I've been anticipatedly waiting for the arrival of Authentique's second branch for a while and knowing that they're opening today, I wasted no more time and oh-so-ready digging in to what they have in store! I am such a sucker for bakeries, patisseries, boulangeries or whatever you name it that has to do with breads, cakes and desserts. I have been the first Authentique once and the place was petite, and I mean really petite, but for some reasons I sort of like the heartwarming feel to it, not to mention that particular outlet was also literally warm ._.

This new outlet was named "Sophie Authentique" and located in the Splash area and just across the highly well known Little Baghdad - you know, that Shisha place - and if you make your way from McD then take the one way turn and it's on the right hand side. This particular outlet was certainly bigger, way bigger! If the first outlet located in Kemang Selatan only accomodate maximum 10 people, this one could aaccommodate around 60 and they have indoor and outdoor seating. For some reasons, the overall look felt minimalist but a little undone to me, I am not sure if they're doing it on purpose but it wasn't quite there yet for me, I think they need to add in some pretty details to live up the interior.
The pastry display area was the one that I couldn't stop staring at because visually, their pastries were so beautiful if you're not a human you probably want everything! Just look at how freaking crispy and flaky those croissants are!

 If you notice that smiling guy on the background, he's the owner, all say hi to Alexis!
Their products ranges from everyday French pastries such as croissants, canele, breads, tarts, cakes, sandwiches, quiches, baguette and everything was very affordable (for me) for example one plain butter croissant for IDR 15k, so damn cheap, and they also highlight coffee as their specialties for the beverages, but they also have other options such as teas and fresh juices. The meal ranges from IDR 15k-IDR 70k and the beverages ranges from IDR 20k-IDR 40k, the only hideous thing I notice is when you want to ask extra ice and they're charging you IDR 5k for that.
Iced Cappuccino
IDR 30k
The serving of the iced cappuccino came with one cookies, I think I like this one, more like no problem but I just didn't find this anything special or significantly different.

Plain Croissant
IDR 15k
I adore the texture of the croissant: flaky and crispy, fragrant but all the way moist and gooey inside. I love that little salty and buttery flavor of the croissant. I don't like to use this word but this was really close to what a perfect croissant should be on my standard.

Almond Croissant
IDR 25k
Their almond croissant was also very-very good in overall! The texture of the croissant was the same as the plain one but the filling that they're using (that tasted like kaya jam with a little twist of almond) that did the most talking, not to mention the baked almond on top as the dressing.

IDR 20k
I must be honest, I am not a big Canele person, for me they are quite boring, but personal truth be told, out of the caneles that I've tried so far in my life, theirs is still probably the best I've tried so far, the texture was really good it somehow reminds me of a custard cake but the denser one.
 They also have the smaller ones but they don't sell them in pieces but per box, and each box consist of 4 mini caneles for IDR 30k.
Croque Madame
IDR 70k
Before I get into the review of this food, I want to share you a little knowledge if you're still wondering this: "what exactly the difference between Croque Monsieur and Croque Madame?". Well, basically Croque Monsieur is the base, it's grilled ham and cheese sandwich with melted cheese on top and Croque Madame is the Croque Monsieur with fried or poached egg on top, so the egg was the one that makes the difference. This Croque Madame from Sophie Authentique was just be-au-ti-ful and so de-li-ci-ous. Okay, as you all know I hate cheese so badly I could barf but this one happened to smell really good and for the first time ever I HAD NO PROBLEM having cheese, well I still hate cheese FYI, I was just blinded by the taste. The bread was also crispy and cooked perfectly on the right temperature. The ham was also so tasty and the fried egg made everything better. This portion was one amazing treat that you shouldn't miss! I highly recommend you to order this!
My visit to Authentique was beautiful and I enjoyed everything I ordered, had no regrets making my way from the West to the South just to fulfil my tummy and curiosity! If you've been to the old place then it's the same deliciousness, just different location, ambiance and atmosphere. Well, no matter where is it, when it comes to Authentique, the authenticity of your gut just keeps screaming for validation! Okay, I don't know what I am talking about here so sleepy have to catch some sleep!

Thanks for reading and if you still don't have any weekend plan yet, then go here! Till the next post! PS: prepare your cash as for the next two weeks they will only accept cash as the form of payment.

Sophie Authentique French Bakery
Jalan Kemang 1 No (across Little Baghdad)
Kemang, Jakarta Selatan
021 - 719 2222
Opening Hours: 8 AM - 5 PM
Pricing: $, IDR 100k for two


Map for Little Baghdad

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