I can't believe that it has been one freaking month since my last Bali trip. Indeed time flies and I am just stuck in between having my soul there while my body's here and looking back the old photos and all the calories that I have consumed, damn I ate so much in Bali I always gain more pounds everytime I got back, not to mention I spent one week there. It was fun but I might have to start considering gym right now ._.

One of the highlights of that trip was staying at this gorgeous hotel called The Stones. I stayed the whole week in Legian and I spent the longest here (about three nights). The location was very strategic as it's located at the heart of Kuta and Legian beach, just where most of the tourists go. It's a walking distance to the Beachwalk Shopping Mall.

This hotel is relatively new comparing to the other more 'legendary' names in Legian, this year and actually this month marks its two year anniversary (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) and I was fortunate enough to have the experience of staying here and pampered myself with what they had in store, and here I am sharing it to you right now. The Stones is actually one of Marriott's group venture called "The Autograph Collection" so basically it's a five-star property, only the concept, the ambiance and the energy of this hotel are slightly different than the rest of the Marriott hotels which mostly are more classy and serious, well this hotel is classy, but different kind of classy: FUN CLASSY!

Likewise, this post is going to be photo heavy so complain less and enjoy the visual tour <3.

The entrance to the hotel. Unexpected enough, before actually getting to the hotel you'd have to pass some of the retail outlets.

The lobby area
The check-in was very smooth and easy. It took me probably less than 10 minutes to complete everything and being escorted to my room. What's even better than I got served these welcome goodies! Their homemade popsicles and it was pretty tasty and refreshing! So far I'm impressed.

I don't know if it's just me who's lacking of experience but it was clearly not my usual idea to have the bathroom area welcoming me as I opened the door. The bathroom area was not exactly spacious, just standard typical with separated shower and toilet area, private sink for one and a closet. The rest area (bed area) consist of one comfortable king size bed, iPhone/iPod speaker dock, telephones, large LED TV with access to the international channels (I LOVE HOTELS WITH ACCESS TO E CHANNEL AND ASIAN FOOD CHANNEL!!!) and a little working area in the corner with a table and a chair, but the best thing about the whole room was: the access to the pool view via the terrace while having your private bathtub time (yes, their bathtub is located outdoor). The upside was totally having the pool view and it's unique because I personally have always been a fan of outdoor bathtub, but the downside is that your "neighbors" might see you, but it's okay for the thick-skinned. However, they also provide curtains for privacy.

Curtains closed means it's time for me and only me.

I appreciate hotels that actually supply bath salts. Why don't all five star hotels do this?

Eye pampered! Bali was seriously flirting with me.
Postcard perfect!
Massive pool they got there! Funny thing is that I don't like and probably will never swim in public, the thing is I'm just not used to do the communal swim. I like my own private bath tub time or private pool.
Room complimentary, but to be honest I didn't have so much of these because I got a little stressed out and worried remembering how much I ate throughout the week and four days staying in The Stones equals to finishing a can of Yupi bears and one diet coke.

Yupi bear
Chupachups <3. I've always been a fan of their cola candy!
Time to jump in!
Decided to stroll around the pool and tour the hotel. The more I toured the hotel the more I feel like I was in W hotel, which is good because W Bali is one of my favorite hotels ever, it's nice to have that slight touch of W's ambiance in Legian.

The poolside bar
Fresh mocktails for me as complimentary from the hotel! Thank you so much!

This one was the most unique in presentation because they used the pineapple as the glass, the beverage was very refreshing with a little hint of sour.

This will be on the upcoming post! Publishing it very berry soon!

I was quite hungry but I wasn't in the mood and lazy enough to go out and eat somewhere, and not forgetting the fact that I was alone made me lost my will! So I decided to order the room service! As you can see, I think the presentation was very cute! They actually use the take out boxes (which until now I still find it fashionably and attractively delicious) and delivered by the room service staff dressed in delivery guy costume, I think more restaurants should apply this to theirs! I ordered their The Stones Nasi Goreng (IDR 99k) and it was very good and I did ask for the spicy one. The portion was quite big and came with chicken skewer, sunny side up, pickles, fried chicken, and crackers! Wasn't care about being sinful late night I bet my tummy was laughing very hard that night and pretty much ended the day watching cable TV and slept the night peacefully.
 I am going to do a separate post on the restaurant and food review because they deserve one freaking good post! Generally I super duper love the breakfast I think it's one of the best hotel breakfasts I've tried...ever! Just so you know, The Stones has three restaurants under the roof: The Stones Kitchen (photo below) where I had my breakfast and lunch among my stay, Big Fish bar & Grill and The Long Rice Table.

Teasers of the upcoming post!

I had bliss and fun staying in The Stones. I must say that generally they're good. The service was awesome and I love how the staffs were really helpful and attentive. You know, I love to test out the services to see how fast and attentive they were and The Stones' staff managed to pass my standard MWAHAHA, if they're bad I'm still going to point this out because this post is a bloody review. It took less than 30 minutes for my meals to be cooked and delivered to my room and when they came, still very warm, hence they're tasty and flavorful. When I asked for extra bath gel they delivered me two bottles in less than 10 minutes. Not only that, I also adore the smiley staffs around the hotel and always greeted me in a very proper and polite way (NOT POINTING MYSELF TO BE PRINCE LIKE OKAY). I don't think I have any downside to share about this hotel, the only thing I didn't like was the array of retail outlets that I have to walk through before reaching the hotel. Somehow it cheapen the look of the hotel and made it appear less-exclusive. Other than that, everything is completely fine!

Thank you for the beautiful 4 days stay! I couldn't wait to go back here, or at least to have scrumptious breakfast and lunch at The Stones Kitchen! Till we meet again!

Thanks for reading guys, if you have any questions please feel free to drop them in the comment box!

Ah, how I miss waking up lazy, stress-less and free from any pressure! Couldn't seem to find it in Jakarta :"(.

The Stones Hotel, Autograph Collection
Jalan Raya Pantai Kuta
Banjar Legian Kelod, Indonesia 80361
0361 - 300 5888
Pricing: $$$


Map for The Stones Hotel - Autograph Collection

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