Paid a visit to this cafe in Kemanggisan last week for quick late lunch with sis before heading to our meeting in Puri Indah. My sis has been talking about this cafe for quite some time, especially for how affordable the prices of the food while aligning with the good quality.

Heyday is located in the same building as the pretty well known Sam’s Strawberry Corner in jalan Kemanggisan, not too far from Binus university. The cafe is located in this shophouse cluster so it’s not exactly spacious, but there’s something about the design that’s kinda pop and rings youthful, instantly I know that this place belongs to those students who want to spend hours working on their chores with friends, since it’s still on the holiday season, the cafe was a little quiet, but I still see several table occupied by groups of guests.
The first and second floor had this different feel to it: the first floor was pretty much like the common simple cafes, but the second floor was a little more well designed and quirky with VW car mock-up as the mini bar area, pastel-colored tables and a separated area with windows and direct access to the light where I saw some people taking OOTD pictures.

The food menu here is mostly dominated with local and international comfort food menu with HUGE range, so many food here to choose and not sure if I was quite hungry but everything seemed so appetizing and delicious! Not to mention, they also have their “all day breakfast” menu featuring some of the classics such as French toast, pancakes, and the Big Breakfast. Tried some of their best-sellers so here they were:

Blue Passion
IDR 25k
One needs a refreshing beverage to face the hot day so I opted for their Blue Passion, it was a refreshing mix of sparkling soda and fruity curacao syrup.
Hippie Fries
IDR 30k
Their Hippie Fries is currently the cafe’s best selling item at the moment, I don’t think I ever found anybody who doesn’t like potato/fries in my life so there you go! The deep fried thin-sliced potato chips topped with homemade Bolognaise sauce, tomato salsa and Mozarella cheese. It was so addicted that when I was taking pictures of other food, I couldn’t stop taking more and munching all the way, the bolognaise sauce was seasoned beautifully, the cheese was given generously and the portion is share-able for two.
Spicy Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Tuna
IDR 35k
There’s no wonder why Aglio Olio has always been people’s favorite, there’s just something so delicious about this simple dish and you just can’t resist not having them again and again! Their take on Tuna Aglio Olio was good, the pasta was al-dente, seasoned beautifully with the right amount of spiciness (for me), the tuna was not dry nor too salty, it was indeed a comforting pasta for lunch that day.
Chicken Salsa Matah Rice Bowl
IDR 30k
From their rice menu, this particular dish was the most favorite! I’ve personally always loved sambal matah dishes, there’s just something so fragrant, spicy and beautiful about the flavor that you can almost put it on most proteins and of course...rice! Their sambal matah was slightly different than the common ones, that because they mix their sambal matah with their homemade tomato salsa and guess what? IT WORKED! This dish was indeed spicy, but you know that kind of spicy where you just dig for more! I was happy that they simply paired this dish with the good old fried egg (ask for the half-cooked for the ooze), it’s personally a MUST TRY!

Croque Monsieur
IDR 35k
As soon as I noticed that they even had Croque Monsieur, I was thrilled and I guess I should order! My experience with Croque Monsieur hasn’t always been a mutual relationship, since I am not a huge fan of cheese, there are times when certain restaurants put too much cheese that I would just want to barf. Heyday’s take on Croque Monsieur was for me, what supposed to be a Croque Madame, and already Indonesianized and set to be friendly with the locals’ palate, but this is a good thing because I honestly kinda like theirs! The cream wasn’t very cheesy and milky, instead it was more “savory and salty”, the bread was soft, expected more smoked beef slices and all that topped with runny sunny side up. YUM.
Kue Cubit Green Tea
IDR 25k
While I saw that they have some more unique desserts such as steamed Nutella buns, Beignets, honey toast and deep fried oreo, I was craving for kue cubit green tea so I opted for it, again, was pretty impressed with their kue cubit because at least they didn’t use that green tea powder with jasmine scent and flavor to it and that’s ANNOYING enough for me. Theirs was indeed green tea powder, but not exactly that Matcha flavor, it was just different, but still good, moist, half-cooked and was a sweet ending to my lunch <3.
If you guys notice the pricing, the most expensive menu that I tried was IDR 35k proving that the food here IS indeed freaking affordable, and by the amount that you’ll be paying and based on my visit, the food wasn’t disappointing at all! I think you should know the boundaries and the territory, it’s not out of the world good, I mean it’s 30k so it must be different from the ingredients and stuff, but the food was just not anywhere near disappointing. I can really see myself coming back again and again, especially since I am in search for comfy places to work on my stuff and be alone, and I also heard that they have rooftop bar on top, will try next time!

Heyday Restaurant and Cafe
Jl. Kemanggisan Raya No. 26D
Palmerah, Jakarta Barat 11530
021 - 9839 6555/0817 0040 320
Opening Hours: 3 PM - 10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 100k
WiFi: yes!
Dresscode: casual


Map for Heyday

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