I tried this new creation by PHD just yesterday and I’m beyond excited to write and share so here I am doing!

PHD, the pizza company specializing on the fast and reliable delivery service established in 2007 just released their newest creation, targeted to burger and pizza lovers who constantly have dilemmas deciding in between! For those who’ve seen the teaser on my Instagram, you probably know that I am referring the new #DUOMANTAP REAL CHEESEBURGER PIZZA BY PHD!

One of the most frequently asked questions about PHD is whether it’s actually the same as Pizza Hut? Technically it’s managed under the same company, but PHD and Pizza Hut is not the same (I did confirm to the rep), from the service itself, Pizza Hut is a seated dining restaurant while PHD focuses more to the delivery service and take aways.

Talking about their delivery service, I mentioned they are “fast and reliable”, and that’s not without reason, not only that they guaranteed the pizza to be delievered to you within 30 minutes, and if they fail, they’ll give you free pizza voucher that you can redeem on your next order! So now how many of you wishes that they would fail the 30 mins delivery? LOL just kidding!

The Cheeseburger Pizza is available in two retail sizes: regular and jumbo, and also a personal set! I tried the regular size for IDR 84k and it’s big enough and sharable with three of your loved ones (talk about hashtag #serubareng)! If you’ve seen their ad for this menu, what you’ll get is simply what you saw or expected, when I opened the pizza box, it smelt so damn good and looked so damn appetizing!

Well hello! Si penyelamat kelaparan!
One of the most awesome yet hyperbolic comment I received for this picture was that it looked even better than their ad picture!

I mean LOOK AT THAT TREAT! Soft yet firm pizza base and crust with generous real premium beef patty on the sides and topped with real cheddar cheese slices! The beef patty was just perfectly cooked and seasoned, and just so meaty with a hint of smokey flavor! As usual, the cheddar cheese gives a little additional salty flavor to the meat!

I treated the pizza just like how a fabulous burger and pizza cross should be treated, I can fold it and play around with it, and not to mention since there are quite a few ingredients on the pizza (mayonaisse, cheese, beef patty, meats), when you actually fold the pizza to this burger-like shape and have it in a big bite, there’s this beautiful burst of flavor, yot got the combination of savory from the meat, salty from the cheese and slightly sweet from the mayo!

Another interesting new menu from PHD worth noticing: MEAT PUFF! It’s this unique and interesting combination of their famous puff dough (if you’ve had their puff pastry mushroom cream soup, that’s it!) and the premium beef patty! It’s a simple dish, yet if you have some that could be quite fulfilling. I love the unique combination of the tender and juicy beef patty with the moister puff pastry base that’s somehow flaky yet buttery.

Personal set, completed with two meat puffs!

As easy as ABC, dial 1500-600 to order these treats! It’s perfect to be consumed with friends or families, or let’s say you’re stuck working over time in your office, or simply too lazy to go out for lunch, 30 minutes guaranteed to be delivered in front of your door or else, a pizza voucher for you!

Just in case you want to post this on your Instagram, here are some of their official hashtags: #DuoMantap #SeruBareng and #CheeseburgerPizza, and follow their Instagram for more details @PHD_1500600

PS: quickly took the pics on the PHD outlet in Kemang because I wanted to show you how the pizza when it's freshly made, the cheddar cheese would melt by time when it sit on the warm beef patty J



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