There are a lot of Japanese restaurants in Jakarta, that’s one thing for sure, and me being me is simply being very skeptical about the Japanese food and the Japanese restaurants that I am visiting. I am the type of person who prefer eating at a same place that I am comfortable with again and again, because I know I am hard to impress.

Few weeks ago, I finally managed to have a splendid dinner with friends at Itacho Sushi, a sushi chain that I’ve been wanting to visit but never had the chance, and around the time of my visit, they just launched the value lunch menu sets that’s surely not to miss. The value set is available from Monday – Thursday from 11 AM – 5 PM. Note that.
As usual, the place was packed, which made easy to assume that the restaurant is doing pretty well since the opening day. If you’ve never been to Itacho Sushi, they’re located in the 3A floor of West Mall Grand Indonesia, just across Manhattan Fish Market and next to Popolamama.
The ordering system here is describable as “semi self service”, so customers will be given an order paper to write down their orders and give back to the servers. After they input the orders, a printed invoice will be given to you for you to pay directly to the cashier right after you finished your meals. The menu range here is pretty big, and here you can find quite good amount of sushi, rolls and sashimi, sample some of them, but the main focus here would be the value lunch set as those were the ones that I tried the most.
Salmon Sashimi – IDR 30k
Their salmon sashimi was very fresh and I really enjoyed them.

Supreme Sea Eel – IDR 70k
The portion was indeed BIG, especially for one person. I don’t know about you guys, but I enjoyed their stickier type of rice like theirs, well, at least that’s still acceptable as personally, I care about the meat more. The eel was soft and smooth, but I expected the bolder kick from the sauce.
Sushi Rolls (salmon/shrimp) – IDR 10k/each

VALUE LUNCH SETS – came with miso soup, pickles and rice
Salmon Black Pepper with Butter – IDR 65k
This is my personal most favorite menu out of the other options! First, I love salmon, and the seasoning was perfect. I love how they smartly cooked the salmon on good temperature leaving the meat to be smooth, silky yet very soft. The black pepper sauce was cooked along with the butter, resulting the good combination of salty and spicy. Altogether, beautiful blend of flavors with awesome savory outcome. You MUST certainly try.

And oh, something about the blackpepper sauce with the rice that’s good.
Grilled Saba Shioyaki – IDR 60k
Saba Shioyaki is the grilled mackarel with salt, the mackarel fish itself had this natural saltiness & drier meat, and when you know how to grill mackarel properly, you’ll have such beautiful dish just like this. Perfectly cooked, seasoned, simple without adding too much “details”, keeping  it down to earth and natural. You’ll enjoy this.
Sake Don – IDR 65k
Sake here refers to salmon, as I told you before, I enjoyed their salmon very much, but they just gotta add more to the portion. It’s a very simple dish with the salmon as the highlight.
Sakura Don – IDR 58k
The sakura don consist of diced salmon, diced tamagoyaki, and zucchini topped with tobiko. Interesting mix of ingredients and this time the salmon was given quite generously and the tamagoyaki give a tad of sweet flavor to the dish.
Green Tea Ice Cream – IDR 15k/scoop
I LOVE the fact that they didn’t use the same ice cream everyone else is using, and more to that, I appreciate the fact that they didn’t use the cheap green tea flavoring with the disturbing jasmine scent to it. The green tea flavor was rich with light aftertaste, so your palate won’t be left with that strong bitter matcha aftertaste.
From the pricing to the quality that you’re getting, I think the lunch set is pretty worth it. My personal favorite would be their salmon black pepper, it was just something special and something that I would recommend to first timers, and don’t forget their fresh sashimi as well!

Itacho Sushi
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
Level 3A Sky Bridge (next to Popolamama)
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat 10310
021 - 2358 1228
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 350k
Dresscode: casual


Map for Grand Indonesia

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