We came to the end of 2013 and it is the last post in this beautiful year *wipe tears*. I have been through a lot this year, especially with this blog which automatically connects with you! Yes you! I started this blog with only 90-150 daily readers on the first two months and rapidly growing to 4000 daily reads! Yes, it's four freaking thousand! I am seriously in such joy right now.

2013 has been a great year to eat! A lot of new joints are coming to town giving colors to the appetite and for a monster like me, it's just great. I have tried so many food this year but I remember exactly how each and every one of them tasted, my experience visiting the restaurants and all things beyond. It took me a while to write this because to be honest, I am a little emo right now, sitting in front of my laptop and my brain just keeps on replaying all these faces, all these food, all these memories, those smile from the people I met for the very first time from blogging in 2013...hmm ;).

Anyway, this post is going to be the countdown of *drum rolls*
Disclaimer: among all those food and restaurants I have eaten in 2013, most of them were good but some of them really stood out that I didn't know how many times I have recommended them to my friends and relatives who asked me for dining places. So personally, I wanna thank "the stars" for being awesome, for serving awesome food, for making me smile and sometimes for making me moan of foodgasm, ridiculous right, but it did happen!

Forget about the freaking calories if you want to be happy! I mean it. The following countdown is based on the restaurants that I have VISITED in 2013 and I judge them from the food and the service, I don't really give a damn about the venue because I believe awesome food is somehow full of passion and they talk!

Even though I didn't make a countdown last year (since I was really new in blogging), but my number one went to Emilie French Restaurant, this year I didn't visit Emilie for dining (I know right, how come) so I didn't manage to put it on the list even though their food is THAT good.

Enough talking, here you go, THE TOP 10 BEST RESTAURANTS OF 2013! If this happens to be your favorite restaurants, let me know! PS: To read the whole review of each post, click on the name of the restaurants, they are links.

10. MonViet
Avenue of the Stars 1st Fl. #06A
Lippo Mall Kemang Village
Jalan Pangeran Antasari No. 36
Jakarta Selatan 12150
021 - 2952 8439

I still couldn't get over of how delicious every food served to me that day in MonViet, the passion and the love clearly shown from the food, it's like they're talking but not literally. An old recipe originated then developed by the owners and joyfully brought to Jakarta and became one of the best meals I have had in 2013 as well as the best Vietnamese restaurant I've been in Jakarta. Do visit this restaurant whenever you're around the area and try their "Pho Dac Biet" and "Bon Bu Hue". The Vietnamese culinary scene might not be as crazy as (let's say) western or Japanese but if the food is as good as MonViet's, I'm hooked.

9. Tsurukamedou Ramen
Jalan Ratu Kemuning Raya Blok A2 No. 82
Jakarta Barat 
Aside from all those ramens I have had in 2013, Tsurukamedou is the one that really stood out! First, irresistible thick pork broth that really gets me, in a good way. The broth was just super tasty, melts in your mouth and less oily comparing to others. Second, thick and generous cuts of Chasiu, OMG tastiest chasiu I've had so far! Perfectly seasoned, cooked and the fats were juicy!

However, this food might not be halal for some, but don't worry they also have chicken broth selection which is completely halal (because I ate here with my Muslim friends), but I can assure you it won't taste as awesome as the pork.

8. Kahyangan Teppanyaki
Wisma Nusantara 28th floor
Jl. M.H. Thamrin 59
021 - 3190 7012

Not only it's one of eatandtreats best meals of 2013, Kahyangan Teppanyaki is also one of the best teppanyaki restaurants in town! Every food cooked here was decent and the chef clearly knew what they're doing. Me fond of the live cooking experience, I always appreciate live cooking because it creates this worry-free feeling. Do try their "Premium Set" for two and get ready to have the juiciest Foie Gras melt in your mouth and bursts! The reason I placed them at number eight is because during my visit, I didn't try out their "Lobster" and "Ohmi Beef" which should be on the menu (was out of stock that day).

7. JJ Royal Brasserie
Lotte Shopping Avenue (LOVE) LG Fl.
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 11
Jakarta, Indonesia 12940 
021 - 2988 8980

JJ Royal Brasserie is probably my most visited restaurant this year, I have been here six times since my first visit in October (excluding JJ Royal Bistro in Senayan City). The thing that really excites me about this restaurant is how well the food here was executed and everything's cooked with perfection! Trust me, I have had probably like 50% of the whole menu from my six visits and none of the food is disappointing, maybe not all perfect but at least they're decent. Surprise-surprise, they're awesomely good in Indonesian food. Do try their signature Fried Rice (IDR 75k) and get drooled!

