It was a fortunate moment for me to be a part of this creative event launched by the Dua Belibis group. They recently came up with this idea of collaborating with the tenants in Pasar Santa to create their new signature dishes by using Dua Belibis’s products.
On the same day as I went to IHOP, I had my big dinner at PF Chang’s at The Beach branch. PF Chang’s is another restaurant brand chain that’s quite popular in Dubai and already had several branches spread around Dubai, and obviously quite a number of following there. The name PF Chang’s itself is curated from the name of the two owners: Paul Fleming and Philip Chiang (so it’s PF and a tiwst of Chiang’s). I went there like around 5 PM and the restaurant was  already quite packed, and as I finished my dinner, the restaurant was almost full house.
I just had my dinner with blogger friends at this newly opened establishment in Plaza Indonesia called Socieaty, YUP FINALLY another new restaurant opening in the middle of this bullshit economy, which is a pretty brave move of them. Socieaty is a new venture by the Les Amis group from the Singapore. The group itself has been involved in the F&B business for more than 2 decades (21 years to be exact), and not until 2015 that they opened Socieaty, an establishment which is strongly related to the group itself, Les Amis itself actually means “by friends” in English, and they’re creating this “Socieaty” where it’s all about friends to friends, by friends and for friends.
I have been hearing a lot of good things about this particular steak house hence I think it should be amazing to have dinner here and actually experience everything for myself. Still connected to my Shack Shake post, Texas Road House is where I went to have dinner, and it’s also located in Dubai Mall. TRH is HUGE in Dubai, and as I arrived, the queue quite long and I had to be on the waiting list to wait for my table. Even before I am actually inside, I got the feeling that I would love this place, when I hear “Texas”, this was something that I really expected when it comes to the design, just this cowboy-ish pubs and very American (seriously I don’t know how to explain it properly), but you know when you watch cowboy movies and there are scenes where they come to a certain old-school looking pub to save the world, and the pub consist of mostly wood material layering all the design, crowded, rugged and in a way, dirty, but dirty pretty and just something so Texas about it. This is what a casual steakhouse should look like, when I don’t need to dress up and all that shit, I just wanna have some good time, good food and good conversation.
The old saying “an apple falls not far from the tree” metaphorically describes how I see the F&B scene in Jakarta in the most fashionable way (of wording). As an Indonesian, I think there’s this urge for us to keep missing Indonesian food, face it, Indonesian food is our jam! I do love other food genres, but Indonesian food will always have that irreplaceable space in my heart.

Sari Rasa Group is undoubtedly one of the most successful F&B groups in Indonesia, along with their culinary brands such as Sate Khas Senayan, Sate Khas Senayan Express, Tamani Cafe and Tesate that are spread all around Jakarta and doing very-very well, especially Sate Khas Senayan, I don’t see I’ve ever seen an empty Sate Khas Senayan, it’s almost always packed, which should be a good thing for them!
I know it's pretty strange of me that I didn't really "tell" anyone about my last trip to Dubai before I actually going, just like how I used to, normally I would ask for recommendations from you!

Truth is, I have been extremely busy lately, as you probably know how I work on everything about the blog all by myself, and it's honestly quite a hardwork to juggle everything at the same time together, so I only made a little announcement a day before my departure! But fast forward, I had a blissful short trip to Dubai, and I am so freaking happy to have the chance to go there! That city is too gorgeous, very clean & organized!
A visit to this popular burger chain is mandatory once I know I’m going to Dubai, hey, at least for the moment, I don’t need to travel to the Big Apple to have this.

Any first experience should be interesting, not to mention I have been obsessed in trying Shake Shack my whole life, and this has been happening since my friend couldn’t stop raving about their burger. Shake Shack has several outlets spread in Dubai, I could easily visited the one in Mall of The Emirates since it’s literally just a walking distance from where I was staying (Sheraton Dubai), but my schedule that day allowed me to surf the AMAZING Dubai Mall.
Dearly beloved Jesus the mall was FREAKING HUGE!!! It’s probably like 5 times bigger than the already gigantic Grand Indonesia, and I literally felt like I walked so much, my feet hurt, well, at least that could be a good excuse to sit down have a round of lunch filled with BURGERS!


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A visit to this popular burger chain is mandatory once I know I’m going to Dubai, hey, at least for the moment, I don’t need to travel to ...
Singapore has always been one of my favorite destinations for quick escape, and for me, it’s a total bliss to actually live 1, 5 hours away from the Merlion country, when I am in need of another city therapy, Singapore is just the perfect option. It has E V E R Y T H I N G.
On my latest Singapore trip, I stayed at this boutique hotel located in Telok Ayer St. in Singapore that I am reviewing in this post called AMOY. AMOY hotel is one of the ventures from the property giant, FarEast. The hotel is located strategically around the Far East Square in the Chinatown area, if you’re a first timer in Singapore, staying in AMOY would be such advantage in bonding with the locals and sample what they have in store: the people, the food and the culture, and the authenticity, for example, the access to visit the oldest temple in Singapore: Thian Hock Keng that's located nearby, or have some scrumptious meals in Chinatown Food Streetwidth or Maxwell Hawker Center (one of the most popular hawker centre in the entire Singapore).
The past one year, The Cup Pantai Indah Kapuk has been my go-to restaurant when I wanted to fulfil my craving for good and easy authentic Korean food. Don’t be fooled by its eye-catching pastel pop appearance as some of you might mistaken it as a desssert cafe (or probably underrate it).