Wilshire at The Foundry 8 Jakarta

Few days ago, I went to Wilshire for lunch, but fortunate enough, this lunch session was a treat from the owners themselves: Hanna and Lisca! Thank you guys for the awesome lunch. Very kind of you!

Wilshire's located in The Foundry 8 at SCBD and as soon as I walked in, I pretty much fell in love with the concept, the design and the vibe of the venue. Major applications of wood were used in this restaurant. The whole area seemed so vintage but in the same time, sophisticated and warm.

The first thing you'll notice when you enter the restaurant from the main entrance is the VIP room which could hold 15-20 people, the room's is simple but chic and (still) has that vintage soul to it. You could have this if you're planning to spend IDR 5 million for the day, but let me spoil a top not-so-secret secret: the food is good! Nothing to worry about.

The mini bar/the magic "factory", the home for all those incredible Wilshire cocktails and mocktails.

Since it's December and we're almost reaching Christmas, a lot of restaurants are decorating their restaurants to create that Christmas vibe and not to mention, Wilshire.

Loving this area where it's decorated with fresh flowers, Hanna told me they got special "grooming" every two weeks.

As in capacity, I would say Wilshire would fit around 60 people maximum (including the VIP room) and by the time of the visit, the restaurant's half-packed, normally when a sort-of upscale restaurant is half-packed for lunch, I knew there was something going on and by the time, I was getting more curious on what is it that's so special about Wilshire aside from its brand and venue.

For a casual dining and gathering this was such a great place, all the elements were very supportive to one another when it comes to creating the vibe, but for taking food photos, I wasn't really sure about that because technically I was depending on the side light and the back light to take photos the whole time. Except if you're lucky to be seated at that one table on the corner near the entrance. Experience it then you'll understand.

Portobello Fries
IDR 99k
We started off with Portobello fries for appetizer, the Portobello Mushroom chunks were big and they were really fresh. Loving how they managed to fry the coating to be medium, as in not too crunchy and dry but not too soft either, the consistency of the fried coating was pretty much like JJ Royal Brasserie's Fish and Chips and they both applied the beer-battered cooking method. This was also served with Tartar sauce. Awesome start!

Sheila's Carnival
Thumbs up for the presentation, extremely unique especially for the cotton candy on top of the drink. Kinda reminds me of the drink I once had in Loewy. The idea was to mix the cotton candy to the beverage and stir it together. There wasn't any specific flavor from the cotton candy but it definitely added up the prettiness level. The drink itself was really refreshing, sweet but with a little touch of sourness to balance from the strawberry chunks and passionfruit.

Frozen Peach Margarita
To be honest, At first, I didn't try this because it contained alcohol and I wasn't feeling too well that day, but then Hanna treated us with each a shot of Tequila that everyone needed to drink so I had that and it was good and kinda live up my body! Why in the world didn't I taste this damn it, our systems do needed a little percentage of alcohol (but don't get too overwhelemed)! Anyway, according to my friend whose sense of taste is believable, this was really good and refreshing.

Garlic Noodle with Tiger Prawns
IDR 165k
Aside the slightly dry noodle, this was freaking good. I love the al-dente consistency, the flavor, and especially the uber fresh tiger prawns. So far their prawns landed on my top three so far, the other top notch ones came from Nishimura at Shangri-La Jakarta and JJ Royal Brasserie's. The prawns were also tasty and appropriately seasoned. You could share this portion, it was pretty big but as for me, I could have this all for myself, happily.

Foie Gras Sushi
IDR 168k
The Foie Gras Sushi from Wilshire was not cheap, but when you mention Foie Gras, everyone knows that Foie Gras does cost you money! I personally was fond of this dish, maybe a little thicker in consistency would be better. But the Foie Gras was super smooth and juicy, almost like fat texture and they burst in the mouth!

Jumbo Lump Crab Cake
IDR 179k
Starting from head to toe, this was an impeccable dish. The crab cake was nicely cooked, awesome seasoning and the crab meat was so damn fresh and stink free.

24 Hour Slow Cooked 55 Degree Wagyu Beef
IDR 275k
I have been overusing the word "awesome" and "delicious" on this post but the thing is, Wilshire deserves it! So, excuse my French here but this one is fucking good. This might be the time when that word is not a curse, it's a blessing! I love everything about this dish, especially the main star which was the 24 hour slow cooked Wagyu Beef in 55 degrees. Even though it's been cooked and marinated for God knows how long, but this one is still having that redness to the meat which indicated the medium-well current state. The meat was super juicy, extremely tender and tasty. Recommending you guys this one and a must order once you pay a visit, and if you have this alone, make sure you won't share.

Smooth and tasty mashed Pptato and sauteed corns to complete the dish. Lovely.

They also had creative and funny quotes written on their cup bases. One (first photo) was actually written by their own chef, Dolly.

I had an amazing lunch!!! The food was superb, the vibe was lovely and the experience was impeccable. Thank you so much Hanna and Lisca for the treat. It was very kind of you two.

Guys, if you haven't been here, I am telling you now, you should! It's almost the end of December and guess what? Wilshire is rocketing on my list of best meals in 2013! The prices here was high, even Hanna admitted that, but the food worth the heavy price tag. Start booking the seats for Christmas dinner maybe? ;).

The Foundry 8 at SCBD Lot 9
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Jakarta Selatan
021 - 5140 1018

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  2. hi ! i really love reading your blog ♥
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