I am trying to keep things low key awesome here and reviewed this recent finding which actually has been around (aka opening) for one year, without any further ado, say hi to Frescoristo!
So here are my BEST NINE (aka 9 of the most liked pictures) on my Instagram this year. The first picture generated 13k likes and I was unfollowed by 1k people the next day, if you're Indonesian you'll understand why that happens.

But do I give a flying fuck? No.

NEVER value or try to compare yourself with others just based on the amount of followers & likes you're having. While I am grateful and thankful, I just want to make it clear that earning 5.5 million likes is not the most important thing, it's how you use and connect with your channels, not exactly how big it is.

Thank you for such an amazing 2016! This year has been amazing for travels: finally revisited Australia and Japan, first time to Vietnam, also the year where I push myself more and more in terms of producing good and creative contents, and I am aware that I have to work even harder in 2017, you know that art of 'pushing the boundaries', 'setting the bar', 'starting off' and 'getting what you deserve' that I found beautiful and exciting *wink*.

Now let's cheers to the more awesome & fabulous 2017!!! Any idea where to travel this year? :)



In the previous post I told you how in the last two months 6 new restaurants opened in Lingkar Mega Kuningan and literally next to Atico, another newly opened Modern-Japanese themed restaurant: Fat Shogun!


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In the previous post I told you how in the last two months 6 new restaurants opened in Lingkar Mega Kuningan and literally next to Atic...
It's just one week away from the start of 2017 and Jakarta's F&B scene, particularly around the CBD-Mega Kuningan area has been growing rapidly good for some time now, in two weeks I have dined at 4 new restaurants in Mega Kuningan, well that's considered a good number for Mega Kuningan standard.
Hi everyone! I am now joining YouTube and so far I have uploaded two videos to my channel, and this particular features snippets of my latest autumn trip to Japan!

I was honestly a bit nervous and the not-so-little perfectionist side of me continuously wondered if my video's good enough for YouTube but then I remembered about my first blogging days where I just uploaded everything that I like that, and I should be adapting most of that mindset to match my passion mixed with technical stuff, and since I JUST STARTED then there will be a lot to learn in the future.

My channel will mainly consist of food, travel and blogging related stuff but damn vlogging apparently is not as easy as I imagined it would be and not to mention the long editing hours, I literally studied everything from big zero, but to be honest it's been fun!
Please support my channel by subscribing, and you'll be notified whenever I upload new videos! Thank you guys very much for the kind support!

It feels like this December Miracle as we're reaching the final of the year and I happened to stumble on good restaurants lately, initially don't want to spoil the essence of the review but since I've raved about this particular restaurant on my Instagram then I guess you know that this will be a good review of the newly opened GIOI Senopati.


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It feels like this December Miracle as we're reaching the final of the year and I happened to stumble on good restaurants lately, init...
We're reaching the end of 2016 and I haven't finished the big 10 that would fill up my "best restaurant 2016" list, and you know me, if by the end of December 2016 I couldn't find the restaurants that fit my criteria and finish the list, then there will be none, but this particular restaurant restaurant that I am reviewing to you right now has the potential to be sitting gracefully on the hot seat, and would you be surprised to know that as this post is written, a 15-year old own this restaurant? Okay keep reading ;).
I'm always genuinely happy when certain restaurants that are personal favorite of mine made it in the business and that's exactly what's happening to this particular, following the success of their first and previous Bintaro outlet, Ind.ustrie is finally opening their second outlet in Street Gallery, Pondok Indah Mall, and this time they're collaborating with Morning Glory Coffee and actually located at MGC's previous outlet which is now revamped and renovated.
Now more and more foreign establishments are opening real soon in Jakarta and this one is definitely one of the most anticipated! So I just came back from attending the exclusive foodies preview of the soon-to-open The Halal Guys Indonesia, yes you heard it right: THAT Halal Guys from New York City is about to open in Senayan City by late January 2017.
There's a new gelato shop opening in Jakarta, precisely in Senayan City, if you don't mind me introducing, cheers to aROMA Gelato Experience!
For those who have heard of the rumor, rest assure as it's CONFIRMED! The highly anticipated Toby's Estate is finally opening its first Indonesia outlet in PIK Avenue, and of course yours truly got the first access and exclusive preview of the outlet, overall it's still pretty raw and construction is still going and because I don't want to spoil all the excitement I am going to show you some pictures that I took when they invited me to come and see the training process and will definitely make a full blog post in the future.
I posted their wedding on my Instagram yesterday and so many of you asked me to write about it, I did tell Fiona that a lot of you wanted me to post her wedding on my blog so here I am! Instead of actually talking much and appear like I know the details (when I don't), this post will feature some photos from Fiona and Tom's fabulous wedding that I captured with my iPhone and mirrorless camera. For the complete details, you can always contact Fiona on Instagram or check out the hashtag #fiotom031216 on Instagram.
Oh my God I feel like a champ because literally a zillion ton of you couldn't stop Snapchatting me and DM-ing me on Instagram asking basically the same thing:

"Where the fuck is the Christmas Dinner 2016 list?"