A few days ago I got invited by Artotel Thamrin Jakarta to join the food bloggers weekend staycation and one of the activities on the itinerary was this cocktail making class, as well as introducing their new rooftop bar which currently isn't yet opening so I really got the first watch here and the first to share not only the venue in general, but my experience as well. Their very own rooftop bar is called BART: Bar at The Roof Top, located on the 7th level of the hotel and it's scheduled to officially open for public this Friday (October 17th). If you noticed the blank canvases on the photo above well I have a story for that as well, so just keep reading :).

The design of the rooftop bar was simple, minimalist and personally I found it quite stylish. Basically, since it's a rooftop bar, everything was quite "open" like the bar seating area with direct access to Jakarta's landscape view, but there were several seating areas where they're being covered from the sun. The weather wasn't really pleasant when I got there because it's Jakarta man and it was very hot and humid all I really wanted was to sit down somewhere cooler (thank God they prepared some portable coolers) and sip their drinks! Can't blame them for the crazy weather.

The view from here wasn't bad at all!
I think the shadow could pretty much 'explain' how hard the sunlight was.
No longer can keep this a secret, yes we're going to paint later!

But first, cocktail making class! As you can see they're prepared and set everything. We made their signature "Spicy Martini".
I see vodka, simple syrup, rocks, shaker, flavored syrup and etc.
The bartenders demonstrating how they usually composed the drink!
Of course I "teamed-up" with my dear friend, Aline, no it's not a competition or something but I just love to get crazy with this sick girl, oopsie bestie! ;P

Okay, step by step to create this drink! First, we're going to have to muddle the flamed citrus to get the extract and aroma, and after that we're going to put in the vodka, the favored syrup and the simple syrup!
As simple as that and last but definitely not least, SHAKE!!! Everyone loves to "shake" just look at their happy faces.
Wanted to capture a chio shot so I asked Eddy to help me with this, trust me, this shot wasn't set at all, multiple shots and we're on board with gorgeous freeze shots!
Not a big alcohol drinker, this was a little heavy for me but still pretty much refreshing, especially at certain notes.
Cheers for good life and for tons of money in life!!!
After the cocktail making class we proceeded to the high tea session! The high tea included sweet and savory options, but my most favorite one must be the burgers! The patty was juicy and tasty and the buns were those kind of buns that Anaconda likes!
Mini tartlets and eclairs!
Chocolate cake, the texture was very light but the chocolate was flavorful
Cupcakes with butter frosting, since the frosting was buttercream (which I didn't like), hence I didn't try this. Still pretty tho for photo purposes!

On my plate: floss bread, garlic butter bread with sauteed mushroom and cheese, chicken bread and burger! They also served bottomless coffee and green tea latte which was good!

It was honestly one of the most enjoyable afternoon tea I've had so far, not only because of the food, it's more because I shared the time with those crazy fellow foodies. I've always loved spending either quality or not-so-quality times with them, both are the same fun!

Before the sky got any darker, it's time to paint! The guy with the tattoo was our mentor and he's also one of the creative dude in charge for Artotel and indeed he had good sense for art and color. He showed me this painting for his that's almost impossible (not impossible actually, I just don't have the diligence, so it's 70% impossible) for me to redo.
Loving this shot I took for Marius <3.
Basically we're given 30 minutes in total to create a painting, but it had to include the abstract and the geometry shapes. The first 5-10 minutes was spent for the draft, and the other 20 minutes was to put everything on the canvas (including the coloring). I didn't exactly knew what I was doing and my painting didn't turn out quite well (but still got the praise for the composition), and I actually wanted to take the pic but I left my painting with Anak Jajan. I guess I'm just going to show you the painting that got praised by everyone. It's Filipus "The Hungry Doctor" Verdi's.

This painting looked even better with my own eyes than in pictures and FYI this dude has hundreds of trophies from winning art competitions. Considering this was done in 20 minutes and with coloring. This was quite good!
AHA! I had a picture of me with my own painting, it looked slightly more artsy after it's being blocked by the canvas stand.

Well, I guess that pretty much sum up my experience in BART. Overall, I liked the ambiance but I still need to come back and try their drinks and comfort food so that I could 100% give my POV about this place, let's put this particular one at 70%. When I was browsing at their menu, they were quite affordable comparing to the "nowadays" rooftop bars!

Regarding to the high tea, I am not sure if they actually serve the high tea there, I think it was set for the event that day, but as soon as I get the update, I'm going to forward the news to you :).

I still have a few stories left to share from Artotel, including the overall staycation experience and the dining (obviously). Stay tuned and thanks for reading.

BART Bar At The Roof Top
Artotel Jakarta, 7th fl.
Jalan Sunda No. 3
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat 10350
021 - 3192 5888
Opening Hours: 
Pricing: $$, IDR 250k for two


Map for Artotel Thamrin