Stanislaus Hans Danial Subianto is the treated author of eatandtreats and he has been dishing, documenting and publicly published his love for food since October 2012. His love for food and photography brought him to the social blogging scene up until now.

What started out as hobby is now an obsession. Food is somehow his fetish, that's how he describes it in phrase.

What started as a website with barely people reading, eatandtreats is now growing as one of the leading food and travel blog in Jakarta with 8.000-10.000 readers daily (per JUNE 2016), and a combined of almost 400.000 social media followers (per JUNE 2016)

"eatandtreats is my platform to a whole new area in life where I can meet new people, creating relations and sharing the love with people who have the same interest in food and photography, life has been like crayons and I decide to pick my own colors, but I always end up throwing the crayons and look after the spoon, fork and knives to dig the food! eatandtreats is a blog dedicated for people's love and interest to food, and travelling! I also made this blog as my travelling diaries and special events, some posts will include what I've been up to lately and worth sharing for the readers."

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Well, meanwhile, still finding one million reasons to make you guys hungry... like always.