Special thanks to again and again and again my most favorite coffee shop, Starbucks for making this post happening. Always got free complimentaries from Starbucks since I'm such a loyal client v(-.-)v.

So now I'm going to give my review of the new product/creation which is recently campaigned by them on their newest advertorial, you can see it at Starbucks stores everywhere. Well personally, I think this is not literally a new creation because Starbucks Green Tea Latte has always been a part of their menu for a long time, we could think of adding a shot of espresso to the latte but maybe some of us didn't have enough courage to do it because we didn't want to ruin the awesome original taste of the GTL (haha).

Still served with the well-designed red cup, somehow I think good design can add something special to your drinking experience.

Close up to the drink, just look at those pretty little bubbles. From the moment you open the plastic cap, you can smell a generous amount of coffee scent, well thanks to the espresso.

I honestly love it, even though some of you might think that a green tea mixed with espresso doesn't work? well ok, let me explain it here. First things first, I love and worship coffee, I even love this more than the original GTL, I just think it adds something special and a surprise center with this creation. We didn't stuck on the plain GTL, it's great already but with espresso, I think it's even better!

After I mix it, I suddenly think that it somehow tastes almost hojicha like (roasted tea and seaweed).

And if you are not a fan of coffee, don't worry, this drink doesn't end up tasting heavy for me, it's OK and still enjoyable :).

Have you guys tasted this too? Please mind sharing your experience in the comment box. I'd love to hear it <3.

photos and editing by me.
The highly anticipated coffee shop is now opening in Summarecon Mal Serpong 2, it is another invention from the food and beverages empire Ismaya group, well for me, personally, everytime I am aware that Ismaya group is the background of the restaurant or the venue, I know it won't be disappointing, but how about now? I'm going to give the review based on the two recommended menu by the baristas: iced caramel macchiato and nutella cake.

Can I just conclude this? I worship the Nutella cake, I think it's a very succesful invention and I love how the softness of the creme layer blends with the chocolate sponge cake and the nutella itself, my most favorite part would be that crunchy layer underneath the cake, it totally gives a nice contrast to the meal and I lvoe the fact that even though it's stereotypically chocolate, but it isn't too sweet. MUST TRY!

It is retailed for 28.000/slice - before tax.

This is the second attempt of the anticipated coffee shop's product, so does Ismaya happen to disappoint or indeed please the costumers? AGAIN. YES IT DOES. This caramel macchiato is a total to foe to Starbucks' original iced caramel macchiato. For me, Djournal's CM tastes lighter than Starbucks, maybe since I'm using non-fat milk, but I just love how the caramel really blends with both the coffee and milk. My perception of a great coffee is when you feel like it's a total friend with your tounge and you don't have that strong stink almost acid like that left over from every sip. This is a total delightful coffee drink, you need to try. I was wondering about making comparisons of both the products since for me, this is the best two. Stay tuned for the upcoming posts.

Retailed for 40.000 (large cup) - before tax.

Hey it's me... sorry for the panda eyes, today I'm just done with my exam weeks and I've been having super lack of sleep lately, but tonight will be a revenge.

If you haven't been here, I suggest you walk over here and have those two that I gave review at, I can guarantee an amazing coffee experience in a slightly comfortable venue. I'm kinda excited about the one at Grand Indonesia, but it isn't open yet.

Photography and editing taken by me.
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Djournal Coffee
Summarecon Mal Serpong 2
Once I heard this: "high school friends may last forever". In my case, I'm not in forever, but almost four years after and we are still a group of people who clicked just at the moment we meet face to face. Some of my friends went abroad to extend their study and when they got the chance to return (and they always do...), we always create a small reunion.

The reunion took place at Grand Indonesia, all debating about the restaurant because one didn't want to eat anything japanese, one didn't want to eat anything american, and blah blah blah but since the dessert is fine, we went to My Pancake, Grand Indonesia. I've been here several times but this is probably the first time that I ever put a review on this restaurant. I love the ambience of this restaurant, it's gloomy, it has a proper dim light and if you're wondering, it is right at the venue where the windmill is.

What were we ordering? hhmmm... lots of yummy stuffs.

My Pancake Chocolate Pancake
The good old chocolate pancake with one scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream and lots of chocolate sauce, garnished with one astor.

Unagi Donburi
 Mango Chocolate Pancake
 Salmon Mushroom Pasta
Seafood Marinara Fettucine
 Chicken and Spinach Spaghetti

Well sure this is mine because the dish has more photos taken LOL. I think the food in this restaurant is proper for everyone who wants a good time of eating with a genereous portion. I can't finish the food because the portion is slightly too big for me. I love the idea of making the cream soup more liquid like instead of super creamy ones. The spinach and the chicken are fresh. I recommend this one!

My Pancake
Grand Indonesia West Mall
3A Fl.

Don't forget to take care of yourself during this rainy season.
Keep yourself warm with a cup of hot chocolate. Just a cup and it will help you light up your day and of course bring a great mood to yourself.
A lot of chocolate drinks are available, starting with the premium to the affordableones you can get at the minimarts.
Here I'm trying one of my favorites, it's the lovely Delfi cocoa drink, it's such an amazing product and the chocolate is yum!

Photo and editing by me, special thanks for my lovely sister for the third photo.


Cocoa Rain Pleasure

by on 22.48.00
Don't forget to take care of yourself during this rainy season. Keep yourself warm with a cup of hot chocolate. Just a cup a...

Bobabits is now opening in Summarecon Mal Serpong
Their ROSE MILK TEA & RED VELVET MILK TEA are the must tries!
I'd love to have mine with small boba.

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Downtown Summarecon Mal Serpong 2.

My very first post in 2013! Intended to post it yesterday but it's 53 minutes to be exact after 12.

I wish that I and my family will live happier, healthier and wealthier each and every day and on every year in future. yaaaay!
I wish this blog will be even more succesful, I'm hoping to boost this blog's fame, followers and of course the quality, so I could have great feedbacks from the readers.

...and of course, to you, my readers...I hope this year will bring you and I amazing great memorable surprises, or it could be a start of something positive, start of moving on, start of a change in your life.

Be yourself, be condifent and don't be afraid to always try :). May your efforts paid off.


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