To be completely honest, I have never heard about this patisserie before, but short to say, anything Japanese excites me, so when I saw this coming on my friend’s Snapchat and after they actually tagged me on Instagram, I look no further not to try this.
Went to the launching of Quipper Video at CGV Blitz a few weeks ago and I want so share my experience here with you guys.
Yo I just came back from my Bandung trip and I have received like A LOT requests from my Instagram and Snapchat followers to write a quick blog post of my Bandung trip! Your wish is my command here's to you!

Yo I just came back from my Bandung trip and I have received like A LOT requests from my Instagram and Snapchat followers to write a quick blog post of my Bandung trip! Your wish is my command here's to you! I love writing quick travel post like this because I know how tardy I am with my travel posts, especially when I have to write each and every post of restaurants I am visiting, with the amount of works I have in town, sometimes I just can’t handle! So many works to do so little time!
Three minutes away from Kopi Manyar, there's another new coffee shop opening called the Pigeonhole coffee, went here for a quick catch up with friends earlier today and chill around here!
I first saw this coffee shop from someone I follow on Instagram, it was so beautifully taken that it made me more and more curious about this coffee shop, especially for its "house" look, rather than the common ones in town.

So a couple of days ago I went to the opening of this new food court called "Food Container" (review here) and Kopi Manyar was next on our list. It was pretty tricky finding it at the first time as there wasn't any clear signage, but as long as you're in touch with Waze, you should be safe! From outside, Kopi Manyar looks like this minimalistly designed house with small words of "Kopi Manyar" written on the window glass.
It’s almost unrealistic that Nomz is turning 1 today!

I remember vividly the day I visited Nomz on the third day of its opening last year, and I had a weekend brunch with some food blogger friends! Wrote a review about it that you can read here.

I attended Nomz first anniversary bloggers’ dinner a week ago and short to say, Nomz is aging gracefully, but you gotta keep on reading to know why.
The growing F&B trend at the moment has got to be "food court", or fancier described as "one stop dining destination". After Pasar Santa, Food Fighters, and Southbox, now we're welcoming the newest addition to the scene: FOOD CONTAINER, a brand new food court themed dining destination which just opened literally today in Lebak Bulus.

Getting here is quite easy, if you're pretty blind to the area, you can just google "Hotel Keraton", and Food Container is going to be beside the hotel, if you make your way via Jalan Lebak Bulus Raya, it's located before the hotel, on your left side. It's pretty eye catching and colorful, almost impossile not to notice.
Bobbahouse is a humble cafe located along the Citra 6 boulevard, a.k.a paradise for food enthusiasts, especially those living in the west! Personally for me, Citra 6 is a growing neighborhood for F&B, I can really see that area becoming PIK like in a few months, all because of the rapid growing number of cafes and restaurants. Bobbahouse was among the first to join the crowd, and they’re quite popular for their unique and delicious bubble drinks creations and their signature dessert you can’t find anywhere else (at least for now), Pannekoek. More of that later.
I don’t even know how to begin praising Tony Romas.

Most importantly, I don’t even know if I need to, simply because everyone else already did.

Even when you ask your own friends to recommend you the best ribs in Jakarta, I am confident enough to bet that the name “Tony Romas” will be on the list!
Welcoming Caribou Coffee to Indonesia! This United States origin coffeeshop brand finally made its way to our country and pretty common, the city of Jakarta is their first destination. My friend who studied in the US once told me about Caribou, not in the very detailed way but I remembered he mentioned about this brand, and I got the chance to experience it myself today as me and my friend visited to see what they had in store!
If you’re an avid fan of Menya’s Gyu Tan Don, you better read this post!

Gyu Tan Don (GTD) is certainly one of the most happening culinary trend in Jakarta at the moment, and I have noticed that restaurants (even those who are not actually Japanese) started to expand their menu by adding the item to their menu. I personally like GTD, even though I am not like crazy about it, but occassionally I would order. If you guys are not familiar with Gyu Tan Don, it’s a kind of Japanese rice dish where in Japanese itself, “Gyu” means “ox”, “Tan” means “tongue”, and “Don” is “rice bowl”, so it’s simply described as ox tounge rice bowl.


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If you’re an avid fan of Menya’s Gyu Tan Don, you better read this post! Gyu Tan Don (GTD) is certainly one of the most happening culina...
Instagram has been benefiting me in so many ways, especially in the world that I am currently living my life in, I am talking about the F&B and travelling. I have personal experiences where expanding your friendship on Instagram will help you in certain ways, and believe me I don’t mean one of those ass-kissing social climbers kind of benefit, it’s truly the positive one. You know me, I love going to new cafes and even though I am Indonesian, but my kiasu-ness is Singapore certified (LOL), one of the perks of making friends with locals is having sort of a guide showing you the best of what their city has in store, only this time is your friend.

My friend, Zippy (@zippyzipeng), told me about this very-very newly opened place called ARC at Sultan Road, and as this post is written, it's just 3 days old, so I guess this would be a good entry to share to you.
Hello from the other side! From Surabaya I mean.

