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For quite some time have been listening to the buzz of this bistro and dessert station, and fortunate enough, got the chance to have lunch here just earlier today but unexpected enough, got the urge to blog about this faster and put this on top of my "to-write" list just because I currently have the mood. Usually the other posts contain so many photos I got lazy and tired just to sort the photos!

I don't know why I got so lazy these days, but I know enough I am not running out of passion, it's just the physical matter, MAN I HAVE BEEN GOING OUT EACH AND EVERY SINGLE DAY it's like the house is where I go ONLY to catch some sleep and woke up early (most of the times late) and go out again, I really need some time off any activity and focus on the detox!

Anyway, back to the topic, if you know Gelato Bar, GB Bistro is now the newer version of the former Gelato Bar, they're changing the concept, the venue, the design and wider variety of menu which I found quite interesting. The venue was quite spacious, and hell yes way more than Gelato Bar with separated smoking area. I personally love the ambiance in the smoking area more than the non-smoking because there's something vintage to it, the non-smoking area was just simple and honestly... boring, but it's just that I noticed they didn't have any ventilation so for goodness sake I wouldn't recommend you (especially non-smokers) to be there and have your meal jackpot-ed with toxic.

Gelato display for everyone's eyes...prepare yourself to drool!
My weakness...

Loving the light bulbs!

Okay, let's go straight to the F&B, for some reasons feeling so sleepy!

Iced Nutella Cafe Latte
IDR 55k
I must say that I was fond of their coffee: light, well-balanced, and to have that with Nutella was adding the excitement. I honestly thought they were going to serve me with the Nutella already stirred together with the coffee because when it's cold, the Nutella paste was not easily blended so you're going to experience those little unblended pieces from the hardened paste. Overall flavor wise, good.

Chicken and Watermelon Salad with Wasabi Mayo
IDR 65k
Fresh fruits and veges dressed in Wasabi Mayo was eventually not very bad for me who is not a big wasabi person, I love how the juice from the fruit balanced the wasabi flavor, just a match! The chicken was also quite tender but needed bolder seasoning.

Sweet and Sour Oxtail Pasta
IDR 95.k
The texture of the pasta was on the proper Al-dente state, so it's a little rubbery and firm but flavor wise I found it a little too sweet for my taste bud, but I was fond of how they managed to cook the oxtail to be tender. There's also something about the presentation that was lacking of interest or maybe it's the "yellow ambiance" I honestly don't know.

Indonesian Green Chili Fried Rice with Duck
IDR 65.5k
The duck was cooked lovely with proper seasoning and level of tenderness but the fried rice was sort of disappointment, it was kinda dry and lacking flavor, it needs that extra kick of well seasoned green chili, too bad because green chili is usually something that turns me my appetite on badly!

Roasted Chicken
IDR 97.5k
This one was a pretty successful stunner! The chicken was cooked beautifully with amazing seasoning and tender meat. Loving the fact that they paired this with the mushroom sauce because it was a kick-ass act! The grilled vegetables and the mashed potato sides were also lovely, I have always on the "mashed potato" side and this particular from GB was amazing in seasoning and texture, and for some reasons loving the when asparagus beans cooked in a humble and simple way like this, the smokey aroma live up the natural flavor!

Mexican Pizza
IDR 85k
Presentation wise, cute! Initially a rectangle shaped pizza but they cut it to six so-called-triangles, texture wise I liked the consistency of the pizza and personally I love thin pizzas, theirs might not be THAT thin but there's a mix of crunchy and moist in a bite, it's almost like undone baked dough but in a good way. The topping was quite generous and the overall seasoning and flavor were good.

Dark Chocolate Soil
IDR 65k
Chocolate Soil is currently trending here in Jakarta and I've noticed a couple of restaurants trying to portray this Heston inspired dish and GB's version was to be fair, pretty good! The soil was actually cookies crumble and beneath the 'soil' was blocks of dark chocolate brownie and one scoop of dark chocolate gelato! Chocolate madness is how I describe this dish and they did a good job.

Waffle Temptation
IDR 79.5k
Ordered the Waffle Temptation because it looked amazing on the description and plus we could choose two scoops of ice-cream flavors! Did a little "try me" session and eventually having the Rum Raisin and Pistachio ice cream toppings! The Rum Raisin was just freaking good!!! The flavor was bold and you could definitely find the hint of rum but not overpowering the milky creamy flavor and plus it was fragrant! The pistachio flavor was also nice, creamy and in a sense, rich, but my heart was already stolen by the Rum Raisin! The waffle was cooked nicely with fluffy but gooey texture.

Apple Crumble Pie
IDR 55k
According to the incredibly polite waitress, their Apple Crumble is the game changer so we ordered this and boy it was!!! The Apple Crumble was delicious with amazingly baked and caramelized apple fruits and not to forget it was also generously given! Another scoop of Rum Raisin (default) gelato as the topping and it blended awesomely with the apple flavor. This was something not to miss!

This was my first visit to GB Bistro and so far it was pleasant. To be frank, they do need work on the savory menus because they were lacking the 'wow' factor and enough reasons for me to come back and explore more but they got me hooked on the desserts... GREAT! Pricing wise, some menu felt kinda hefty with the portion but for reasons it's the usual pricing nowadays, most things are getting hefty on the price tag lately.

I also want to take this moment to say that I LOVE THEIR SERVICE. It's those casual hospitality, faaaar from being formal but you know that this one was sincere, humble, and still professional! The waiter and waitresses seemed very well trained in both behaving & product knowledge. Thank you for being nice!

Surely there will be another visits, will bring more friends here for dessert time and mooooore Rum Raisin gelato! YUM

GB Bistro
Senayan City LG Unit 18
Jl. Asia Afrika Lot 19
Senayan, Jakarta Selatan 10270
021 - 7278 1245
Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM (daily)
Price Range: IDR 50k - IDR 100k


Map for Senayan City

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  1. wow great food, i want it :D

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  3. Hai Guys!! If you like hangout in Senayan City just download this cool Apps