Chocolate Ville Bangkok

Finally another Thailand post! I know you've probably been waiting for this as I received high request for this post, as you can see from the picture above, this time I'm going to be talking about CHOCOLATE VILLE!

When I was preparing and doing a little research for my Thailand trip, this came on the list, especially when my friends posted their pictures here with those colorful background on Instagram, I know I have to be there and I freaking DID with two of my lovely friends, Vresy and Mei. Getting here was easy, easy because I didn't need to look at the map or look out for the ways myself, just show the address to the taxi driver, sitting down quietly and arrive at the location safe and sound! FYI it's indeed better for you to take the cab because this was located slightly outside Bangkok and on the side of the highway. We took the cab from Pratunam and spent only 250baht (yes you have to bargain), lucky enough I had charming ladies with their 'sweet' mouths with me! LOL!!

PS: this post is going to be PHOTO HEAVY! So many gorgeous pics to choose from I couldn't eliminate, so very worth to blog!

Vresy and Mei doing the selfie using the Tongsis (Tongkat Narsis), you should get one cuz this shit is revolutionary but it's kinda embarassing to use at certain places, but it's Thailand nobody knew us!

Chocoville (as how it's shortened) was incredibly spacious! The design and the ambiance actually felt like a fancy western neighborhood - and trust me, there's nothing Thai about this place except for the food - with mostly white buildings, gardens, bridge, lake and it was indeed gorgeous and beautiful!

Oh, I have been receiving questions regarding to my photos in the blog, the questions mostly about what did I use to take my photos and how I edited them, well... just like most people, I am using Photoshop but I created my own adjustments and color tone and I have a plan to sell this publicly when I feel like I'm confident enough, fingers crossed it's soon!

Pictures taken outside Chocoville and nope we weren't inside yet!
This looks like a mini harbour.
 The whole venue was so beautiful you just couldn't stop taking pictures! Literally every side is Instagram worthy.
I SWEAR I didn't edit any of the flare!

Loving this spot, you could do a romantic pre-wedding here.

The entrance gate, should be on the other side (photo number one above) for the "Welcome" sign!
Chocoville felt like a mini Disneyland minus the attractions and Mickey mouse, it was actually a restaurant, I mean a very beautiful restaurant.

The view from here was breathtaking! I could fool everyone telling I was in Paris and they would believe.

Gorgeous flare and again, SWEAR I didn't edit any.

Whoever created Chocoville must have tons of money and amazing sense! I honestly think more people were attracted to take pictures here rather than the eating itself!

But browsing the whole Chocoville was indeed tiring hence we still got to eat *defensive*
They have a lot of seating capacities, didn't know exactly how many could they accommodate but I'm guessing it's up to 500 people or even more! You could choose to sit anywhere you want as long as there is space. The waiters here were really humble and polite as everyone I met in Thailand! Thai people were extremely nice, they were smiling A LOT and were really helpful, that's probably one of the main reasons I want to go back to Thailand.

I was about to be seated here but I asked for the lake side seating for better view and atmosphere!
We didn't really order much because we were full enough with the food we ate at Pratunam, so we decided to order few menus and share them.

Surprisingly, even though the name of this place was "CHOCOLATE VILLE" but there were almost no chocolate menu on the list, except for the desserts (as far as I can remember only several)! The food were mostly Traditional Thai and Western comfort food with - thank goodness - affordable prices! So don't get too intimidated with the fancy feeling of this place, the price of the food was Thai standard, just slightly more expensive.

Since most of the menu were written in Thai, I'm going to just give you the english version. We ordered Baked Clams with Mozarella (150 baht), Tom Yum Goong (250 baht), Squid Ink Pasta with Seafood (175 baht), Chaa Yen (Thai Tea for 70 baht each) and ended it with sweetly with Chocolate Lava Cake (IDR 130 baht). The Baked Clams were just okay, just lack of seasoning but the Mozarella was generously given, the Tom Yum Goong was adorable, spicy, sour in the most adorable way and addicting, the squid ink pasta was just okay but incredibly spicy it's overwhelming.

I had Thai tea literally each and every single day along this Thailand trip and everywhere I went, they have amazing Chaa Yen for very cheap price, this was the most expensive one but since it's restaurant's price so I guess that comes with the teritory, but again, SO GOOD, it was sweet, frothy, creamy, milky but not overpowering and the red tea was brewed adorably nice and fragrant I am a freaking convert! The Chocolate Lava Cake was good but it tasted just like the other regular ones I've tried. Common.

Chocolate Ville during the night! just how you spell B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! Took this from the observation deck.
The rubber ducks were kinda annoying actually because they ruined the seriousness of this place, but in the same time they were cute XD.
The food might not be special special but I wouldn't mind paying and coming back for the view! I could spend the whole day here (and I did) because what Chocolate Ville offered on the day and night were something totally different but overall relaxing, in a sense fantastic and worth paying a stop at. During the night, the atmosphere suddenly changed to this even fancier looking restaurant (from above) but very family like restaurant if you see it live with sense of humbleness, togetherness and heartwarming, it was just divine. The wind was quite friendly during the night as the breeze could swept your face gently.

OK I seem to rave too much about the place because it was indeed beautiful. In a nutshell, it's a restaurant that you might not want to come back for the food, but for some precious time with your family or loved ones. To clear things up, the food wasn't terrible at all, it was just ok.


Ending this post with the view of Bangkok from my hotel room. Stayed in the gorgeous Lebua State Hotel and I couldn't wait to review this place for you, wait till I get the diligence.

Chocolate Ville
Kasetnawamin KM. 11 Rd
Kasetnawamin, Bangkok, Thailand
083 - 077 - 3738
Opening Hours: 4 PM - midnight
Price Range: 100 - 500 baht, for each person prepare 200 - 300 baht.


Map for Chocolate Ville