Chatuchak Weekend Market Bangkok

I feel so lucky that I get to travel a lot this year and indeed travelling is eye-opening or something you buy that will make you richer, it's like seeing sides of what a country needs to offer, either it's bad or good, again, it's eye-opening and you decide where you want to take it.

I was so lucky to be able to travel to Thailand this year! It's been the second time for me going to Thailand and I never get bored to keep on coming back here because this country, especially Bangkok, has so much to offer it's almost unstoppable. I have so many things to blog about my recent Thailand trip but I'm going to start with a visit to the biggest market in Thailand, Chatuchak Weekend Market (also known as JJ Market)! This was my first experience to visit Chatuchak Weekend Market and the story begins... now!

I stayed at the gorgeous Lebua State Tower throughout the trip and I took cab to go here, first, it's easier, second, I didn't have time to actually looked online for the public transportation route and thirdly, Bangkok was hot as fuck back then, seriously steaming hot I could melt! The cab fare was around 100 baht (IDR 30k) for around 20 minutes ride and that's relatively cheap!

First impression of Chatuchak was that it looked pretty much the same with the markets in Jakarta, stalls with umbrellas as the cover selling handcrafts, cold-fruits, flowers, but the gorge moment started as I went all the way 'deeper' because in fact, so many gorgeous things to choose, it's almost like you're spoiled with options! Food, fashion - for both men and women, kids and adults -, housewares, fragrances, leather goods, books, handmade crafts, unique but quirky items, even... pets! Just so you know the whole market was estimated to be around 110.000 square m or around 35 acres and spread around 27 sections (map available below this post).

The street food in Thailand was just uh-mazing! Cheap but so fingerlickin' good!

I found it odd that so many stalls actually sold Buddha accessories when I noticed so many written warnings NOT to buy the Buddha statues -.-".
The ultimate thirst quencher, Thai Tea (Chaa Yen) for 30 freaking baht (IDR 10.5k) only! I got so addicted to this beverage I had this literally every single day of my stay in Thailand, even few hours before the flight back, I bought one in the airport at this canteen (forgot what's the name) but NOT RECOMMENDED, so yucky! The street ones were way better!
Not far from the entrance, there was this one spot that sold coconut ice cream and the queue was hideously long, which then brought me to my personal formula: Traditional Market Stalls + Long Queue = MUST BE GOOD!
For those of you who underestimated Market street food, SHAME ON YOU this one was rocking good! The coconut ice cream was creamy and light with rich coconut flavor, presentation also awesome! Best thing of all, cheap!!! I spent only 50 baht (IDR 15k) for this! Best 50 baht ever spent!

FASHION ZONE! No, actually you can find fashion items almost everywhere! I wouldn't say that everything's cheap just because it's market, some items I found to be cheaper in Pratunam, but most of them looked like they were decent in quality and pattern, in a sense, Korean and Japanese like.
Forgot the name of this store but I actually bought some clothes for my little cousins, I guessed it was around 400 baht a piece.
I was glad that the market was clean and organized, Indonesia should learn about this.
Snacks alert! You can find these kinds of snacks all around in Bangkok, but if you think it's too far, you can go to Glodok in Kota (Jakarta), there are tons of it.
Artifical flowers looking real.
This was squid and quail eggs, truth be told not my favorite, besides high in cholesterol, the texture was a little tough and not chewy when I expected it the most.

PETS SECTION! It was heartwarming to see those cute puppies but for some reasons, heartbreaking... Anyway this was the cutest dog, everyone took pictures of this adorable creature <3.
In real life, this was also cute but in this picture it looked kinda scary actually -.-.
ANOTHER CUTESY! This dog wasn't for sale, it just happened to be there with the owner by the time, and again, so many people asked the owner to take pictures of and with this cute animal because those shoes were just too cute it melt my heart.
That "AAAAWW" moment T.T

More food shots! To be honest, I freaking love quail eggs but for health reasons, I tried NOT to consume it because the dose of cholesterol it brings is so high! It's unfair how things that small are in fact dangerous!

Right when I was about to walk out (took back the entrance to go out), I found this crepe stall located not far from it, I chose the ham and egg crepe for only 60 baht (IDR 20k)!!! The crepe was so fragrant, gooey, chewy with perfectly cooked ham and egg and lettuce, the mayonnaise and ketchup sauce were also generously given, this was good!
Accidentally found the cats during my way out, only this one actually looked at my camera!
Right after having a great time while dealing with the sun at Chatuchak, I continued by having lunch at this place called Steve Cafe, the food was really good I'm so going to write a separate post about this!
You can find this pomegranate drink almost every-freaking-where in Bangkok and for 10 baht only (IDR 3,5k)! Took away five of this back to the hotel, put 'em in the fridge, BEST SERVED COLD. Happiness is so cheap :D.
I must admit I was kinda disappointed that I couldn't find the stall that sold the fried bugs and insects, I had the urge to eat them and actually looking out, but Chatuchak was too huge, to be honest, all I did was walk, stop, shop and walk again I didn't even know where to go, but next time I am so going to have those insects!!! Okay it sounds creepy.

Overall, I had a good time in Chatuchak, the range of products sold were impressive, you just need to have the will to dig and bargain, I noticed there weren't so many shops that were actually selling the exact same items twice. I visited this store accidentally and it sold the most amazing leather bag ever, but since I didn't bring enough cash (FYI the leather bag was 20.000 baht) and I didn't have any credit card with me, I kinda regret it actually, so I guess if you like something at a particular store, just bargain and buy, sometimes shopping is always about feeling guilty, feeling guilty that you bought something (that sometimes you don't need), but it's always better than feeling guilty not buying things, regret comes later.

I also suggest you guys to wear the most comfortable clothing and by comfortable I mean something that's not too heavy, relaxing fabric and avoid using BLACK! I noticed some people actually went shirtless but I wouldn't recommend going shirtless in public. Bringing umbrella was also a good idea but for me, the most important me would be simple tees with shorts, camera, cash and water! Nuff.

I recommend Chatuchak for you who wanted to actually experience the ambiance, fun and excitement of coming to one of the biggest traditional markets in the world, certain items you can find for cheaper deals in Pratunam or Platinum but it's just the feeling of bonding with the environment that counts. I ended up purchasing not so many items, just some clothes for my cousins, some cute books, and having some scrumptious street food there, they were AMAZING!

How to get to Chatuchak Market
SkyTrain BTS get off at Sapan Khwai Station or Mochit Station MRT get off at Kamphaenpetch Station
Bus No. 3,826,27,28,29,34,38,39,44,52,59,63,77,90,96,104,408,112,122, 134,136,138,153,159
Aircondition Bus No. 2,3,9,18,19,28,34,39,44,134,145,153,510,512,513

Where to Park
  • Park & Ride more than 1,500 parking space, opposite Chatuchak Market on Kamphaengpetch 3 Rd. Rate : 40 baht all day Long.
  • BTS Parking Space open from 5 am-midnighr. Rate: no parking fee.
  • The Marketing Organization for Farmers (M.O.F. Market). Rate: parking fee is charged by hour.
Chatuchak Market Map


Direction map to Chatuchak Weekend Market

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