February 14th 2018: celebrating Valentine's Day at Tokyo DisneySea, the place that a lot claim to be the happiest place on earth (wait that might be Disneyland) but really any day spent at Disney resorts is uplifting and joyful, definitely one of the most unforgettable highlight of the trip!
If you've read the first part of my Japan winter trip, I mentioned there that a ton of you requested me to do a review on the Suntory Clear Milk Tea (anyway should I write a single blog post just to review it?), and the next day the post's uploaded, even more requested me to do the review on the Coca Cola Peach which happens to be Coca Cola Japan's newest release and when I was there it was just being released for a few days! Call it the bliss of lazy days without the 'ambitious' subtext, I was lucky that I accidentally found it on a random Seven Eleven when we were strolling Shibuya! I went to various 7/11, Family Mart and Lawson when I was in Japan but now that I think about it as I am writing this post, out of let's say 20 convenience stores that I went to, that time I think only 3 stores which carries this Coca Cola Peach, maybe the distribution was not even then, but I believe you can easily find it now!


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If you've read the first part of my Japan winter trip, I mentioned there that a ton of you requested me to do a review on the Suntor...
What a wonderful holiday that I just came back from! If you guys followed my Instagram and watched my Instagram Stories, you should know that I just came back from my winter trip in Japan (damnit has it been week two weeks since I am writing this post) with my friends and it was such a memorable one that I am super excited about writing this travel series for you! Normally I would go with travel guides and individual restaurants review, well that too, but I am feeling the 'story telling' kind of post this time. The first part of the Japan blog posts will be about my first day in Tokyo, that day we explored mainly Harajuku and Omotesando area.
Is it really another February on another year? Wow.

Call this the month of love or whatever your illusion is telling you but I just want to keep it damn real, I believe everyday is a blessing and needed to be grateful at, but each month is just the same month, I do like July and December best tho! July because it's where my birthday is (sometimes I even think that birthday's nothing special) and December because I love the spirit of Christmas in my heart, even though reality is the Christmas vibe in Jakarta is lacking spirit by time.

I believe you should grow love each and everyday in your life, not necessarily because it's freaking Valentine's day and you act like you have this burst of love this month. I might previously open this blog post with sweet-sweet words but lately I just want to keep it real, and by time I've learned that nothing in this world that's stronger than the power of love, and when I say love I don't refer to the love for your partners, but as simple as that little act of kindness like helping others, the love for friendship, relatives, your parents and more.
To love is being kind, and truth is sometimes no matter how kind you are towards some people, some might just want to take advantage of you or take you for granted in the first place, but your anger should never be the reason why you want to stop being nice, otherwise you've changed. I'd take being happy than cool any freaking time.
Chopstix is one of those restaurants that you can already consider 'iconic' for they have been in the business for a very long time and still maintaining their existence along with their humble and comforting dishes! Recently I visited their Plaza Indonesia outlet which just experienced a major makeover and revamped to this more Mediterranean looking with warm maroon color, beautiful drtails and earthy tone.
There's a new ramen house in Gunawarman, Senopati called Yoisho Ramen that just opened for public two weeks ago (as this post is written), first, I love the name, Yoisho is actually a Japanese word that's normally used as the word of encouragement to oneself of others, short to say, even before trying, it kinda made excited.