Last Saturday I attended one of the most memorable, important and yet exciting event held by Indonesian Foodblogger. Since I'm new in this industry, I'm one of their newest members and I'm glad to be a part of Indonesian Foodblogger group and obviously glad for the existence of Indonesian Foodblogger because I realize that certain people are paying attention to food bloggers and actually respect the existence of us and personally, me. Thanks for inviting me to the event. *wipe tears*

Isn't it nice to meet new friends and meet potential future co-workers? I am!

Initially, the event included a cooking class held in cooperation with the awesome Ten Ten Tempura House in Plaza Indonesia (also the venue of the food blogger gathering). I kinda slipped on reading the DM sent to me, I thought it started on 12 PM, but the it actually started on 10AM-12PM and I realized it the night before. I kinda upset for not making it to the cooking class since I had meeting with an advertiser of this blog at 10 AM at another place, and I can only make it to the lunch part, but that's okay, at least I still showed up and still on a mission to make you guys hungry, still managed to capture mouthwatering pictures guaranteed to make you to experience your foodgasm in a great way :D.

I got to meet a lot of new friends, some of them I knew from social networking (read; Twitter) before we actually met face to face, some I already met at previous food tasting gathering and I'm honestly hoping to meet them again and get to know each other more in the future.

Ten Ten Restaurant has just released its newest ventures and creations starting from salad, small bites, ala cartes, main courses, beverages and desserts and those additionals add up to 164 menus to choose from to fulfil your cravings for superb japanese culinary!!! They have large selections of Tendon (rice bowl with various tempura topping served with miso soup) and Donburi and they're all delicious! I'm going to take you there in a while, so hold on to your seatbelts.

We're given this form of what we'd like to order and I came with my selections of food for the lunch, I hope you love it and tempted enough.

Special thanks for Ten Ten Tempura House for these delicious food I'm going to post:
Tempura Crispy Fried Chicken with sesame and garnished with seaweed.
How do you spell delicious?
T-E-N-D-A-R-A  F-R-O-M  T-E-N-T-E-N!
Hands down to this gorgeous meal I had for lunch that day. It's on a proper portion, great for lunch and what makes it better is the fact that I'm also being served with delicious desserts (going to tell you more about that later).

As you can see, the tempura is cooked so well that it's very crunchy! Wondering why is that? It's because Ten Ten Restaurant serves you tempuras that are cooked in a special way with a special fryer machine so you're going to have delicious and consistent tasting tempuras! Applause for the consistency!

Sliced beef with mushrooms and Ten Ten special spicy sauce.

Sorry for spamming the usage of the word "DELICIOUS" but again, this food is so delicious it's sinful! I love how they managed to cook the beef.. so tender, yummy and I also love love love Enoki Mushroom (my favorite) and I need to tell you this: they use very delicious rice, you won't find common rice you find in most restaurants, I'm not sure if they're using japanese rice or they cook it japanese way, but the rice is very moist, semi-sticky textured and the rice works so well with the filling (meat) and the sauce. I recommend this one for you if you prefer beef over chicken.

Ten Ten Restaurant also adds up new variants for their dessert menu and I am fortunate enough for being able to taste two of their tempting desserts! Here they are...
My lunch got even more wonderful because it was companied with uber delicious desserts presented by Ten Ten Plaza Indonesia:

Foret Noire is the french of "Black Forest", I have eaten a lot of different Foret Noire and they all look like common black forest, but this one is certainly not your average, I was kinda shocked when they told me this was foret noir because it doesn't look like one and it's certainly different: it's a very light creme dessert with very rich chocolate texture and most of all, I LOVE THIS! There is simply a happiness you can find in a cup.

Zoom in to capture the delightful chocolate cream texture, I'm having a weird situation right now, looking at the pictures I took myself and going hungry now.

Trust me, I am not a big fan of cheese ever since I was a little kid, it's just sometimes the very heavy cheese smell and taste makes me feel noxious, but this time, I tried to fight my weakness and actually gain a gut to try this dessert.

If you are not fond of the cheese flavor, I highly recommend this one, the cheese flavor was not very strong, but yet it's creamy but it's more like vanilla cream, and I love the idea of using the cookies and its crumble, I highly respect the different contrast of textures on a dish. Textures are essential.

