Le Chocolat Lounge at Pullman Jakarta Indonesia

Was honored and fortunate enough to be the first people to have the exclusive preview (and review) session of the newly launched Le Chocolat Lounge! Located at the first floor of Pullman Jakarta Indonesia, this so-called Chocolate Boutique/lounge is a place where you could have fine premium chocolates along with the afternoon tea with your loved ones while (probably) having business meeting and the sort of.

Le Chocolat Lounge was not huge as in space, but it delivers the sense of exclusiveness and private ambiance to the costumers. It would be such a decent and appropriate place to have a private afternoon tea session, the lighting was good, glazing gracefully from the window glass of Pullman hotel. From what I saw, the lounge would probably fit maximum 30 people, back again to the private and exclusive concept of the lounge.

The lounge itself was divided into two main areas: the seating area (lounge) and the chocolate boutique. The chocolate boutique offered you selections of pralines, molded pralines, candies, assorted. I got the chance to try some of them and we'll get to that in just a moment, but meanwhile, let's take a quick tour of the lounge.

Le Chocolat Chocolate Boutique

 All of their lovely looking pastries were made by the Executive Pastry Chef: Frederic Scailteur. Their Macarons were really pretty! Currently they're having around 12 variants but they're expanding to 59 flavors! Yes, you heard me, BIG 59!

 The patterns on the right one were inspired by the painting of Piet Mondrian, and guess what, they're hand-painting everything. Must have been such a work of art, unfortunately, the chocolate were "sweating", note to Le Chocolat to take care of this.

Top: Oreo, middle: Chocolate, bottom: Vanilla Chocolate. My most favorite one was the chocolate flavor, it had rich chocolate flavor to it. Overall the macarons had decent texture: crunchy outside but still chewy.

Left: Zephir, Heart-shaped: Framboisine
Love love the heart shaped chocolate (Framboisine), the raspberry and the chocolate flavor blended together really well, plus it was pretty!

Ginger Coffee
Freshly brewed ginger coffee. I found this beverage interesting because the process was from scratch! The coffee beans were grinded until they're in powder texture and then the coffee powder and the ginger were mashed together in the bowl, and then hot water's poured to the bowl, a little stirring and after that the coffee's done! As simple as that but the result was not disappointing, I was very fond of it. It had that genuine ginger coffee flavor in such a decent balance.

Kahlua Coffee Vodka
IDR 95k
As in innovation, this one was great, more like a coffee cocktail, this shouldn't be missed if you're a fan of alcohol drink and coffee. I was not an alcohol drinker myself, although it did has a strong sense of alcohol, but I found this pretty refreshing.

Chill Out Tapas Trio
This one was not from Le Chocolat, it's from the Kemixtri Gastro Bar located just across the lounge (will review it someday), this was delicious and tasty, especially the Spicy Tuna Maguro, the tuna was fresh, it's indeed spicy but addicting. Not the biggest fan of the soy-sauce for the sushi, it's just a little too sour for me.

My visit to Le Chocolat was decent, the food and beverage was good, service's also impeccable, I didn't think just because I was the guest then special treatment was given to me. I simply couldn't wait for the other variants of the Macarons, I am such a sweet tooth! Unfortunately I didn't manage to try the cakes, I wasn't even noticing one because the display was on the opposite side of the lounge and I thought I've had enough for the day (read: full), so so unfortunate, but no worries I'm coming back and I'll keep you guys updated, especially on my Instagram.

Le Chocolat Lounge
Pullman Jakarta Indonesia Hotel
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 59
Jakarta Pusat 
Opening Hours: 6AM - 10.30PM
021 - 3192 1111