Everytime I write the Bali posts I always get excited. I don't know man, I think I am so in love with Bali right now, it might sound super melancholy and melodramatical but seriously, I think I left half of my heart in Bali and I can't wait to spend other glorious days there. Just got back from my super lovely trip from Bali last week and I spent one whole week there and when you're happy and having fun, one week feels like three freaking days :"( WHYYYYYY???

FYI I am planning to stay in Bali for one whole month next year, I wanna re-enact my failing attempt of "Eat Pray Love" few months ago -.-".

Anyway, this was such a holiday full of fun, days of relaxation, happiness and *ahem* eating (of course). I met up with a lot of friends there and one day I met up with my lovely friend, Aini and we planned to meet up at this popular brunch spot in Bali called Habitual. Aini has been raving about how good their food (specifically their burgers) is and since I have no doubt about Aini's taste for food, I couldn't wait any longer!
Habitual was not spacious, from what I saw, I think it could accommodate up to 20 people with two tables located outdoor, but there's something really homey that I love about it (technically it literally was a house) and the indoor area felt like a comfortable living room/dining room. I love the somehow vintage-quirky touch to the design, it's just beautiful and cool.

Getting here wasn't really hard, if you're from Kerobokan, you just need to keep straight after the first traffic light (left to Petitenget and the right one to T. Perahu), then make a left turn to the Umalas street and another left turn, they're located around the rice paddy field.

In case you're wondering, I edited the photos using my "Polar" action on my upcoming color project <3, stay tuned loves!
They do not WiFi here and they let the people know in the most humorous way with the signboards! There's this one shouting "No, we do not have WiFi, talk to each other, or pretend like it's 1993"

This is adorable

Citrus Mint Cooler
IDR 35k
Bali was seriously humid so I wanted something that's a little sour and flirty so I decided to go with this. This was indeed more to the flirty side to the sour side, but overall it was one hell of a refreshing day drink. LOVE!
As for the food, they're serving mostly American cuisine like sandwich, BLT, Burgers, all day breakfast, waffles, toasts, and steaks, or short to say, mostly delicious comfort food!

Baked Eggs with Pork (Non-Halal)
IDR 65k
We of course ordered the glorious burger so we opted for this one! This was really really good starting from the presentation to the flavor. As you can see, it's really appetizing (and I'm not complimenting my own picture), I think it was a a good decision to choose pork (and if you're allowed to have pork, you should), the meat was generous along with the mouthwatering-lava like sauce (I mean generous, not spicy), the sauce was just a little spicy, tangy and fragrant but overall had that perfect balance of savory. The eggs were still runny which again, another plus point. A portion came with two breads, for me, it's a must try.

Mushroom Cheese Burger
IDR 95k
This was the devil of the day, well as you can see it this looked so mouthwatering, filthy good and fattening but it's so damn good so what?! The patty was quite thick, cooked to perfection and seasoned awesomely! The mushroom and caramelized onion were cooked adorably with butter and still leaving the consistency to be juicy and flavorful, the cheese was also decent. Somehow I love the over-loaded appearance to this! Is it one of the best burgers I've tried? Well after this, I bet it is!
It was a splendid visit to Habitual. The food was amazing, the ambiance was lovely. From what I saw, the place wasn't really busy during lunch time comparing to the dinner time or weekend (as I heard they're super packed), this is one hidden gem that you'll be too silly to skipped at, definitely one of the best brunch places in Bali. As the pricing, I wouldn't say they're cheap but I guess they're affordable considering what you're getting, and please keep this is mind: they only accept cash as payment method.

Habitual Quench and Feed
Jalan Umalas 1 No. 12B
Jalan Raya Kerobokan, Bali 80361
0361 - 918 1801
Opening Hours: 9 AM - 6 PM (daily)
Closed on Mondays


Map for Habitual Quench and Feed

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  1. Mushroom Cheese Burger looks yummy!
    Hans, I think almost everyone left their half of hear in Bali, like once you come there and the next thing you know, you won't go out from Bali.

    Fahmy Haryandi

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