Thank God for desserts as they are the reasons to keep being happy in this life.

If you're looking for a place to have a gorgeous japanese cuisine whether it's for lunch or dinner, look no further than Ten Ten Plaza Indonesia!

This entry is not over yet, I haven't done giving you great news!!!

Happy news for CITIBANK card holders:
Ten Ten is giving you complimentaries of
BUY 2 GET 3 for main courses
(for both Debit and Credit Card holders, until May 19th 2013)

High Tea at Ten Ten Restaurant
1 DESSERT + 1 BEVERAGE for only IDR 42.000
(Valid on Monday-Friday, 2 - 5 PM!)

FOR PARENTS WHO LOVE THEIR KIDS (I know all parents must do)
and for that, take them to Ten Ten restaurant and enjoy...
Ten Ten Kids Meal for IDR 38.000
Meal should be fun for your kids and you!

Follow their Twitter or like their Facebook page for more updates

Ten Ten Tempura House
Plaza Indonesia
Basement Level, unit 16-17

Coffee will always own a special place in my heart and that's why I always love spending time finding the greatest coffee shops around Indonesia (especially: Jakarta) that come along with my standards.

A few days ago I went to this fresh coffee house in Pantai Indah Kapuk and I think I just fall in love again.

Say hi to COFFEEBAR Pantai Indah Kapuk
This place is located at the Rukan Crown Golf area, that will make it easier to be found because it's located at the same area as Ikkudo Ichi and Carnivor BBQ Specialist. It is not slightly eye catching but I love how they designed the coffee house to be very minimalist, but in the same time that's how a modern coffee shop should look like according to me.

Here are some photos to describe why I love this coffee house.

I would most likely not saying that I love something if I don't love the main star, in this case: THE COFFEE itself.

In my opinion, I think Coffeebar offers you selection of great coffees starting from the classic to their signature variation.

Iced Caramel Macchiato
IDR 32.000 (before tax)

Taste? Strong. I think this is a different way to have Iced Caramel Macchiato. If you're used to the brand 'x' which is so popular for its Caramel Macchiato, you'll find this stronger but maybe you'll end up loving or disliking it more, I see myself having no problem. I love coffees, what to say?? :). The caramel sauce and syrup they're using is also gorgeous. My judgement's based on how I taste the coffee's element one by one, let's just call it my habit, and I bet some of you also do the same thing instead of mixing everything together ;).

Iced Cappuccino
IDR 28.000

Decent. Enough said. Anyway the presentation is not common, I love their colors, sometimes you have your cappuccino already mixed when it's being served to you and this one is 'natural beauty' LOL.

Also a coffee lover? Go here, feel the vibe and let yourself and soul blend here. What the heck I'm getting overrated right now. kthxbai!

PS: I am writing this post right here, I am here again. 

Coffeebar Pantai Indah Kapuk
Rukan Crown Golf Mediterania Blok D No. 15-16
Jalan Marina Indah Golf
Jakarta Utara

I'm going to make a review about one of the hippest bubble drink brand in J-town right now, say hi to Calais Tea (if you haven't heard of it). Like most of you can recall, I am a huge and loyal fan of bubble drinks and I've tried most of the bubble drinks, sometimes I imagine how many bubbles have I consumed. Aside from all the negatives I watched and heard from the news, most of the times I'm still craving for these boba drinks.

It's like going to the mall and when you realize you didn't buy bubble drinks, it's something you're gonna regret. Bubble drinks certainly make me happy!!!

Calais Tea already has 4 outlets in Jakarta (Mall Taman Anggrek, Central Park, Kuningan City, Mall Kelapa Gading) and overall 12 outlets all over Indonesia. The outlet I'm going to be reviewing to you all right now is the outlet in Mall Taman Anggrek.

First of all, the outlet itself is very eyecatching because it is very colorful and you'll find paintings all over the outlet's wall, and of course the brand itself is very famous for its signature mustache logo like the picture I gave you above and here...

Order of the day:
Rose Milk Tea with original bubble (RECOMMENDED)
IDR 27000 - large cup

I love how they managed to write very good quotes at the back of the cup
and FYI, they are all handwritten!!! Hardwork: check.

Taro Milk Tea with Egg Pudding
IDR 27000 - large cup
again with the nicely written quote :).