They say it’s the city of heroes, but Surabaya for me, geez, such a land with so many F&B ventures to explore, and since my blogging mood is so on right now, I am writing this post just to show you guys the places that I have been visiting for the last two days here, including some of the very new ones and those I simply never skip.

Special thanks to my dear friend @jackmagnifico for showing me around everytime I am in Surabaya. You gotta follow this guy as he takes friggin’ good food pictures!


This Korean origin milk soft serve brand is now expanding its business to Indonesia and they chose Jakarta as always their first harbour of business expansion, after previously opening in countries such as South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Malaysia.
Heyho! Back from my short hiatus and my short trip to Bandung, but I am back with so many to share to you, and in this post I am going to be talking about this newly opened modern Japanese restaurant in Senopati called FUJIN!

Ok, a little background, Fujin is a new venture by the Biko group, which also owns establishments such as Pao Pao and Beer Garden. If you’ve dined in Rayjin (Seminyak) before, then I had a good feeling that you’re gonna love this, it’s basically Rayjin, translated to the Jakarta market and born Fujin.


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Heyho! Back from my short hiatus and my short trip to Bandung, but I am back with so many to share to you, and in this post I am going to ...

I can’t be happier than knowing that my friend, Natasha Ali, or she’s probably more well-known as @mingmonglie on Instagram is finally having her own physical store. The cake shop is easily noticeable, it’s located just a few shophouses away from Legend of Noodle, even more when you visit the cake shop nowadays as the array of flower-boards are still packing the store, so it should be eyecatching enough for you.
Here are some of the shots I took in Korea from my latest trip using a film camera. Lately I have been obsessed with shooting with film cameras, there’s just something so real about it, but I will talk more about it on another post. This entry is a photo gallery.

Took all the photos with Ricoh KR-5 Super and Kodak Colorplus 200

No further editing on the pictures! I hope you enjoy the pictures, this is my very first roll and I do learn from the shots! I think I did pretty good as an amateur haha!
Just had my lunch at this newly opened restaurant called Vue46 and I just can’t wait to share my experience with you, and most importantly, since my experience was a very good one, it’s still fresh on my palate.

I remember I had this conversation with a foodie friend of mine not so long ago. We were chatting about how often we ate out that it didn’t actually excite us anymore as we have sampled the very good ones to the worst ones. To be honest, I did put a little expectation towards this particular restaurant as I really wanted my palate to be elevated with something new and never had in Jakarta, or else you can just say that I need to have something rich in my mouth.
Fondue (read: von du) restaurants are rare in Jakarta, the fondue trend has never been a big thing in town.

But if you’re a fondue person, look no further than Melting Pot in Plaza Senayan, this place serves SERIOUS fondue dishes.

Finally after quite some time, Grand Hyatt officially re-launches The Residence ONFIVE for public! I attended the reopening party just earlier and here I am sharing my experience with you.
It’s funny that when I actually shared a collaged picture on my Instagram, so many of you thinks that it’s actually some kind of a buffet restaurant. Since it’s going to take me a little more effort to reply to you one by one on Instagram, let me spill it here: it’s NOT.
We came to one of my most favorite entries of each year: revealing you guys my recommendations on where to go for Christmas dinner in Jakarta this year! Time flies so fast and I literally can’t believe that I am making another Christmas post, it didn’t feel like a year after the last post! So far, 2015 has been an incredible year for me and eatandtreats. I have been running this blog more professionally, while I still want every single thing to be very personal, and I can’t thank you enough for supporting eatandtreats from the very first time, to my old readers and my new ones, I literally can’t get here and do this all without you, so I genuinely want to thank you guys very much!

I feel like hugging each and everyone of you, so here’s a virtual one for you.

What is your idea of a Christmas dinner? Spending your private time with that very special one? Spreading joy with your family? Or basically both? For me, personally, Christmas is all about joy and sharing, I love the concept of “the merrier the better”, I love those loud dinners with good food, good drink and good people. I hope that the places that I recommend here really are the good ones!

Do note that this is NOT a ranking list, nor an advertorial. I value the restaurants on this list based on how I personally see their performance with the food, the service and the ambiance. I realize that not everyone is a foodie, and I definitely understand that some of you care about the pretty place for pictures more than the food, don’t worry I got everything covered! I want to give you guys a fresh update, so these followings are the restaurants that I visited this year. I love Emilie and AMUZ, and honorable mention to them, but I haven’t got the chance to revisit them this year, but I think they are worth considering, and I choose not to include any buffet restaurants on this year’s list.
Not too long ago, Amber Jakarta launched their all-day breakfast menus! The creations range from sweet to savory, and all guaranteed to be healthy and low calories. The all-day breakfast menus are now available all day, everyday in Amber’s Senopati outlet in South Jakarta.

Did a full review of Amber on a separated post, click HERE to read the post.

