If you follow me on Instagram then you should know that I just came back from Singapore for one project, but I am going to share it very soon on the upcoming posts. It was a short visit, only three days but in those three days I managed to visit 4 coffee shops and several cafes. Couldn't wait to blog about them all and in the mean time I'm going to slowly get through all the pictures and will edit them all parts by parts.

This time I'm going to be sharing you this little hidden gem in Tiong Bahru area that I got heavily recommended called Plain Vanilla Bakery, they told me they're famous for their cupcakes and I learned that this was their second outlet, their main outlet was in Holland Village area. I want to take this moment to thank the kind Instagram friends for recommending me this, and I truly did not regret going here!

And oh, I just bought a new camera and I couldn't wait to blast this new post I'm working at, still revolves around photography and of course a little tutorial. Stay tuned!
Getting here wasn't hard at all, Plain Vanilla is located almost at the point of Yong Siak street in Tiong Bahru area and very close to the hip coffee shops: Forty Hands and Open Door Policy, not to mention, it's probably the most eye-catching cafe within the neighborhood and sort of hipster-ish among the others. You're going to see pants dangling above, a swing and the overview from the outside made this cafe almost impossible not to enter.
I love how they're very creative with the design. Plants like this arranged sort of randomly but in a way very beautiful in overall.

Can they be anymore hipster?

Since they're very famous for their cupcakes, those were their main products sold here, but not only that, you can also purchase home items such as candles, room fragrances, jars, cups, glasses, jams and so many more!
The arrangement was simple yet so pretty!

Since I am a first timer, I asked for their best seller and they told me it's either Red Velvet, Salted Caramel or the Strawberry White Chocolate but I eventually opted for the Salted Caramel and boy it was one of the best salted caramel flavor I've tried in my life and unexpected enough it came from such simple pleasure as cupcake! The cupcake itself was very soft, fluffy and moist. Kinda felt that already when I hold it in my hand. I think this cupcake was genius. The only downside was I think that it's just a tad too sweet.

Other than the Salted Caramel, Red Velvet and Strawberry White Chocolate they also have six other flavors such as Carrot, Cinnamon Brown Sugar, Chocolate Hazelnut, Cookies & Cream, Dark Chocolate Ganache, Milk Chocolate Banana and Milk Chocolate Chip. All sold for S$3.5/each and S$19 for 6.

I also tried their "Sticky Toffee" and I also loved it. The texture of the cake was moist and fluffy with perfect sweetness. To accompany the cakes I ordered a Hot Latte and Tropical Fruit Ice Tea. The ice tea was unique and refreshing, served with no sugar which I found to be quite pleasant remembering the sweet cakes! The latte was surprisingly not bad! Rich but quite mild. I honestly did not expect much from a place that (probably) did not intend to serve artisan coffee :).

Because the first cupcake was too good (and since I was in SG) I decided to try their Strawberry White Chocolate. I honestly didn't like any kind of white chocolate because I don't like milk and they're milky. This one was milky but somehow when you had the frosting together along the cupcake, it balanced out nicely. Another pleasant treat to try :).
If you're looking for amazing cupcakes, this is the place! For certain reasons, I don't think I can compare this to Twelve Cupcakes. I don't like saying this but they fall on different league and class. Twelve Cupcakes is more approachable while PV is more exclusive and artisan.

I love Plain Vanilla! The cupcakes, the venue and ambiance were lovely!

Ending this post with this cute bookstore I saw around the neighborhood called "Books Actually".

Plain Vanilla
1D Yong Siak Street, Tiong Bahru Estate
Singapore 168641
+65 6465 5942
Opening Hours:
Tue - Fri: 11 AM - 8 PM
Sat: 9 AM - 8 PM
Sun: 9 AM - 6 PM
Pricing: S$3.5/each, S$19/half dozen


Map for Plain Vanilla Bakery

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