Calais Tea outlet in MTA is very tiny and petite. I think it will only fit 15 people maximum, but that's okay since some people prefer to take away their beverages.

Ending this post with a photo of lavender flowers, just because you guys are beautiful.
Calais Tea
Mall Taman Anggrek 3rd fl.

Cupcakes...macaroons...who doesn't love these two things? Well some of you might not but I am such a sweet tooth, I love sweet stuffs!!!

Most of them are pretty but unfortunately watching the news on television makes me feel so irritated everytime there's an investigation on the usage of textile coloring for the cakes.

I started to lose humanity...

but not long, this new cake shop showed up!

Let me introduce you guys to...

by Lalita Setiandi

Thank you for bringing my faith in humanity back!!!

Why do I love her cakes?

- No textile coloring
- Moist cakes, lovely creams
- A lot of variants to choose from
- Made with love.

Lita The Sweet Tooth offers you guys tons of variants to choose from and one great thing is that SHE KEEPS ON EXPERIMENTING with the variants so you will have more to choose and each period will be different.

Period? What do you mean period?

Yes she opens the order on occasions, don't you just feel special and limited? Another thing about limited edition is the fact that each season she'll come with new variants and to keep everything fair enough, each season will not always feature the variant offered on the previous season (another reason to feel evilish special), that's why you should follow her twitter @LITATIAN and instagram LALITATIAN to keep updated.

Let me tell you more about Lita The Sweet Tooth along with the mouthwatering pictures <3. Here are some products that I got to taste myself...


One of the moistest red velvet cupcakes I've ever tried in my life! Don't you just sick of these cheap-tasting cupcakes and most of them only look pretty outside. I want great tasting cakes!! sometimes I prefer ugly looking cakes but tastes friggin great instead of the pretty looking one, reminds me a lot about wolves with sheep fur.

But see??? Her cupcakes look so pretty outside as well as in your mouth. Don't you trust me? :P.

She uses prime cream cheese and definitely NO TEXTILE COLORING!

Slice the cupcake so you can see how moist the cake is.



She offers a lot of variants to choose from... I got to taste her awesome cookies and cream macaroons and baileys whiskey macaroons! And when I say awesome, I meant it!!!


Do not judge me by saying all the great things about her just because I posted her advertorial on my blog, it's simply because it's the fact! I bet you rarely find macaroons that literally melts..moments after you put it in your mouth, and in this case: her macaroons do!!!

Macaroons are one of the reasons to keep being happy in life! 

Here are some photos I managed to "steal" from her Instagram to give you a look of what Lita The Sweet Tooth is offering you guys this period! She's having new variants for the macaroons! (for more you can visit her Instagram)
Photo courtesy of Lalita Setiandi ->

Congratulation guys, this one is available!



For the cupcakes: Red Velvet Cupcakes, Nutella Cupcakes, Baileys Cupcakes, Vanilla Cupcakes and mooorrreee!

Look! Even my cousin love her cupcakes!

Dear eatandtreats readers, I have special offer for you!!!
Mention "eatandtreats" on your order and you'll get
25% OFF!
Limited for the first 5 costumers for the next two weeks (since this post release)

Contact her:
0812-940-51134 (text only - available for Whatsapp!)



Lita The Sweet Tooth

by on 23.12.00
Advertorial Cupcakes...macaroons...who doesn't love these two things? Well some of you might not but I am such a sweet tooth, I love...
Special thanks for Illy Coffee Co. for this sponsored post!!!

First things first, let me give you a link to where it STARTS. From the event, they gave me a goodie bag filled with tons of happiness, and happiness is simply a road to coffee and one of them is a voucher to sip your favorite coffee of course with latte art at Espressamente Illy Plaza Senayan!

Anddddd....since I am currently doing internship at Palmerah Selatan which is close to Plaza Senayan, I'm goooooddd!

Espressamente Illy Coffee Shop in Plaza Senayan is not slightly very big but it's comfortable enough to have your afternoon coffee break alone or with your loved ones. There's something about how the way Plaza Senayan organized the stores to be semi-outdoor that I love.

The cutest Latte Art ever!
I don't know if I should be happy or offended that they give me this latte art. Is it because I'm fat like a pig?

And especially for you <3.
Have a great day!