Pic courtesy of Lingered Upon

We live in the moment where our social life revolves around Instagram, and being a blogger and influencer myself, my social life revolves around people who would do anything for Instagram likes and recognition. I am actually probably the little ones who are more chill with all these Instagram things. I just post what I like and see, not exactly “creating” a picture or a scene.
My latest Korea trip was the first time that I actually travelled with mom alone, when we usually travel together as a whole. Must be honest here, I did have one of those skeptical pre-travel thoughts about travelling with mom like: “will she be any fun to travel with?”, “will be she moody and act complicated all the time?” to the more selfish ones like “will she be able to take good pictures of me?” HAHAHA OMG I am such a bad kid just by having the thoughts, but hey I am being completely honest here!

I acknowledge that dessert is currently THE BIGGEST F&B trend in town, the numbers keep on growing, so does the interest, It’s awesome that they always have that special place in our heart.

Those times when I visited a certain restaurant, taste their food and felt like certain restaurants deserve more traffic, and that’s the case with this particular restaurant that I am reviewing: PIK Seafood at Elang Laut Pantai Indah Kapuk.

Seriously, this is one of the most underrated restaurants in Jakarta! Must admit I was just a little skeptical when I first entered the restaurant as it was empty and me and my brother were the only two guests. We wanted to fulfil our major craving for good crabs so here we were having our own crab party. I’ve personally heard a friend of mine praising the crabs here so I guess it should worth a damn try.
Getting here was rather easy, it’s actually located just across the street of the cute Itadakimasu, just notice a big “PIK Seafood” signage and logo (picture below) and you’re on the right spot. The interior and ambiance of the restaurant was very simple and yet pretty proper for a crab specialist restaurant. The only downside about the restaurant was the horribly designed menu, they should really changed the entire book menu as the fact is, the food looked waaaay better in real presentation than in pictures.
My favorite bakery and patisserie, Sophie Authentique is finally spreading the wing of their business to Senopati! They’re located at the busy Jalan Cikajang street to be exact.

LINE is an amazing brand and establishment, what started out as a chatting and messenger platform can now really expand its brand into something that’s probably unexpectable by themselves at the first place, all thanks to their unbelievably cute characters. If you’re an avid LINE user, I bet Brown, Cony, Moon and Sally are some of the familiar names for you.

Garosu-gil is my favorite district in Seoul, and I believe, for all fashion enthusiasts and cafe-hoppers! While district like Hongdae, Myeongdong and Dongdaemun offer the more affordable fashion options, Garosu-gil offers posher selections and cafes that will treat your eyes and tummies! The district is known for its “tree-lined street”, and that’s actually, literally what the word “Garosu-gil” means. I am going to talk about Garosu-gil and more Seoul districts more specifically on separate posts, what I am trying to say now is that the cute LINE Friends Cafe and Store is located here in this district!

Getting here was pretty easy, tho it depends where you started. The easiest is definitely via taxi, but if you’re taking the subway, hop off at Sinsa station exit 8, and Garosu-gil is just like 5 minutes walking distance. The LINE Friends Cafe and Store will be on the left side of the street.
I was greeted by this long queue outside the store, I really thought that I needed to be on waiting list just to get in (and I usually “pass”), and as I got closer, turned out the queue was for this GINORMOUS brown doll where people, even non-visitors, are allowed to come and snap one or two pics with Brown.
I might have this weird obsession towards a character, but it’s not just a freaking character, it’s BROWN! #defensive
Must admit I didn’t buy anything from the store, but I know most of you would also take advantage of this open store just for pictures! Admit! I mean the items were very cute (and slightly overpriced) but I just didn’t need one!

The LINE cafe was located downstairs, alongside the extention of the LINE store. The cafe was not spacious, more like petite-medium with some chairs, table and a communal seating. You could check out the pastries at their glass display table! Had their mouthwatering looking Chocolate Cupcake with Chocolate Cream (KRW4800), Two Macarons (KRW 6000), their XL Iced Latte (KRW 5200), Two ice creams (KRW 7600).

The store somehow felt like a playground!

Cakes and pastries!

Pretty much what I ordered:
The macarons were uber duper cute, especially the Brown one #teambrown, each macarons are sold for KRW 3000 (IDR 39k) each, not cheap, but flavor wise, acceptable.
The cupcake (KRW 4800/IDR 62,5k) was quite dry, but the cream certainly came to the rescue, the XL iced latte was just ginormous! I couldn’t even finish it even after carrying it around, the ice cream was quite enjoyable even though it was a tad milky for my liking, it’s not those creamy textured soft serve, theirs had this icy texture to it.
Ice cream – KRW 3800 (IDR 49,4k - cup/cone)

XL Iced Latte – KRW 5200 (IDR 67,6k)
I shared everything with mom and spent around KRW 23000 or IDR 300k #WhileInKorea

To be completely honest, their cakes and pastries were not out of the world special. They’re mostly just cute, but the thing is, I felt this big urge to come and visit, it’s like my trip won’t be complete without it, well at least as a Seoul first timer, but I can see myself coming back! :)
Thank you for reading!

LINE Friends Cafe and Store
Gyeonggi-do, Seongnam-si 분당구 판교역로146번길 20
+82 31 5170 1563
Opening Hours: 10:30 AM
Average spending for two: KRW 7000
Dresscode: casual


Map for Line Friends Cafe and Store