There's a cute cafe opening in Central Park just a few days ago and since my fellow bloggers have been uploading photos of them and their adorable and cute cakes, I decided to pay a visit here, well actually it's because I had an appointment for student interview with students from university nearby plus I haven't tried it, two shots in one!

Initially, I am not really into Kawaii stuff, but since I am a graphic design student I must admit I quite like the graphic that they're applying all over the store, I personally like this kind of illustration. In case you don't know about Aranzi and Aronzo it's actually the two people who created these cute characters. You know what? To be completely honest I didn't even know what or who Aranzi Aronzo was on the first place and I actually googled "Aranzi Aronzo", but at least I did a little effort for you to know the rough background about it. You can read more about them HERE.

And I found out that they've been developing this from 2005 so it's been almost a decade. Hooray!
The cafe was actually smaller than I expected, more like an island outlet but still pretty much comfy. It's located on the first floor of Central Park mall Jakarta opposite Blackball and across Tous Les Jours. When I visited this (and it was 11 AM), 3/4 of the tables were filled and the queue was pretty long, those who didn't want to dine in opted the takeaway! Such the advantage of having a cute cafe buzzed out through the social medias!

Cafe exterior

I came with my sister and Ian from Lyon+Mia, we came around 11 AM and half of the cakes were sold out (freaking kidding me), so we decided to try two cakes out of the three (didn't try the heavy chocolate cake) because surprisingly the cakes were bigger the actual size and they're each sold for IDR 55k which I didn't find very affordable after-all, but as long as they're good looking *wink*.

Iced Fruit Tea
IDR 38k
The iced fruit tea was honestly quite good and refreshing. The fruit cuts were generous and the tea had this adorable balance of sweetness with a little hint of sourness (but very little). Now this is the good kind of iced fruit tea. They also have other beverage options like coffee, tea, milkshake and smoothies.
For the food, they're selling individual cakes, whole cakes, cheese cakes, cookies, pancakes and toasted breads. The range of the pastries and cakes started from IDR 33k - IDR 298k

Pink Rabbit's Berry Mousse
IDR 55k
I honestly didn't have any expectation for the cakes as I prepared myself at the first place that they're probably just cute but not delicious, it's just that the experience that build me like this, I mean the urge to judge the food before having it, but this was certainly not bad at all! The lowest layer was the lemon sponge cake and the two layers above it was the berry mousse topped with light whipped berry cream. The cake and the mousse were tasty and well-balanced! I love the whole combination of this cake!

Black Rabbit's Chocolate Fruit Cake
IDR 55k
My other option and honestly this didn't meet my expectation after the impression of the first cake that I tasted. The chocolate sponge cake was actually quite tasty only that it wasn't soft and fluffy but the fruit was given generously.
I had mixed impressions after my experience visiting this cafe, the cakes were not bad but honestly I didn't find them anything special, they're just cute and Instagram worthy (guaranteed to give you more likes I guess), I am just hoping that they're not this new cute kid on the block but eventually bore people because they're lacking of something to keep the guests coming. However, still looking forward to try more of their cakes.

Good luck on the biz Aranzi Aronzo, still give you credit for being so cute <3.

All photos edited using "Mellow Willow" <3.

Aranzi Aronzo Cafe
Central Park 1st fl.
Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav. 28
Slipi Petamburan, Jakarta Barat 11470
021 - 2920 0489
Opening Hours: 10 AM - 1O PM (Daily)
Pricing: $$, 150k for two


Map for Central Park

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  1. Ko Hans.. Your mapp!! hahaha... :))
    Always love your post, your pictures, and the way you write, hihi..

  2. Love your photos! I think you got keen eyes.
    Do you think it's worth the price to try this new place. Looks very cute tough? What's your rate for this place (1-5) 1 being not reccomended at all, 5 being you must must try! :)

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