fresh with their homemade sauce dressing, the miso soup was light & tasty, and the mango jelly dessert was my favorite. The texture of the collagen jelly was unique in the most delightful way, in between chewy and melting.
Sashimi Sanshu Mori
IDR 125k
The sashimi sanshu mori consist of tuna, salmon and Shime Saba sashimi. The sashimi was fresh and enjoyable, the freshness is acceptable for my palate, especially the fatty-silky salmon. The set came with soup, steamed rice and dessert.

Kaki Guratan
IDR 30k
This was one of my favorites of the day! As a huge fan of Oysters, I found theirs to be quite fresh with generous mayo dressing and mushroom! The oyster and mushroom was altogether cooked beautifully.

Ebisuyaki Udon Set
IDR 130k

Tried the Ebisuyaki Udon set because they looked very appealing on the menu and moreover, I LOOOVE grilled stuff! The set consist of salmon dumplings, garlic shrimps, shisamo and scallop, and served with sushi jumbo roll, hot wheat noodle & dessert. The seafood and chicken (ala carte) was fresh and chunky, and the sauce really made everything tastier. I didn’t try the dumpling as my sister finished that one. I didn’t understand why they named it udon set when the noodle didn’t appear udon-like at all, it was more like a thick wheat noodle, but the texture was pretty okay.


Ebisuya Treat
IDR 35k
I super love their black sesame ice cream! I think it’s very tasty, rich and premium, and the pancakes surrounding it was fluffy, moist and fragrant. I like the fact that they made the pancakes less sweet and let the black sesame ice cream did all the work.

I had a pretty pleasant lunch, the food was good, the service was attentive and friendly, pricing was good. I can see myself coming back to try more of their menus as they're quite a lot. Good luck always!

Jalan Bandengan Utara No. 20
Jakarta Utara 11240
021 - 691 5690/691
Opening Hours:
Closed every Mondays
Lunch: 11:30 AM - 14:30 PM
Dinner: 17:30 PM - 22:00 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 400k
Dresscode: casual


Map for Ebisuya

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