6. Nishimura Japanese Restaurant
Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta
Kota BNI Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 1
Jakarta Pusat, 10220
I love the restaurants on this list, not only they're great in general but also great in its region, for example, Nishimura Japanese which personally, on my top 3 best Japanese restaurants in town. My visit to Nishimura was on the lobster season and the lobsters here were amazingly fresh! I ate them raw and without any seasoning but they turned out to be great! The sushi and sashimi were also great. If you love Japanese restaurant, then this should not be missed.

5. Le Quartier
This following casual fine dining is one of the most fascinating dining experience in 2013. First, service was terrific, the staffs were really friendly and chatty which I love, me don't really like serious environment. Second, the meal!!! Cooked to perfection. I remember vividly I ordered this Pan Fried Barramundi and it was amazing, the skin was crispy and the sauce was just the perfect match. I recommended Le Quartier like a lot to my relatives and NONE said they were disappointed.

4. Altitude at The Plaza (All three tie: GAIA Ristorante, Enmaru and Salt Grill)
The Plaza Tower, 46th fl.
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta 10350
021 - 2992 2448
Along with Nishimura, Enmaru is also on my list of the best Japanese restaurants in Jakarta. I couldn't get over the fact that their Foie Gras Cawanmushi was just uh-mazing. The reason I tied them three is because I was once invited to Altitude and I was given the chance to try out the food from the three restaurants. I found them to be really good but they were all from three different regions: Enmaru from Japan, GAIA from Italy and Salt Grill is mostly western (fusion). Enmaru had fresh seafood but GAIA completed had amazing desserts, so it's like a complimentary relationship I couldn't separate. Located at the 46th floor of The Plaza, you could see it for yourself, the beauty of Jakarta from above.

3. Rosso Italian Restaurant
Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta, lvl. 1
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 1
021 - 2939 9580
Rosso is clearly a strong contender and no way I am not putting it on my 2013 best meal list! Chef Oriana Tirabassi is behind all the matters and you know you are in good hands! I still drool over her lovely Tenderloin steak I once had, it was one of the best steaks ever! I would say that Rosso is clearly giving Indonesians touch of authentic Italian cuisine and some of their signature menus are "Pumpkin Ravioli" and seriously, don't you miss this Semifredo dessert, so so so good!

2. Wilshire at The Foundry 8 Jakarta
The Foundry 8 at SCBD Lot 9
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Jakarta Selatan
021 - 5140 1018
Eating in Wilshire is not cheap, but behind all those hefty price tags you'll have seriously good food! Not only food, but Wilshire is also masters in beverages, they have a great range of cocktails and liquors. I seriously don't know how many times I have overused the word "awesome" in this post and especially for Wilshire. Congratulations for being awesome!

1. E&O Jakarta
When you received an invitation to join a dinner with one of the most talked about chef at the moment, wouldn't you be too stupid to say no? It's freaking Chef freaking Will freaking Meyrick we're talking about here! He's currently the executive chef for E&O (Eastern and Oriental) along with Chef Palm, and seriously, they had the mightiest touch for Thai food! With that, I am happily crowning E&O Jakarta as THE WINNER OF EATANDTREATS BEST RESTAURANTS IN 2013! Every single meal here was THAT fantastic, starting from the beginning to the end, none disappointed me or had something negative to say about. I was seriously fond of their "Crispy Pork Belly with Tamarillo and Tamarind Sauce", that's so good and as simple as their "Grilled Beef Salad", it blew me away. Another must order: Durian Pannacotta. You should try this yourself then you'll understand why I am overly raving about E&O.

There you go! EATANDTREATS best restaurants of 2013! Pretty much agree with what I write here? I really hope you guys could give me recommendations of great dining places for me to surf, that's just how I surf, not at the beach, but at the culinary waves of Jakarta.

Damn, seriously? End of the year already? How time flies is seriously terrifying sometimes but I guess life goes on right. By the way, what's your resolutions for 2014? I clearly want to be better and bigger in every postive aspects but smaller figure (I think I should really hit the gym), then make my family happy and probably retire my parents soon so they don't have to work anymore (amen to that!) and absolutely, I wanna see eatandtreats grow bigger and bigger! <3.

Thank you for sticking with me and eatandtreats and for actually reading this blog and made this your destination whenever you are planning to hunt awesome food in Jakarta. Thank you for really reading this platform.

You guys change my life :"), let's be friends forever ever ever and ever!!!

Thank you 2013, you've been great! Hello 2014, I hope you are an awesome buddy. Good luck y'all!!! God bless you.

The culinary scene of Jakarta is totally fun and exciting these days! After KOI bubble drink, Hot Star, PAUL Pattisserie, I Love Taimei, Coco Ichibanya is finally opening its first outlet in Jakarta! Whoppie!

