Been to Mujigae a couple of times but since it’s the first time that I did a proper photo taking and actually pay attention to the menus, here I am doing a review. I guess better late than never ait? #defensive

Truthfully speaking, the Korean wave is not at its peak comparing to the few years before, but I don’t think it’s ending anytime soon and that has impacted our culture in (for me) delicious way, one of it is the existence of Mujigae! I guess if you’re really into Korean or specifically, Korean food enthusiast, then I am pretty sure that at least you’ve been here once before.
If you guys follow me on Instagram, you must notice that I just came back from my Bandung trip, it’s actually a media trip held by Hilton Bandung, and I went with some bloggers and media that I actually am friends with! Sometimes when it’s a short trip, it’s just nice to travel with the people you know, so you don’t waste your time getting to know people that might not leave the best impressions. In the mood to write so I guess I’ll write a little part of my experience and save the rest for the upcoming posts.
It’s like forever since the last time I write an article about Indonesian restaurant and here I am doing one. As an avid fan of duck, it’s actually not very hard to find decent ducks in Jakarta as I rarely find bad ones here and one of them is this AMAZING duck restaurant that I went to few weeks back called Bebek Malio Tebet.
If there's an award for the tardiest food blogger then I'm going to win it! I visited Singapore back in January but I haven't blogged even half of my trip there T__T, the thing is, I travel each and every month and the events in Jakarta are literally each and every week plus advertorial posts in order to keep this blog alive, plus lack of diligence plus whatever...
Went to Spumante earlier today after noticing it from Ivy’s blog. Spumante is this newly opened restaurant located in Menteng and exactly beside Anomali coffee shop and not too far from Bunga Rampai.

I was quite impressed already by how they designed exterior, but not so much on the signage, I found that a little too small comparing to the ratio of the building, and God I hope that’s not the final execution. You’ll be greeted by monochrome color (from the window and wall) and the green colored door, but as once I stepped inside, I was even more impressed.


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Went to Spumante earlier today after noticing it from Ivy’s blog . Spumante is this newly opened restaurant located in Menteng and exactly...
I’ve mentioned so many times how kiasu I can be whenever there are new places opening and I am proud enough to admit that I am one, but Puri - the neighborhood in West Jakarta - is an exception, has never been my favorite area and I tend to be a little careless whenever there are new places opening in Puri, actually the reasons are pretty personal, and when I think about it again and again they’re quite silly. First, it’s kind of far from where I live, but then I realize I would be very happy to drive all the way to Kemang, where in distance comparison, actually further than Puri (I live in West FYI), but the thing that irks me the most, is the fact that Puri’s actually located halfway to my college. For some reasons, I NEVER really like my college moments, my college was like the darkest moments in my life, and in a way, the moments that taught me to keep my head up and freaking face the life, and I have to thank the past as it creates who I am at the moment, the personality that I am VERY VERY GRATEFUL for, almost like a newborn! I think I’m going to need one single post to tell you everything and maybe some time in the future.
Instead of #AkhirnyaAdaDiSerpong, my case was pretty much #AkhirnyaGueKesini!

Been wanting to visit Turning Point for quite sometime, well, I am a coffee liker, I wouldn’t say I am in the state where I am worthy to be called “enthusiast” (probably in the previous posts I’ve mentioned it) because I don’t have that deep knowledge about coffee (just some basics like balance and acidity), but I like having coffee.


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Instead of #AkhirnyaAdaDiSerpong, my case was pretty much #AkhirnyaGueKesini! Been wanting to visit Turning Point for quite sometime, we...
This will be a short review about this newly opened Japanese restaurant in Pantai Indah Kapuk named Mottomoo. I wasn’t exactly in the mood to take a lot of pictures as I went here right after I landed on the airport from Bangkok (more stories about Bangkok coming very soon!).
Not much to say but a lot to be grateful about! Totally one of the most astonishing moments among my blogging adventure! Thank you God for this amazing chance and cheers to many more good things to come <3. AMEN!

Special thanks for Hell's Kitchen Indonesia! The taping was really fun <3.

First of all, the first few paragraphs is my thought, not exactly about this particular restaurant.

I’ve always loved eating, I think you guys know about it.

I love exploring new places, I think you guys clearly know about it, and how kiasu I can be whenever there are new places opening, but lately I’ve been thinking and wondering if I am really enjoying the scene. I know I am happy wandering around Jakarta and eat, but lately I don’t know if me, personally really entertained with all those glamorous new restaurants opening and what they have to offer, because frankly speaking, I am quite hard to be impressed but when I do, I will rave so much about it.
Three weeks away from Jakarta and the F&B scene is going crazy rapid! My radar noticed six new restaurants opening that I haven't visited. You know I've mentioned so many times how I love visiting new places, but it's an exception when it comes to travelling, OMG I obviously prefer travelling and breathe that different air, I don't know why but I feel pretty stressed with all the works in town, I really need to change how I see about the city or else I'll be very bored and lost interest about it, it feels like this city is my favorite "eating" and "working" site, and not more than that, but hey, positively thinking, the "eating" part is not bad :""").

If you've been to Singapore and happened to see quite a long queue at this particular restaurant but haven't got the chance to try it, well, rest assure as NamNam Noodle Bar, the Vietnamese restaurant brand made famous in Singapore is now in Jakarta. It's such a smart move to place itself at the growing and posh PIK area and located strategically next to SumoBoo! I attended their grand opening last week and here I am covering it for you my dearest readers.
Pretty isn’t it?

