MAINICHI Cafe Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

I have been motivated and diligent to blog lately, not because I have a lot of spare time, in fact I AM SO CRAZY BUSY these past few weeks to be honest I slept so late because I need to work on so many projects and advertorials *sigh*, but again, I am so thankful because without the income this blog wouldn't exist until now, it's kind of funny but fantastic to realize that the money I earned got spent most for dining! My life seriously revolves around food!

Not only that, I feel like I just got a spirit booster, this refers to an amazing news and surprise I received just earlier today, I literally jumped off my bed and dying right now to tell you all loyal readers, but unfortunately I can't, because it's worth keeping!!! So let it be a secret for the moment ;).

Mainichi is the third and final destination of this week's PIK trip, I went to few cafes hopping and blog about them all already (read HERE for Song Fa and read HERE for Shirokuma). Mainichi is located just beside Black Ball PIK, not far from Dubu Jib and align with HONG TANG and I hope this explanation helps. I was kind of full after eating so much food so I thought I was just going to have some nice desserts or drinks, but right after looking at the menu and display, I instantly thought that I should go here next time because there were so many options but I was so freaking full back then, but Ivy told me they had good soft Marshmallow cakes so we eventually ended up having som'ma those and drinks.

The venue was not spacious, in fact, petite, but I love how the decorated it, cute alert!

Virgin Mojito
IDR 33k
The Virgin Mojito had a lovely balance between the sourness from the lime juice and the sparkling soda. I appreciated how they separated the sugar instead of mixing it because different people have different view their drinks preference. In a phrase, good old thirst quencher... Refreshing!

Banana Yogurt
IDR 40k
I never really expected that banana and yogurt could do a great collaboration and this I consider to be pretty successful, it was slightly sour and sweet in a sip but nicely balanced at the aftertaste, you can hint the banana flavor and the yogurt added a little tangi-ness to the whole drink, I'm running out of words okay just try it this one's good!
Banana Chocolate and Rose Marshmallow Cake
IDR 10k/each
I think the picture is showing you the details of the cake already, it's a very soft sponge cake, quite similar to the Tokyo Banana Cake but this one was even softer and the filling was DELICIOUS! The banana and chocolate had both elements in rich flavor but awesomely balanced and the rose flavor was very yummy with great balance of sweetness and fragrant, as for the texture and consistency, the cream was soft and smooth, both cake and filling was perfect for my taste bud! For IDR 10k/each and considering it's PIK price, they were good deals.
Lovely texture and good amount of delicious filling!
I know this review doesn't even worth calling a review because all that we ordered was just two beverages and (technically) one freaking cake, hence I'm heading back here to try more, but based on my visit, it was a good place to hangout and do your stuff because it was just comfy, homey, and in a sense, quite, but I feel like they needed more effort to convince me to go back here again and again, simply something unique that I want them to show (despite my next visit for review purpose).

Good luck and thanks for reading!

Mainichi Cafe
Ruko Garden House Blok A No. 30 (align with HONG TANG, beside Black Ball)
Bukit Golf Mediterania, PIK
Jalan Raya Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara
021 - 2903 3388
Opening Hours:
Sun - Thu: 1 PM - 10 PM
Fri - Sat: 1 PM - 12 AM
Price Range: IDR 35k - IDR 80k


Map for Dubu Jib - located just near Dubu Jib and align