This post will be the continuation/longer post of the my VSCOCam editing tutorial, I feel like I need to make an update simply because I really want to share you guys how I’ve been editing my Instagram pictures lately, well to be honest, generally I still stick to my own personal style, only I tweak the editing here and there, aside the fact how this matter has become one of the frequently asked questions on my social media channels!

Anyway, yesterday was the NATIONAL BLOGGERS DAY!!! So to all Indonesian bloggers, cheers to every single one of you! I hope this post can also inspire you guys.

Please note that just because I write this post and share a tutorial for you, doesn’t mean that my style is the best among all, no such thing as THE BEST style, nor such thing as THE BEST blogger. Another purpose of me writing this post is to help those who’ve been constantly asking me to do a tutorial.
I am a food blogger, but that doesn’t necessarily means I know every single dining place in the whole universe, I still have so much to learn and discover, so why not discover together?!

I went to Australia last year and made a visit to Tasmania for a few days, as I was strolling the city of Hobart, I saw one vintage looking Hogs Breath outlet somewhere along the way, and that was actually the first time that I found out that Hogs Breath was actually originated from Australia, I mean I saw this restaurant in Central Park before the Australia trip, but never actually knew that it’s actually from Australia!
I am honestly very happy to see Creamy Comfort is now expanding its business to a physical cafe, when I first stepped inside the cafe, it was like a fantasy with a touch of surreal yet mostly filled with excitement, not because of the design, but more to the fact that it is a cafe, a freaking physical cafe.

I tried this new creation by PHD just yesterday and I’m beyond excited to write and share so here I am doing!

PHD, the pizza company specializing on the fast and reliable delivery service established in 2007 just released their newest creation, targeted to burger and pizza lovers who constantly have dilemmas deciding in between! For those who’ve seen the teaser on my Instagram, you probably know that I am referring the new #DUOMANTAP REAL CHEESEBURGER PIZZA BY PHD!

This month, emm especially this week is such a fun week for F&B! So many new places are opening in the middle of this bullshit economy, and I am glad that I am back on track with the flow! I notice that the past few months I have been very concentrated on works and long term projects that I couldn’t really keep up with the scene! This month I have been visiting these new places more often and of course, I am happy that I am writing and sharing to you all! It’s always fun to write something, even though sometimes you’re very tired (actually like right now I am so sick and typing this post laying down on my bed) but when you are actually writing, you can’t stop.
Today marks the soft-opening of the Legend of Noodle in Pantai Indah Kapuk! Yes you Northies might not need to take the trip down to Senopati just to have their famous Jjajangmyeon.

Their outlet is located at the new clusters area right after you make a right turn from Burger King, you’re going to see this huge “Legend of Noodle” sign, especially during the night as it will shine.
It was packed for dinner time and I came with my beloved foodie friends to experience this new place and what they had in store. We were on the waiting list, but it didn’t take long for us to be escorted to our tables on the second floor, yes they have two stories here, the whole building could accomodate more people than the original branch in Senopati.

Here’s something I want to tell you guys, a short story.

So I was really bursting and wanted to go to the toilet, then after finishing and went back outside (we were still on the waiting list), I took a peek to their live kitchen and saw how they made the jjangmyun. I immediately told my friend, Natasha that I already had a bad feeling about this dinner, the jjangmyeon just looked sad and pale, it might sound very crazy to explain and I know I told you so many times that you shouldn’t judge something based on how it looks, but in certain cases you just have this sort of faith because you’re so used to have it on that default serving, and you know you'll end up believing your instinct.

There were only 8 available menus and they were printed on this paper table mat, but they will add in more options by time. I was sad to find out that their Haemul Sujaebi and Naengmyeon was not ready since I was craving for something soupy. The 8 available menus are Haemul Jjampong (IDR 80k – spicy noodle soup with seafood), Jjajangmyeon (IDR 55k – steamed noodle with blackbean paste and vegetables), Bokem Jjampong (IDR 150k – spicy noodle with seafood), Wang Don Katsu (IDR 70k – breaded pork cutlet with their special homemade sauce, jjampong soup and salad), Tangsuyuk (IDR 160k – fried pork/chicken served with sweet & sour sauce), Sichuan Tangsuyuk (IDR 170k – fried pork/chicken served with Sichuan style spicy sauce), Kanpunggi (IDR 250k – boneless fried chicken glazed in sweet garlic sauce), and Kanpung Saeu (IDR 250k – deep fried breaded shrimp glazed in sweet & spicy sauce).

We ordered three dishes to share: Tangsuyuk, Jjajangmyeon and Bokem Jjampong, and unfortunately none was impressive. My instinct was very right and we were utterly disappointed with the Jjajangmyeon as it was very different with the one in Senopati. The dish seemed like it was lacking sauce while the Senopati one was very generous and “black”, the noodle was just slightly overcooked, and I remember the one in Senopati had this generous pork chunks given and it’s almost none here, I don’t know if they apply different policy here as when I looked at their menu, there wasn’t any description on the menu about the pork chunks, but honestly man when you skip the pork chunks you know you’re going to disappoint a lot of people LOL.

