I love the idea of finding hidden gems, trust me, out of the hundreds of reviews that I’ve posted on my blog, I believe there are places that I haven’t discovered with huge potentials to probably (sort of) “out do” the visited restaurants, almost everyday I am on the mission in search of new eating spots or hidden gems to recommend to you my dearest readers, friends and relatives.

Sip Ha Thai is a Thai inspired BBQ restaurant located in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. This restaurant just recently celebrated their first anniversary and a few weeks ago I visited the restaurant to experience what they have in store. The interior of this restaurant was very simple with not much going on, the first floor was slightly smaller (in terms of area) comparing to the second floor which had more capacity.

Sip Ha means “15” in Thai and that should explain why they feature 15 of their Thai signature dishes on their menu, the must try here must be their Thai BBQ, and if you haven’t experienced or heard about it, then let me lighten you later just a bit. Besides their signature Thai BBQ set, you can also enjoy some of their not-to-miss ala carte dishes such as these below:

Crispy Spinach with Thai Sauce
Deep fried crunchy spinach accompanied with sweet & sour Thai sauce. One simple addicting treat!

Steamed Fish in Manau Sauce
IDR 77k
If you love seafood and sour, then I would be more than happy to recommend you this! The fish was fresh and the overall flavor was dominated with the sour flavor, but I enjoy the little spicy flavor of this dish.
Tom Yam Goong
IDR 49k
I LOVE THEIR TOM YUM. I think it’s pretty normal to have your expectation and standards towards well-known signature dishes, and I’ve always known how I wanted a tom yum to be. Theirs was very close to what I had in mind: good balance of sweet and sour, a tad spicy, generous fresh seafood and make me want to sip the whole thing!
Thai BBQ Set Large
IDR 259k
Consist of 200 gr beef, 200 gr chicken, chicken soup base, vegetables & mushrooms, assorted seafood balls.
An iron pan with two containers is functioned on Thai BBQ, the two containers are simply their grilling area and the soup area. Here you can order their original soup or tom yum soup to accompany your meal, but to me, THE MOST EXCITING part about Thai BBQ is the immense flavor created out of the grilling and the boiling process, especially when you know how to do it right.
So imagine this, when you cook the meat & butter on the grilling plate and the juice, the fat and the oil of the meat & butter slowly drizzling down and blended with the tasty soup resulting this EVEN tastier soup. I had the original soup for my lunch (because I already had their Tom Yum soup on the Goong), and it wasn’t a regret! You can choose either you want the blackpepper or Thai sauce beef, all the mix of flavor are weird but in the most delicious way! Don’t forget to add in the chiili cuts if you love a little kick of spicy!

DA JUZ! This is what I’m talking about!
I only wish that the soup container could be just a little larger!
Ending my splendid lunch with this durian dessert! Served warm, bold durian flavor, and for an avid durian like me, I could have more than one serving.
The outer part of this restaurant might not have the glamorous shell or extravagant looking, but based on my experience, they serve scrumptious humble food with pretty affordable pricing, nowhere near mediocre and good enough to even make me see myself coming back. The fact that there are not a lot of Thai BBQ restaurants in Jakarta makes Sip Ha Thai worth considering.

Sip Ha Thai
Jl. Boulevard Raya Blok PD 9 No. 1
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara 14430
021 - 4584 6893
Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 350k
Dresscode: casual
WiFi: yes

Map for Sip Ha Thai BBQ & Bistro

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