In my life, I have always been obsessed with flowers. I don't care if you guys find it feminine or what but I think flowers are one of a lot of God's most beautiful creations. They live, they are pretty, colorful and there's something very therapeutic when you look at them or smell them, it's almost like the recharging, refreshing and some parts of the stressed-self got de-stressed. Something about its presence that brings excitement. Okay, this conversation is getting very heavy.

I was very glad when I found out that there's a new florist and cafe opening in Jakarta, well, Clea it is and I just had lunch in this beautiful cafe earlier today! Clea is located in Kemang, just across the well known Italian restaurant, Toscana and not far from the D'Cost. Even though it's located in Kemang and technically miles away from where I live, again, I got excited when new places are opening and it's mandatory in my dictionary to be the earlybirds! From the staffs I learned that this was originially Tea Addict, and Clea's owned by the same owner only they changed pretty much everything. Frankly, I've never been to Tea Addict before so I couldn't do the judgement, but let's just put it this way: Tea Addict was the cocoon and Clea is the new born butterfly!

When I stepped inside the cafe, the refreshing scent of the flowers lingered all over the room and I found it very pleasant, but for some reasons I was expecting more flowers, all over the place, but I must admit that the interior design was beautiful: it's very minimalist, pretty and sort of vintage-ish from the wooden tables, chairs and the couches. I just love it!
The whole venue was separated into dining area and the flower area (I don't know what you call it), but there's a connecting door to the other room where they showcased the flowers and the venue was very cool (literally) because it had private AC to keep the flower fresh. I WOULD DIE to be locked inside.

The lighting in this place was magnificent, making the photo effortless. Oh, talking about photography, they didn't allow photography inside the cafe, I got the information from my friend who went here earlier, but since I asked for permission and luckily met the friendly staff, they allowed to take pics, but only at the limited areas.

The F&B menu here was mostly dominated with Asian menus but they also had several other options like western, local and fusion cuisine.

Iced Lychee Tea
IDR 30k
Their lychee tea had the best appearance I've seen so far, that little green liquid really gave much difference to the overall look it almost looked like cocktail to me. As in the flavor, I found it tad too sweet for me, if they could tone down the sweetness that would be better.

The Green Monster
IDR 35k
Since I am currently on my detox failing detox momentum (it's so hard for food bloggers to actually do detox, it's almost like suicide in the industry), and the least I could do was to order juice. Their Green Monster was the mixture of pineapple, green apple with spinach. I love the balance of sour and sweet in this drink and it's pretty refreshing, I just didn't quite enjoy the fact that I think the juice was like 40% liquid and 60% fruit waste.

Crispy Chicken Salad
IDR 40k
I didn't except the salad to look like this because it somehow reminded me of kebab, but still, credit for their uniqueness, their Crispy Chicken Salad needed a little more seasoning or a glaze of sauce (probably mayo) to live up the flavor and added a little play of consistency. I found it to be a little dry.

Tuna Spaghetti
IDR 58k
Their tuna spaghetti was very spicy but overall the texture of the pasta was lovely (they cooked it al-dente), the tuna was generous and the seasoning was well-executed. Next time if you want to order this, make sure to ask the staff to customize the spiciness.

Nasi Hainan
IDR 60k
I would highly recommend this and rave about this even more if they could have done better with the rice, it actually tasted more like butter rice instead of hainan rice, just a little unfortunate comparing to the well executed (as in seasoning and texture) of the chicken and the tasty savory soup (love the soup!)

Carrot Cake
IDR 25k
Their carrot cake was also quite nice for me, the texture of the cake was moist and gooey with the right density and the flavor was quite rich with just the right amount of cream cheese on top. Appreciate the almond dressing on top as they give a little texture to the overall performance.
I was happy with my visit to Clea as the food was good enough, it's the kind of place that I would go for quick lunch or me-time while working on my stuffs while fulfilling the desire of being surrounded with flowers. The service was also quite friendly and I was happy with this waiter named "Zen" as he was very friendly, helpful and attentive, hey you owner if you read this you should start paying more attention to him!

To sum it up, what they had in store was lovely, but the ambiance was lovelier. Too much flowers would never hurt :).

Clea Tea Bar and Lounge
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 95 (across Toscana)
Kemang, Jakarta Selatan 12730
021 - 719 0232
Opening Hours: 10 AM - 11 PM
Pricing: $$, IDR 200k for two
WiFi: Yes!
Credit Card, Debit and Cash payment accepted


Map for Tea Addict (Clea Tea Bar and Lounge)

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  1. aku selalu suka liatin foto2mu yg bagus itu meskipun gak begitu ngerti tulisannya hehehe...
    Itu teh lecinya enak sekali kayaknya ya. Iya ih, seringnya klo jualan es teh gitu suka kemanisan.