Tangsuyuk – IDR 160k
Their Tangsuyuk was heavy on the batter but little on the meat and for me personally, I expected the sauce to really live up the flavor, but turns out the sauce was just mild, lacking that extra kick and sweet-sour characteristic, and for IDR 160k, it’s really not worth it.

Bokem Jjampong – IDR 160k

Their Bokem Jjampong was too spicy for my liking it burnt a little! The spiciness really overpowered the savory and tasty flavor, overall just made this dish to be underseasoned. We did add in a lotta soysauce to this dish to live up the flavor, however, I gotta give it to them for the generous seafood tho, although they REALLY need to pay attention to the clams as they forgot to clean the “hair”, don’t expect any picture!

Jjajangmyeon – IDR 55k
Just when you think the sauce was generous enough, you might probably haven’t been to the one in Senopati, actually the seasoning was quite okay, it’s just that the amount of thick black bean sauce will cover the whole noodle with sauce, and that should be the main idea!

I have been to many restaurants during their soft-opening, so I wasn’t expecting a service that’s out of the world good. They seemed like they were not really ready and needed to do better time management among the kitchen staffs and the waiters. The orders didn’t took us very long, but those small requests such as bowls, spoons and ice-cubes came on the third call, honestly, they came so late that we finished all the food already as we were very hungry.

I was left unsatisfied with my dinner, but again, it’s the soft-opening days, and to make the review fair, I need to make second or third visit to Legend of Noodle PIK, and normally that would take me 2-3 months from now. Price wise, it’s just slightly more expensive here, probably just 10-20k more expensive. Update will be posted, thank you for reading.

Legend of Noodle PIK
Jalan Raya Pantai Indah Kapuk

Dresscode: casual
Average spending for two: IDR 250k
Wifi: Yes

I have never been a big fan of udon, it’s just that I don’t really like thick and slimy type of noodle, but luckily, I AM a big soup person!

When Marugame first came to the scene, I started to appreciate udon more, exactly that kind of feeling when you finally found a good and humble place to have udon in town (tbh I never really looked out for ramen but since the hype of Marugame was pretty big at that time). Last week, I went to have lunch with my brother at the newly opened Tamoya Udon in Emporium, and boy I am now a freaking convert, by convert I mean my interest towards udon and Tamoya is now my favorite place to have udon at the moment.


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I have never been a big fan of udon, it’s just that I don’t really like thick and slimy type of noodle, but luckily, I AM a big soup perso...
I believe most of us grew up with Frisian Flag. It’s hard to deny their important existence in our life even before we barely spoke a word.

I grew up in a family who LOVES to cook and bake and lucky for my parents, their products are just so versatile that you can use it for almost... everything. Either you make it as a part of the baking ingredient, as the topping on your favorite dessert, or have it mixed with hot water to make it hot chocolate, or simply having it just like that.
All my life, I feel like it’s totally okay and normal for you to update on your relationship. Comparing to 2012, I am a completely changed person. There’s this story circa 2012 that would take at least 5 entries to write, but I choose to bury everything deep and take it as a lesson.

Why do I feel like it’s normal? Because I believe I am not the only one doing it.

I am the type of person who doesn’t label people easily, because I just don’t feel like I need one and I believe people change, including myself.

To be honest, I don’t even know who my “best friend” is at the moment. The top three on my list are always God, family and that one very good friend, even when I am fighting with my family, that one very good friend could be number two, and when I am fighting with both of them, then I still have one God who listens to all my problems.

No it’s not going to be that religious post, but this is the truth, you don’t always need anybody to tell you that you’re okay. Honey, YOU are the reason why you’re doing okay and you’re not. Life is about how you take it and make it.

It’s Wednesday and I don’t know why I am highly outraged and stressed this week with works and maintaining some relationships. I have major trust issues towards certain people at the moment.

Back to when I say I don’t know who my “best friend” is at the moment, because seriously I feel very left out at the moment, that I am eventually feel very tired to keep up with them so if they need me they can just come to me, and if they don’t then it’s okay, but the thing is, I AM STOPPING myself from keeping up with them because I do feel like a stupid little puppy begging for attention and it’s super pathetic.

...and I am feeling very tired because I just am. I have other priorities to take care.

Your life is not based on people’s POV about you, it’s always about you, and trust me I’ve been through so much to even have the gut to say this. Love yourself, that’s the most important thing.

Nothing pisses off people more than your success! So shine bright bitches, just like diamonds!

PS: I know my blog is called eatandtreats, but seriously eat this post and treat your soul well.



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All my life, I feel like it’s totally okay and normal for you to update on your relationship. Comparing to 2012, I am a completely changed p...

My visit to Dubai left impressions that were totally unforgettable, well, a classic for a first timer! It’s undoubtedly one of the cleanest and tidiest cities I’ve ever seen as well as the hottest (literally). Four days is a short time for travelling in my standard, but my latest trip to the most populous city in the UAE was eye-opening and surprising in a way. If you haven’t been to Dubai before, I hope this feature can be this little guide of knowledge before you actually going, but for those who have been, let’s take this as something to bring back the memories: