FEATURED POST: CELEBRATING TIM HO WAN JAKARTA // Tim Ho Wan Singapore at Plaza Singapura

If there's an award for the tardiest food blogger then I'm going to win it! I visited Singapore back in January but I haven't blogged even half of my trip there T__T, the thing is, I travel each and every month and the events in Jakarta are literally each and every week plus advertorial posts in order to keep this blog alive, plus lack of diligence plus whatever...

Back on my visit to Singapore, I went to this over-buzzed famous restaurant which eventually seemed like a must-visit for anybody visiting Singapore. Known as the world's cheapest one Michelin star (by the Michelin Guide), this Hong Kong's franchise restaurant known as "Tim Ho Wan" was probably not your typical Chinese restaurant...or it is? Keep reading.

I heard that people would wait hours (some even waited for three freaking hours) but lucky for me since I am smart, I came just before lunch time and waited for only around 20 minutes, still, probably the longest I've waited for a table (I've always been lucky when it comes to tables and I hope I won't run out of luck please :")), I didn't take much interior shot because the place was so crowded, but what I could tell you that it was not exactly spacious (just medium).

Let's move on straight to the food! I definitely ordered some of their famous 'stars' and I intentionally put the creme de la creme of my lunch that day on the top of this post! It's the Baked Buns with BBQ Pork (S$4.5/3 pcs), the question is, is that really THAT good? And Holy Gosh Mother of Kitchen it was freaking good. It might not look super convincing from outside but it was actually really good, I love that the bun had this crunchy crispy consistency on the surface but slowly made its way to chewy. The BBQ Pork had this perfect balance of sweet and savory, pretty much like the one you had in mind right now but you can't seem to remember where it actually came from, total must try! Best served warm so don't take too long to take pics!

To be the most frank, the others were just okay, certainly not bad but I must say nothing really special. I must say the filling of the Steamed Pork and Shrimp Dumpling or Siew May (S$5.5) was pretty generous and thick, the Prawn Dumpling or Hakao (S$5.5) had this silky fresh prawn filling and the Steamed Egg Cake (S$3.5) was another favorite of mine, it was soft and fluffy, almost like there's actually palm sugar in it.

Pan Fried Carrot Cake

Vermicelli Roll with Pig's Liver

Steamed Egg Cake
Overall I had a quite pleasant experience dining at Tim Ho Wan, but again, I must say that based on my personal experience I must say that the whole buzzing thing claiming it's the best Dim Sum restaurant might get a little overrated for me, but again and again and again, it's all about personal preference and the food here was not bad at all, and I'll come back to Tim Ho Wan whenever I am in Singapore just because it's Dim Sum (such a Dim Sum craze here) and their bloddy delicious Baked BBQ Pork Buns, but looking forward to try another Dim Sum places! If you have any recommendations, please drop your comments below :). Thanks!

As in for pricing, I must say it's still pretty affordable even though might be just a tad more expensive, but afterall, it's TIM HO WAN featuring its reputation and its good luck (did I mention "Tim Ho Wan" actually means "Add Good Luck", which you could clearly see from the queue! Money magnet LOL).


Tim Ho Wan
Plaza Singapura Level 01-29
68 Orchard Road
+65 6251 2000
Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM


Map for Plaza Singapura.