This might came as surprise, but Coco Ichibanya is the biggest curry house franchise in the world with around 1300 outlets spread all over the world! After thousands of stores later finally it's opening its first store in Grand Indonesia, where were they the whole time? They should have opened here long ago! The interior of the outlet was just simple with appropriate space and setting for lighting and vibrance. Everything was right without feeling extremely exclusive and intimidating, just the place where I would just have my awesome meal and all about eating comfortably. The menu is all curry dishes starting from meat, seafood, omelette to the mix curry. You could also customize your meal by selecting the amount of rice, the serving standard is around 250gr and for every 100gr off the standard serving, you bill's also being cut IDR 5k off.

Enough yakking, I'm giving you a list of customization for comfort:
- Rice amount (standard serving: 250gr and you CANNOT customize anything for omelette dishes!)
350gr (10k), 450 gr (20k), 550gr (30k)
- Spiciness level: mild, standar to the maximum of level 5.
- Additional toppings (starting from IDR 15k)

PS: I hope you are all drooling over your laptop and lick the screen right this moment! I am even hungry right now damnit!

I ordered their signature dish: Chicken Cutlet Omelette Curry (IDR 70k) and upgraded it with the "SET A" (additional IDR 25k) option that comes with additional salad and any kind of beverages (chose Iced Lemon Tea). Before taking the pictures, I took a spoonful of the curry sauce because I was drooling over how appetizing looking the dish was and guess what? I was impressed by that very first spoon, I finally just found what I would declare as THE BEST CURRY IN TOWN! The texture was semi-creamy, seasoning was great, the flavor was vibrant, I customize the spiciness myself by adding the chili powder available on each table and it was even better! The omelette was awesome, it was cooked properly without being overcooked, loving the fact that it was still runny, creamy but not overpoweringly milky and disgusting. The chicken cutlet was juicy, tender and appropriately cooked while as the simple as the rice was also decent, it was fragrant and sticky (in a good way). Absolutely recommended.
Salad was simple but decent and fresh. Loving the sauce dressing which was soysauce, lemon juice and nuts.

Beef Hamburg
IDR 65k
From the overall appearance, it was clearly not as appetizing as the Chicken Cutlet Omelette Curry but seriously, the meat was absolutely delicious! (If you wanna be creative and have this meat with hamburger buns with a little sauce dressing that would be awesome too!). The meat was cooked properly on medium well, fragrant, seasoned amazingly, probably the only negative comment I could give was the portion of the meat, for this price, which was IDR 5k away from the previous dish, I was expecting a bigger and longer lasting excitement! This was seriously awesome in flavor. I hope they could give a bigger cut.

Short to say, my visit to Coco Ichibanya was awesome! I love their dishes and frankly speaking, confession to make, I never really liked curry courses, I even tend to always skip it, because most of the times I always feel bloated physically and appetite-mentally, but thanks to Coco Ichibanya, my perception of curry courses just changed! Seriously, Coco Ichibanya is a tough competitor to beat and a lot of restaurants out there serving curry courses should really watch their back *evil smirk*. Did I mention they are HALAL! (No pork courses served here, but honestly I wanna try one LOL).

Looking forward for my next visit! Mazor yumster!

Coco Ichibanya
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
West Mall Level 3A unit E0 01-1
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat
021 - 2358 0960

The only answer that you should be taking when you got a call from Kahyangan Teppanyaki asking you for lunch is "YES!". I was super excited when they told me they're hosting an exclusive teppanyaki lunch for me and in the same time *ahem* honored.

Kahyangan is surely no stranger to those who respect quality, desire and the love for the art of fine dining. This might came as surprise for some of you, but 40 years ago, Kahyangan already existed, but back then (and until now), it's known as the place where you could probably have the best shabu-shabu in town, all thanks to the awesome Chef Hidemaro Hodaka who dedicated 35 years of his life for Kahyangan. Just on April 2012, Kahyangan finally expanding its empire by launching the first teppanyaki-themed restaurant under the Kahyangan brand. The name speaks for itself: Kahyangan, which by the way means "the state in the sky", mostly located on the tallest floors of a building. 40 years ago, it was located at the highest level of Jakarta's tallest building, and now Kahyangan Teppanyaki majestically stand on the 28, 29 and 30th floor of Wisma Nusantara. 
Kahyangan Teppanyaki has 6 private dining rooms for a more intimate dining experience with your loved ones, each room fits approximately maximum 10 people and a private chef will guide you through. Live cooking for your eyes only. Real eyes real-ize the real ones.

Was seated inside the uber comfortable and private Sagano room.

I was given the ultimate pleasure to try out their "Premium Teppanyaki Set", but here in Kahyangan Teppanyaki, you could find some other menus to choose from. Their range starts from appetizers, salad, soup, sushi, sashimi (also premium ones), bento (for lunch only), rice, fried (Agemono) or grilled (Yakimono) dishes to desserts.

