So today I went to have brunch with my friends at Cork and Screw Pacific Place, and it so happened that today, they just launched the “brunch at the terrace” activity featuring guest chef, Asier Arroyo. I’ve been a huge fan of Cork and Screw, first of all, this restaurant is managed under the Union group, I don’t know exactly why, it’s maybe their upscale chic design/ambiance, or maybe their good food, but their restaurants always seem to feel special for me! Secondly, I’ve been visiting Cork and Screw countless times since it first opened in Plaza Indonesia, and when I was still in the high school, and you go back and forth to a particular place not for no reason, there’s indeed something special about them.

Sangria, mocktails and cocktails pairing! Their Sangria Bianco is a must try (IDR 130k) and if you prefer something lighter you can try the Cranberry and Lime Tonic (IDR 50k), I wouldn’t recommend their Bloody Mary (IDR 90k) as it tasted more like chilled spicy-peppery tomato soup and tabasco, sorry not for me.

Anyway, the place was pretty packed on my visit, I noticed most of the crowds were actually expats living here in Jakarta and wanted to have good time with friends or families (well, I am just guessing), I was quite impressed with the range of the menu, everything written seems amazing and I really wanted to surf everything if I could, their “special of the day” was the Seafood Paella with Suckling Pig (IDR 195k) and it was divine! Not to be hyperbolic, but I guess that was the best paella I’ve ever had in Jakarta, it’s the different kind of my also-favorite: Tapas Movida, the rice grains were slightly larger, but it’s the good firmness, the awesome seasoning and the fresh seafood that made this dish perfectly savory, tasty and enjoyable! The suckling pig had this dense texture, expected it to be slightly more tender, but the sauce and the crispy skin were THE BOMB.

You can pair the brunch’s “special of the day” with their Pinchos selections, or by any means: light bites! My favorites that you shouldn’t forget to sample: Soft Boiled Egg and Poached Prawn with Spicy Aioli (IDR 20k), 5 Spice Pork Belly Croquettas (IDR 20k), Herbed Crab Mayo (IDR 30k) and “House Marinated Salmon & Pickle with Remoulade” (IDR 30k).

Tempted to sample Chef Asier Arroyo’s signature dishes so from the “Classics with A Twist”, we ordered these:
Lox and Schmear on Whole Wheat
IDR 95k
I wasn’t really planning to order this, I was going to order the Steaks and Eggs, but it’s kinda like the classic been there done that for me, so I opted for this and guess what? NO REGRET! Tried Lox and Schmear once in London, but it’s mostly served on bagels there, but here they’re using whole wheat sourdough, certain amount of light cream cheese with (what I guess to be) dill & parsley was spread on top of the bread, then the poached egg and garnished with generous amount of tobiko! This was very enjoyable and the main highlight has got to be the cream cheese, just so yum!

Salmon Two Ways on Toasted Sourdough
IDR 110k
Consisting of Salmon Roillettes, Salmon Gravlax, capers and truffle scrambled eggs, this dish was something worth trying! The salmon was so fresh and had this beautiful saltiness to it that it almost speaks to the whole dish, and the truffle scrambled eggs was another winning element of this dish, the truffle oil was given in a proper amount: it might not have that strong aroma, but when you actually have a bite, it’s simply there.

Roast Pork Belly on French Country Loaf
IDR 110k
Pork lovers should be happy because if you decide to have brunch here, beside the suckling pig, you can have this as your meal! In a sense, it seems very healthy with generous arugula spread on top of the dish (and since I am an avid fan of arugula, it’s certainly a plus point for this), and the pork belly was bacon-thin chopped and besides contributing to the flavor by giving that salty and savory flavor, since it’s thinly chopped, it’s almost like giving the texture to this dish in contrast to the creamy poached egg, I just LOVE this! MUST TRY.
I notice they’re big on eggs, and they made BEAUTIFUL poached eggs, it’s just soft, almost sous-vide like texture, perfectly runny and on top of all, FRESH.

I was completely satisfied with the brunch earlier today, I honestly think they serve one of the best, or if not, THE BEST brunch I’ve had in Jakarta so far, again, they’re big on eggs, Spanish inspired, amazing in seasoning and I can see myself coming back for more brunch dates with family or friends (mostly with friends LOL). Keep up the AMAZING work, Cork and Screw, then I believe the word of mouth will do you good <3.


Cork and Screw
Pacific Place Mall Ground Floor #G-51C
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 52-53
Jakarta Selatan 12190
021 - 5797 3303
Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 500k
Dresscode: sporty casual


Map for Pacific Place Jakarta

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