Doesn’t it bother you that you can’t have this simply because you have “Dentin Hypersensitivity”? As you guys probably know, Dentin Hypersensitivity or more widely known as “sensitive teeth” is currently one of the most common dental problems, so when you have something cold like ice or ice dream desserts, you’re most likely to experience that short sharp pain like “zzzzz” or “ngingiiiiiing” and that’s obviously not the most pleasant isn’t it?
Ola my dearest most lovable readers, yes I am talking to you!

I have been constantly travelling for the past three weeks and I am sorry not sorry for kind of abandoning this blog for a while. I always bring my laptop wherever I go, but most of the times, when the night comes, the tireness strikes and all you want to do is just to take a quick shower and go straight to bed...and on repeat along the trip.
BOARD BOARD BOARDDD!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know why lately I’ve been petty lazy with the same old borin topics I just wanna lay in my bad...NO!

Since I a.m. quite bored with the restaurant review posts, I want to make some fun radnom posts for eatandtreats readers! This won’t be a regular weakly post but I am filling like one right now. So many thinks and foot worth writing about but since this is Monday, I am going to the mall to show you sum of the interesting staff that Ive been through  some time ago!
Lest start with THE MSOT EXCITING TIME OF THE YEAR happening last month: No, not Valentine, it’s CHINESE LUNAR NEW YEAR!


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BOARD BOARD BOARDDD!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know why lately I’ve been petty lazy with the same old borin topics I just wanna lay in my bad...NO! ...
I was the most ignorant person when it comes to cooking and stuff, don’t misunderstood me, I’ve always loved food and my love for food was the reason I started this blog. At my early days of blogging, all I knew was “delicious” or “not-so-delicious”, I didn’t have any clue about the name of the ingredients or the way to cook certain food, but along the way, I found that important and indeed experience is THE BEST teacher! I managed to develop a better knowledge for ingredients, food, process and eventually a more advanced palate.

I personally think it’s neccesary (especially when you love food) to have that knowledge for ingredients and all that cooking matters. Hey! A little knowledge wouldn’t hurt anyone ;).

If you’ve been following this blog, I think you knew that lately I’ve been addicted to baking and sharing with you guys the recipes! I must say you’re quite familiar with this?

Shared this recipe a while ago, in case you haven’t read it, it’s HERE.

As fortunate as I can be, I also have the best companion when it comes to cooking: MOM.
My mom is the greatest home cook I think I’ve ever personally known. I’d say so because she’s not only cooking with recipes, but more so because those recipes are in her and she’s been cooking with her heart for the family. The strongest reason to it is because her cookings ALWAYS make me miss home whenever I’m travelling.

Oh, I also cooked with her for this year’s CNY! My family has this tradition where all of the family members have to eat together at home on the Chinese New Year’s eve.

In some cases, home cook food are the best, aren’t they?

Even though I like cooking, I actually prefer those with simple cooking methods and less utensils needed (so less cleaning is needed too) :p, no but honestly for the sake of good cooking, I wouldn’t mind doing the cleaning.

Recently cooking this simple hearty ramen! Yum checked!

Cooking this was actually very simple! Will hand you the recipe soon!
I have so many inspirations when it comes to cooking, most of the times when I have my spare time, I like to do some blogwalking to some of the best cooking blog or general food blogs. I also like to browse the Instagram looking for shooting inspirations, watch cooking show like Masterchef US or Australia (or in Indonesia, Masterchef Indonesia), Hell’s Kitchen, and many more! If I skipped them there’s always YouTube! LOL.

BTW speaking of Masterchef, this famous TV show which has been expanding its franchise in 40 countries, is currently in search of that first ever talent to win the title of Masterchef Asia! For those of you who are 18 years old or older, have this immense passion for food and cooking with a little hint of bubbly personality, and is a goal digger, then you MIGHT HAVE THAT IN YOU! You might be the first ever Masterchef Asia 2015!
MasterChef Asia is presented by the Singapore Tourism Board and Knorr, in association with Panasonic and Changi Airport Group. The filming of this 15-episode Lifetime Asia series will be done in Singapore and will be featuring three judges alongside chosen contestants from across the Asia!

You don’t have to be a professional to join, it kinda draws the line on that, as long as you are this aspiring cook who wants to be (a possibly) game changer in the future ;).
If you’re interested or you know someone who have this potential, join this search and apply at and get the chance to live out your dreams!


Lifetime, home of MasterChef is available in Indonesia on Indovision channel 167, Firstmedia channel 359, Big TV channel 221, Top TV channel 167, Transvision channel 509, and Topas TV channel 285.

Hoping to see you on Lifetime ;). Best of luck!

This post is going to be a quick update of my specta-cular-cles diary. In case you didn’t read my previous post, so here’s the thing: I have been constantly using my glasses ever since I discovered Transitions® Signature™ adaptive lenses, and when I say constantly, I mean every single freaking day. The amazing feature of this lens is the capability to adapt with the UV light sensitivity and it will darken out as soon as the lens detected the UV, and it will darken more as the UV value gets stronger. AWESOME NOT?
HELLO GUYS!!! Sorry for haven’t been blogging lately!

I am in between crazy hectic days and just getting back from my marvelous marvelous trip in Surabaya. OMG I really can’t wait to show you the diary! I am planning to write the whole experience into one post, but yes it will cost me a lot of hours to edit all the pictures and do the writing! But if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll get the quick picture, stay tuned for the whole loaded post!


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HELLO GUYS!!! Sorry for haven’t been blogging lately! I am in between crazy hectic days and just getting back from my marvelous marvelou...