My awesome lunch started with "Zen Sai" which by the way means "appetizer". It was a lovely Salmon croquette, perfectly fried and seasoned. The only negative thing is the portion, I wish it was bigger (just kidding, it's an appetizer anyway). FYI, the "Zen Sai" course is not always consistently the same, depending on Chef's creation that day, but mostly between salmon or chicken croquette.

Vegetables Salad with Yuzu Soysauce Dressing
This was the second appetizer, the vegetable leaves were fresh, clean and worryfree. The Yuzu soysauce dressing was also fresh, even though it might be a little sour for some.

Cauliflower Soup
I honestly never expected a cauliflower soup to taste this good. It actually tasted like potato cream soup in a good way. I was fond of this one, seriously.

Sea Bass Teppanyaki
The first main course that I was having from the set is Sea Bass Teppanyaki. It was seriously a joy looking at the cooking process, the chef seemed very expert in handling the iron utilities. Impressed.

The Sea Bass and the pan seared vegetables were perfectly cooked and seasoned, it's so smooth and just melts in your mouth like that *snap*, the yellow sauce on the right was Sea Urchin sauce and the dark one on the left was Balsamic, both sauce were working well with the meat. Good start!

Seared Foie Gras
I probably just ate one of the best Foie Gras dishes in Jakarta. They were extremely smooth and juicy, melt in your mouth and burst! I love the play of texture from this dish, a stick of biscuit was added for contrast and the play of flavor from the raspberry sauce and the pan seared pear. In a nutshell, freaking awesome! Seriously must try!

Intermezzo: Traditional Miso Soup
Loving the art of fine dining here, in the middle of the dining, they're giving you an intermezzo of Miso Soup which tasted really good for a simple dish and it's being accompanied by some fresh pickles. Served searing hot! Look at the smoke, no Photoshop.

Wagyu M9+
Kahyangan Teppanyaki is offering you three beef options depending on your preference such as: Ohmi Beef (which is the ultimate top third best beef quality in the world), Wagyu M9+ (highest M grades beef) and US Prime. I was incredibly curious to try out the Ohmi Beef, it has this wow factor to me, especially the price and the thought of why some people would spend that much money. Frankly speaking, eating beef courses in Kahyangan won't cost you little. Unfortunately, due to the high demand from the costumers, the Ohmi Beef was not available on that day and the lobster also. The lobster was in the menu and should be in my freaking tummy that day, but again, was out of stock.

Picture of a raw Wagyu M9+

Beef was cooked medium rare (the default cooking level for beef in Kahyangan) resulting the super tender, juicy and awesome beef. Having these with simply the awesome Himalayan salt, Ponzu sauce and Wasabi was daebak as in awesome! Speaking of its Wasabi, it's imported and it was NOT spicy like the common wasabi here! Plus it was tasty <3.

Anchovy Fried Rice
The funny thing about anchovies used in this dish is that they actually came from Indonesia but got exported to Japan for a reforming state and sent back to Indonesia for sale, sort of funny but hideous. The fried rice was decent but however, I didn't find it extra special.

Lime Sorbet with Raspberry
Short to say, this was refreshing and the texture of the ice cream was just lovely smooth.

Banana Flambee
Another cooking process joyful to watch! Consists a big fire action. Technically it's a pan seared crepe, banana, topped with vanilla ice cream. Since I am a huge sweet tooth and there's always room for dessert. I found this lovely <3.

Chocolate Duo
Technically this was not in the menu but I got the chance to try this cake because it's a newly launched menu from the Le Chocolat Lounge I visited before. This cake was incredibly awesome and perfection from top to bottom. I didn't find it overpoweringly sweet (but it depends on each person). Loving the play of flavor from the chocolate and hazelnut (damn those two always work really well together) and the play of texture from the lowest layer which happened to be really crunchy. I even declared this on my Instagram as the top 5 best chocolate cakeS in Jakarta. Seriously, MUST TRY! Go grab one.

As for the beverage (should have posted this at the earlier part of this entry but whatever), I ordered a fresh Honeydew juice.

Live view of Bundaran HI from the Sagano room. One sort-of busy day.
Short to say, Kahyangan is one fine state in the sky I would love to live in. The food was awesome, the service was terrific and despite from the unavailable Ohmi Beef and Lobster, it was one of the best lunch, ever! Another worthy suggestion: prepare your cash because it won't cost you a little. For the premium lunch set I had on the day (technically for two people), it would cost you about IDR 3.7million ++/set (with Ohmi Beef), but you got what you paid. Beside, sometimes splurging yourself for food might be worth it. Might be.

THANK YOU KAHYANGAN TEPPANYAKI RESTAURANT FOR SUCH A BEAUTIFUL LUNCH, especially Ms. Amelia and Mr. Sofyan from Pullman Jakarta Indonesia for the kind invitation! You two are awesome!

Kahyangan Teppanyaki Restaurant
Wisma Nusantara 28th floor
Jl. M.H. Thamrin 59
021 - 3190 7012