Afternoon Tea with Torta Dolce Cake

It was a one mild rainy afternoon and just in time for a lovely afternoon tea with bloggers and Torta Dolce Cake. This brand might be a stranger to some but Torta Dolce Cake is actually an online bakery shop that offers you selections of cakes, cronuts, breads, macarons, cookies and cupcakes. Since online shopping will probably caused a little (or big) question mark inside your head before the products actually arrive in front of you, so I guess it's awesome to be invited to have an exclusive but casual afternoon tea with bloggers and actually dig in the fabulous cakes!

Beware, this post is going to be photo-heavy, what always happens when I am in a place filled with gorgeous looking cakes, can't stop taking photos!

The location on the afternoon was actually on the roof top of the building (the building was the office, factory and warehouse for the company's group). It was a little rainy, the weather was cool and the afternoon tea seemed like a nice salvation to it. When I arrived at the venue, I was slightly stunned by the view of a long table holding a lot of good looking cakes on top of it.

Macarons - Green Tea and Rose Flavor
IDR 10k/each
The macarons were such pain in the eyes, so pretty and tasty! I kinda expected the texture to be a little crunchier on the outside tho.

Croidos - Croissant Donuts (available in 10 flavors)
IDR 20k/each
I know right, the most attractive looking one must be the Popcorn Croido, it's a salty butter caramel dressed in Caramel sauce. The croidos were nicely fried, but however, I found the texture and the consistency of the croidos to be like donuts instead of cronuts.

Salted Caramel Popcorn

Chocolate Peanut Butter

A little Croidos cooking demo to show you the cooking process and the production process. No artificial elements included in the cooking process. So I guess it's safe to say that they're safe! ;).

I pretty much tried everything and overall, I was fond of most of the cakes. They're not overpowering sweet, nicely executed, moist and on such decent presentation. I didn't feel like bloating after eating that much cakes. The only thing I need is to learn how to behave so I didn't end up filling up all my plates with cakes and look like a hungry baboon! well, who cares?!

Anyway, you could place your order to and they're having an ongoing promotion at the moment for their Christmas Hampers. Order before 15 December 2013 and get 10% OFF plus FREE DELIVERY FEE!

Jolly Holly Hamper - IDR 250k
Sweet Joy Hamper - IDR 280k
Winter Wonderland Hamper - IDR 300k
Christmas Eve Hamper - IDR 350k
I rarely upload a group photo of Indonesian food bloggers, so I guess I am going to show it here so you guys could be aware of the Indonesian bloggers. These are the ones invited to the event that day with the owners and the crew of Torta Dolce Cake :).


Torta Dolce Cake

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  1. Ah man I'm so hungry right now, I love eating
    desserts and pastry c: Xx

  2. I think I saw Ian, the guy with the yellow shirt.. Is he a food blogger too?